Wizard101 Dream Stone Farming Guide [ Map ]

Dream Stones in Wizard101 is a specialized reagent introduced in the Wallaru update, essential for crafting various items in the game. Dream Stones are primarily used for crafting new meta gear in the Wallaru expansion. This gear is crucial for players looking to enhance their capabilities within the game. Besides gear, Dream Stones are also used in crafting certain types of jewels, which are available from the gear vendor in Wallaru. These jewels play a significant role in boosting various player stats.

wizard101 dream stone

Dream Stones and Dream Water are both necessary to craft the new Reaver gear in Wallaru, For each piece you’ll need to craft, you are going to need a certain amount of water and stones. Depending on the specific item you’re going to craft, the specific amounts are going to change. Only the jewels will always require 10 dream water to craft.

Here’s a list of the necessary reagents needed to craft each piece (waiting for the hat/robe/boots/wands update):

  • -Reaver knife: 47 dream water and 8 dream stones
  • -Reaver ring: 47 dream water and 8 dream stones
  • -Reaver deck: 28 dream water and 5 dream stones
  • -Reaver amulet: 38 dream water and 8 dream stones

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Dream Stone Farming Locations

dream stone

Primary Location: Billabong Resort, In my opinion, the Billabong Resort is by far the best area to farm Dream Stones. In around 30 minutes, I managed to gather approximately 80 Dream Waters (without a double reagents event) simply by realm hopping.

Billabong Resort

Here, I’ve marked every single possible spawn location for Dream Stones inside the resort. Note: The mark that appears to be inside the structure of the hotel indicates that a Dream Stone might spawn right next to the Mr. Cane fight instance.

dream stone map

I suggest realm hopping for a bit to collect all the Dream Stones you need. Of course, there are other good spawn zones, and every player has their own preferred route. However, after trying many, this one remains the best for me.

Additionally, I’ve noticed a significant number of Cantrip chests spawning in the Billabong Resort. Therefore, managing to farm Wallaru Spellements as well as Dream Stones can be highly beneficial for your account.

Note: There might be an 11th spawn of Dream Stones in the upper part of the map, close to the rocks, but I haven’t personally confirmed it yet.

Hope Springs

Secondary Location: Hope Springs is identified as the most prolific area for Dreamstone farming.

dream stone location map

Additional Tips:

  1. Use a Crafting Benefit Elixir to Increase Efficiency:
    • Recommended to use a Crafting Benefit Elixir. This elixir provides a temporary boost to your crafting abilities, potentially increasing the drop rate of Dreamstones and other reagents during your farming runs.
  2. Check Both Dreamstone Locations and Cantrip Chests for Maximizing Gains:
    • While the primary focus is on farming Dreamstones, it’s crucial to also keep an eye out for Cantrip Chests. These chests can yield valuable items, including more Dreamstones, making it essential to check both types of spawn points for maximum gains.

1. What is Realm Hopping?

  • Realm hopping involves changing the server or realm within the game to access different instances of the same game world. In Wizard101, this means moving to a different realm within a particular area or zone of the game.

2. Purpose of Realm Hopping:

  • Realm hopping is primarily used to reset the spawn points of various resources, enemies, and items in the game world. This is particularly useful for farming, as it allows players to revisit areas where resources spawn without waiting for them to respawn in the same realm.

3. Benefits of Realm Hopping:

  • Resource Reset: Realm hopping resets the locations of resources, such as Dreamstones, reagents, or other collectibles. This ensures that players can gather these resources continuously without waiting for them to respawn.
  • Faster Farming: By switching realms, players can access freshly spawned resources, which speeds up the farming process. It’s especially useful when multiple players are competing for the same resources.

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