Wizard101 How to Get Ship of Fools Spellements [ Guide ]

Ship of Fools Spell a transformative addition to Wizard101, is a tier four hit-all spell exclusive to the death school, initially available through the Celestial Spell of Rental Pack. Bridging a crucial gap in the death school’s arsenal, it uniquely combines high damage output with a healing component, significantly enhancing strategic gameplay.

This spell allows death school players to adopt more aggressive tactics, dealing substantial damage to all enemies while simultaneously regaining health, thereby revolutionizing their approach in both PvE and PvP scenarios. The introduction of “Ship of Fools” has been met with notable enthusiasm within the Wizard101 community, marking it as a game-changing element for players.

  1. Low-Pip Area-of-Effect (AoE) Spell: It stands out as one of the few low-pip AoE spells available to the death school. This is significant as it provides a potent AoE capability without necessitating a large number of pips, making it more accessible and usable in various combat scenarios.
  2. Comparison with Deer Knight: “Ship of Fools” is often compared to “Deer Knight,” another spell in the death school. While “Deer Knight” requires five pips and deals overtime damage, “Ship of Fools” is noted for its lower pip cost and immediate damage output, making it a more efficient choice in certain situations.
  3. Advantage over Pet-Based Spells: Unlike many AoE options for the death school that are derived from pets, “Ship of Fools” does not share the same limitations. Pet-based spells often cannot be enhanced with Sun spells, whereas “Ship of Fools,” as an independent spell, offers more versatility and can be augmented for greater effectiveness.
  4. Strategic Value in Gameplay: The strategic benefits of “Ship of Fools” are primarily its low pip cost and direct damage output. These attributes make it a valuable tool for death school players, particularly in situations where dealing with multiple enemies quickly and efficiently is crucial.

How to Get Ship of Fools

Ship of fools spellements

The “Ship of Fools” spell can be accessed by unlocking it with “Ship of Fools” Spellements. There are two ways to obtain these Spellements:

  1. Through the Crowns Shop, either by purchasing the Celestian Spellemental Pack for 399 Crowns or by opting for the Deluxe Spellement Pack, available for $2 monthly on the Wizard101 website.
  2. By acquiring drops from Drowned Dan, a gold skeleton key boss located in Celestia, specifically in the Science Center at Drowned Dan’s Chamber.

how many Spellements for ship of fools

  • To unlock “Ship of Fools,” players need 35 Spellements.
  • Advancing the spell to tier 2 requires a total of 75 Spellements.

Tier Options and Effects:

ship of fools spellements path
  • Upper Level Path: This path combines damage with healing.
    • At its base, the spell deals 275 damage and heals the caster for half of that amount.
    • Each subsequent tier increases the damage by 15 points. For example, at tier 3, it does 300 damage, and at tier 4, it increases to 315. The final tier (tier 5) offers a total damage of 330, with half returned as healing.
  • Bottom Tier Path: This path focuses solely on damage, with no healing component.
    • The initial damage range is 310-350, increasing with each tier. Tier 3 offers 325-365 damage, tier 4 provides 340-380 damage, and tier 5 delivers between 355 and 395 damage.
    • There is some uncertainty about whether this path affects all enemies or just one, as the symbol for all enemies is not explicitly indicated.

Additional Notes:

  • The upper level path is preferred for its dual functionality of dealing damage and healing.
  • The spell’s effectiveness can potentially be enhanced with other spells like primordial or healing boost spells.

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