Wizard101 How to Get Deer Knight Spellements [ Guide ]

In Wizard101, the Deer Knight Spellements stand out as a crucial asset for Death Wizards. This low-pip, Area of Effect (AoE) spell not only delivers immediate damage but also applies a damage-over-time effect, a rare combination in the early stages of a Death Wizard’s journey. Typically, Death Wizards only receive their first AoE spell at level 48, making Deer Knight especially valuable for its early availability.

Acquiring Deer Knight, however, is not straightforward. It cannot be learned through standard progression or leveling up. Wizards must either engage in the challenging task of Crafting the spell, collect and craft using treasure cards, or explore alternative methods like crafting the Deer Knight Jewel. This jewel crafting route offers a more accessible way to access the spell, especially for wizards in the early phases of their adventure.

“Wizard101” introduces an innovative approach through Spellements. These Spellements allow wizards to unlock and enhance Deer Knight, offering a strategic edge in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Deer Knight is more than just a spell in “Wizard101”; it’s a strategic tool that significantly enhances a Death Wizard’s combat effectiveness, particularly in the game’s early to mid-stages.

Deer knight Spellements

deer knight Spellements

The “Deer Knight” spell can be accessed by unlocking it with “Deer Knight” Spellements. There are two ways to obtain these Spellements:

  1. Through the Crowns Shop, either by purchasing the Knight’s Spellemental Pack or Unforgiven Dead Pack for 399 Crowns or by opting for the Deluxe Spellement Pack, available for $2 monthly on the Wizard101 website.
  2. By acquiring drops from Lambent Fire, a gold skeleton key boss located in Avalon, specifically in the Crystal Caves > Crystal Caves Gold Key Room.

how many Spellements for Deer Knight

  • To unlock “Deer Knight,” players need 35 Spellements.
  • Advancing the spell to tier 4 requires a total of 190 Spellements.

Tier Options and Effects:

Deer Knight spellements upgrade path
  • Upper Path:
    • The upper path focuses on enhancing the spell’s inherent damage and damage-over-time effects.
    • With each upgrade along this path, the spell’s damage output increases, making it more potent in combat.
    • Notably, the accuracy, pip cost, and fundamental nature of the spell (non-PvP) remain consistent throughout the upgrades on this path.
  • Lower Path (PvP-Oriented):
    • The lower path is tailored for Player vs Player (PvP) combat scenarios.
    • This path emphasizes direct damage in the form of an Area of Effect (AOE) spell.
    • Additionally, it incorporates a 20% weakness effect that is applied to opponents when the spell is cast.
    • Similar to the upper path, the damage of the spell increases as it is upgraded, but the 20% weakness effect remains constant at all tiers of this path.
  • Damage Type: The spell combines immediate damage with a damage-over-time effect. This means it inflicts damage upon casting and continues to deal damage in subsequent turns.
  • Pip Cost and Accuracy: The pip cost and accuracy of the Deer Knight spell remain consistent, even as the spell is upgraded. This consistency allows players to plan their strategy around a known cost and likelihood of hitting the target.
  • The choice between these two paths allows players to customize their use of the Deer Knight spell based on their gameplay preferences. The upper path focuses on maximizing damage potential, while the lower path is more suited for PvP battles due to its weakness-inducing capabilities. This decision adds depth and strategy to how players can employ the Deer Knight spell in different situations within the game.

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