A Guide to Evil Magma Peas

Just when you thought it couldn’t be hotter, here’s a way to bring a little fire to your summer garden; behold, the Evil Magma Peas! 

evil magma peas
Evil Magma Pea (Mature)

Magma Peas are very worth the challenge they offer, as their rewards are spade for the difficulty. At a rank 7 difficulty, these plants predominately deal with rank 1-2 pests and need for water, pollination, and music. The plants are fairly simple to house, as they only require a medium soil-plot with no enchantments. 

W101 Evil Magma Peas

These plants are known to supply great drops to help you along your crafting adventure. Like most others, the drops at elder status are far greater, though it may be worth it to keep them in the mature state via spells. At mature, you can expect to see the following drops: Gold (upwards of 162), Aether, Aquamarine, Black Lotus, Pearl, Sandstone, Scrap Iron, Poison (Treasure Card), Polymorph Ninja Pig (Treasure Card), Tower Shield (Treasure Card), and Triton (Treasure Card), Djembe Drum (Housing Item), and Egg Basket (Housing Item).

Once the plant reaches elder status, the drops can be as follows: Gold (upwards of 973), Black Lotus, Golden Pearl, Pearl, Sandstone, Sunstone, Captain Canteloupe (Pet Snack), Cherry Tomato (Pet Snack), Fancy Yogurt (Pet Snack), Golden Wheat Bread (Pet Snack), Mystic Dragon Fruit (Pet Snack), Cleanse Charm (Treasure Card), Earthquake (Treasure Card), Feint (Treasure Card), Pierce (Treasure Card), Djembe Drum (Housing Item), and Egg Basket (Housing Item). 

evil magma peas
Stacked Evil Magma Pea Garden (Mature) with Djembe Drum

Similarly, to other plants, if you happen to own these houses, you can look forward to a boost in growth rate for your peas: Everafter Village, Red Barn Farm, and Botanical Gardens.

There’s a benefit to investing in these homes not just for magma peas. Within these three estates, any plants will be boosted in growth, as the environment is desired among every plant throughout the spiral. In addition, there are a few housing items you can place around to boost your plant’s progress. Magma peas enjoy egg baskets, Djembe drums, and like most other plants—tropical garden gnomes. Egg baskets are an initiate crafting recipe, though they can occasionally be found at the Bazaar, or as drops from other Magma Peas. In addition, these baskets can be found in two crown shop packs: Farley’s Gardening Pack (499 crowns) and Raven’s Hoard Pack (399 crowns). 

Instead of crafting, for 920 gold, you can easily obtain a Djembe drum from the NPC Otto in Celestia Base Camp. Tropical Garden Gnomes can also be purchased by NPC Farley for 225 gold.

evil magma peas
Egg Basket (Left), Tropical Garden Gnome, Djembe Drum (Right)

The plants also get a benefit over the presence of pixies, which tend to be attracted only to certain plants. Have no fear though, they can always be temporarily summoned through the Summon Pixie garden spell or treasure card. This spell costs 25 energy to cast and can be learned from NPC Charley at rank 10 (Grandmaster Gardener) for 175,000 gold. On occasion, you may be able to snag this spell from the Bazaar in treasure card form. 

evil magma peas
Stinkweed (Mature)

Be wary of planting these seeds near stinkweed, as their presence will reduce the growth rate of the magma peas by roughly 25% (though this CAN be counteracted by placing liked objects and plants nearby). Evil Magma Peas do enjoy the presence of a few other plants, including Boom Shrooms, Fiery Boom Shrooms, and Ultra Boom Shrooms. 

Boom Shroom (Left), Fiery Boom Shroom, Ultra Boom Shroom (Right)

Evil Magma Peas Farming

If you are looking to farm, there are roughly 154 reported NPCs that drop them, with the most common being: 

Ghultures in Mirage ( Caravan – West Road )

evil magma peas
Death Ghulture

Bumbai Rebel Warrior in Mirage ( Yakhal Mountain )

evil magma peas

Feral Felon in Mirage

Regardless of if you are growing them for drops or simply to level up your gardening skill, Magma Peas are definitely an easy addition to the garden that are guaranteed to spruce up the look of it. At the end of the day, however, they’re still evil, so don’t expect to be another pea in their pod.

Happy Questing,

Megan FireHeart

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