Wizard101 Headless Horseman: Guide to Acquiring the Spell

The Headless Horseman spell in Wizard101 has been a topic of much discussion and controversy. With its rich history in the game, players are now presented with the opportunity to farm for its Spellments. The prime location for this? Darkmoor’s upper halls, where a boss awaits. With the right strategy, this boss can be easily defeated, paving the way for players to acquire the coveted Spellments or you can just follow the traditional way of farming Loremaster during Halloween.

Headless Horseman Wizard101

  • level: Any
  • Deals 530-590
  • pip cost: 3
  • can be obtained from: Loremaster (The Atheneum)
  • can be obtained from: Headless Horseman Spellements
  • can be obtained from Crowns shop pack: Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack
  • Note: This pack is only available during the Hallowe’en holiday.
wizard101 headless horseman

Numerical Analysis:

  • The uniqueness of the Spell: Unlike other spells in Wizard101 that follow a five-tier system, the Headless Horseman spell stands out.
  • Spellment Requirement: To fully max out a typical lore spell, players need a whopping 685 spellments. However, for the Headless Horseman, the requirement is significantly less at only 190 spellments: 75 for tier 2 and 115 for tier 3.
  • Efficiency in Farming: If your primary goal is to learn the spell, we suggest a two-pronged approach. First, farm the gold key boss to obtain 35 spellments. Then, shift your focus to farming the actual spellments, especially if you’re into PvP.
  • Difference in Tiers: The damage difference between tier 2 and tier 3 of the spell is a mere 10, which might not be a game-changer for many players.
wizard101 headless horseman spellements

Farming Bunferatu for Headless Horseman Spellements

1. Understanding Bunferatu:

  • Overview: Bunferatu is a Gold Key Boss in Darkmoor ( Upper Halls ), known for dropping the coveted Headless Horseman Spellments.
  • Difficulty Level: Contrary to many bosses in the game, Bunferatu isn’t particularly challenging. Its cheats are minimal, making the fight straightforward for most players.
  • Drop Rates: Drop rates have been a point of contention among players. Many have reported receiving a mere one to three Spellments per run, leading to feelings of disappointment.

2. Farming Strategy:

  • Approach: Players can employ strategies like using skeletons 8 pips dot or faint AOE. The fight doesn’t demand intricate strategic planning.
  • Tips: Avoid overthinking the fight. Stick to basic strategies, and you’ll find success.

Farming Loremaster for Headless Horseman Spell ( Doesn’t Drop Spellements )


  • Ensure you’ve completed the Loremaster’s quest to be able to farm her.
  • Note: If you’re a low-level wizard, you might not be able to use the team-up feature. This means you’ll have to farm with random players or friends.

Farming Strategy:

  • Join a team with higher-level players if possible.
  • Bring in useful spells for your school. For example, if you’re a Balance wizard, bring in Balance blades.
  • If you’re a low-level player, understand that your contribution might be limited. However, you can still support the team with blades, shields, or other utility spells.
  • Keep an eye on the team’s strategy. Most teams use a combination of Poison, Tempest, and other damage spells to defeat Loremaster.


  • I obtained the Headless Horseman spell in just under 10 minutes. However, this duration can vary for different players. Some might get it quickly, while others might need to farm for hours.
  • Farming with a team can increase your chances and speed up the farming process.
  • Stay persistent, and with a bit of luck, you’ll obtain the spell in no time!

We prefer farming the spell from loremaster as it might be faster for some and Upgrading with Spellements from Bunferatu. tell us what do you think is the best way down in comments?

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