Hephaestus Crafting Guide

Hephaestus is a great fire spell for fire wizards especially in PvP as it deals 425-475 Fire Damage to a single target and adds a +25% fire damage bubble changing the current bubble of the battle.

There are multiple ways to get this spell:

  • Farming loremaster for a chance to get Hephaestus spell and maybe you will get lucky and get another fire spell from the other lore spells. Check: Wizard101 loremaster drops guide
  • Opening some of Immortal’s Lore Packs has a chance to drop this spell and 2 other spells.
  • Crafting the spell which requires Legendary Artisan crafting level and you can buy the recipe from Grady for 12,000 gold.

Wizard101 how to craft Hephaestus

Hephaestus ingredients:

  • 10 Hephaestus Treasure Cards
  • 120 Perfect Ruby
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 60 Black Pearl
  • 120 Black Coal
  • 60 Astral Shard
  • 60 Sunstone
  • 18 Amber

The fastest way to gather the regents?

Hephaestus Treasure Cards


you can get them by:

  • Farming loremaster in Dragonspyre
  • Dropped by: Zeus and Hades
  • can be bought from Bazaar
  • You can get the Tc as well as the spell from Immortal’s Lore Packs


Perfect Ruby

  • you can buy it from Archytas at Celestia base camp for 100 gold each
  • you can find it in Bazaar

Ghost Fire

  • you can also get it from Archytas at Celestia base camp for 100 gold each
  • you can find it in Bazaar

Black Pearl

  • You can find it as a Rare Harvest from Black Lotus or Pearl in Outer Yard ( Avalon ) or Crab Alley ( wizard city )
  • You can get it as harvest from plants like Alligator Pear Tree, Ultra Alligator Pear Tree, Ultra King Parsley.
  • can be found in golden chests in Darkmoor castle
  • you can Transmute Black Pearl using 15 Pearls regents
  • can be found in Bazaar.

Black Coal

  • You can buy it from Elmer Meadowgrass in Oldtown for 5 gold each
  • You can find it in Bazaar

Astral Shard

  • Dropped from Babayaga in Forlorn Taygin (Polaris)
  • From Admiral Bontau in Alkali Barrows (Mirage) & many other bosses in higher worlds
  • can be found in Bazaar
  • can be found in golden chests in Darkmoor castle


  • You can find them as a rare harvest from sandstone regents anywhere in higher worlds
  • You can transmute each sunstone from 15 Sandstone
  • Plant some Evil Magma Peas or Ultra Fly Trap plants as they have a high drop chance as Elder harvest.
  • You can get them while opening many crowns packs
  • also can be found in Bazaar and golden chest in Darkmoor.
  • Check also Wizard101 Sunstone Comprehensive Farming Guide


  • You can transmute each amber from Amber recipe which needs the next regents ( 5 Merle’s Whisker / 5 Amber Dust / 15 Sunstone / 10 Golden Pearl )
  • Sold by Brandon in unicorn way for 5000 arena tickets ( not worth it lol )
  • Planting king Parsley or Ultra King Parsley plants is a really good way to get them fast as you will always get amber from ultra king parsley plants during mature or elder harvest
  • Also farming Gladiator Dimachaerus in Mount Olympus or Crouns in Tartarus is a very common way to get amber and probably the best way
  • Check out our Amber Farming Guide!

it might take you 5-7 days farming for the Ingredients or collecting them then you will be able to craft it through the Card Crafting Station.

Will you be crafting this spell? tell us down here in comments

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