Brimstone Revenant Crafting Guide

Brimstone Revenant Can Be Obtained From:

  • The Keeper’s Lore Pack
  • Loremaster
  • Recipe Sold by Master Yan Kan Kook in Mooshu
brimstone revenant

Brimstone Revenant is one of those bonus cards that defines a fire wizard. It is, of course, not mandatory by any stretch of the term, but we all KNOW it might as well be.

Clocking in with 470 Base Fire Damage, this card actually has a fantastic pip-to-damage ratio for a fire spell. With an Epic TC Enchantment, the max damage this spell gets is 785. And we haven’t even gotten to the utility yet- this spectre of flames leaves a 25% fire trap in his wake. This opens the door for many combos, including Fire Scion or general shield-clean up. Chaining Brimstones isn’t a bad strategy, either.

Brimstone Revenant
Brimstone Revenant

Now that you’re all fired up to get this card, you’re naturally wondering what the best route for acquisition is. There are three known methods to obtaining this spell. Your first option is to hope it drops from the Keeper’s Lore Pack.

But we all know how reliable that can be. You could also attempt to get it from the Loremaster herself, but again this usually proves unreliable (although we may visit her along the way regardless.) Your best bet, and highlight of this guide, will be to craft the spell. Let’s walk you through the process in order and see what it takes to master this great spell.

The Recipe for Brimstone Revenant

The first step in getting this spell crafted will be obtaining the recipe. Now before you press forward dear reader, please note you must be at least a Legendary Artisan rank in crafting. This can be completed by creating the Spirit Caller Drum for the crafting quest in Zafaria. After doing so, head to the Cave of Solitude in Mooshu where Master Yan Kan Kook will sell you this recipe for 60,000 gold.

Brimstone Revenant

When you first purchase this recipe, you may be a bit daunted at first. Don’t worry, we’ll break down the best way to find each needed portion.

Brimstone Revenant
Brimstone Revenant

Brimstone Revenant (TC) [10]

The first and potentially most intimidating task will be to round up 10 treasure card variants of this spell. You could farm most bosses in Darkmoor, any of the one-shot housing dungeons (Rattlebones, Krokopatra, etc.), and of course you could visit the Loremaster. The nice thing about farming her is that there is a tiny chance she will outright drop the spell. However, there are a couple of lesser known/used ways to obtain this TC.

  • Bael Emberlight in the Crystal Grove can drop this treasure card, and is much easier to solo than the Loremaster.
  • One copy is guaranteed by completing the storyline Azteca quest, “Secret of the Winds”
  • You could garden either Red Bell Peppers or the incredible Sword Fern
  • Small chance of being dropped by a Darkmoor Gold Skeleton Key chest or the Keeper’s Lore Pack
  • You can of course occasionally snag this card from the Bazaar!
brimstone Revenant

Perfect Ruby [100]

One of the easier steps. Go to any of most reagent vendors Celestia and beyond and you can purchase this reagent. I prefer Archytas in Celestia because he’s right next to the World Gate. Pick up 100 to support this robot’s local business.

brimstone revenant

Ghost Fire [200]

Same deal as Perfect Rubies, you can actually pick this up from most of the same vendors. You’ll need twice as much Ghost Fire as our 100 Perfect Rubies, bringing it to 200. Tell Archytas ol’ Joobsh sent ya. He won’t give you a discount or anything. But you can tell him.

brimstone revenant

Diamond [100]

Diamonds are NOT always a wizard’s best friend. This reagent can be a bit tricky to track down 100 as your primary source for finding it naturally would be rare occasions of finding it with Ore. You will likely want to utilize a combination of Bazaar farming for them and using the Transmute Diamond recipe which is sold by several vendors including Avery Templeton in Celestia Basecamp. (Our favorite!)
If you are determined to farm a lot of Ore, my favorite place is the Shadow Palace just outside of Morganthe’s Lair where the tree is. Lots of reagents spawn around the tree and by switching realms you can accumulate a lot of resources fairly quickly.

brimstone revenant

Bronze Gear [100]

I wish I could say it gets easier. Thankfully this one usually has steady supply in the Bazaar, but if sales are down this one can be tricky to come by. It can be transmuted from Spider Silk (WHY?), which can be transmuted from Ectoplasm… sometimes a bit tedious. You have a tiny chance to get them from feeding unwanted items to your pet as well. I recommend questing for 1 hour to hopefully round some up from fighting mobs and feeding your pet, transmuting up what you’ve gathered, and then checking the Bazaar. Rinse and repeat. Eventually you’ll reach 100.

brimstone revenant

Scrap Iron [50]

Remember when I advised you collect Reagents in the Shadow Palace? Here’s another item you’ll need that appears in the exact same area. This will help it feel as if its going faster on both diamond and Scrap Iron collections. Pick up 50 of these bad boys and you’re good to go. It does make you wonder how all this iron will fit into the Brimstone Revenant card…

brimstone revenant

Sunstone [50]

This one gave me the SECOND most amount of pain. You can transmute Stone Block->Sandstone->Sunstone. Sandstones and rare harvest Sunstones can be found in the Sahara in Zafaria. You’ll also grab a view stone blocks when in the Shadow Palace harvesting. It can be purchased with Arena Tickets or Gardened, but not everyone participates in those options. Its made more complicated by the fact that you need 50 of them, but nothing compares to the monstrosity below…

brimstone revenant

Amber [12]

If you’re familiar you dread it, if not you’ll learn to! Collecting Amber is arguably not the WORST thing in the world, but I don’t think anyone likes it. To transmute ONE Amber you need 5 Merle’s Whiskers, 5 Amber Dust, 15 Sunstones, and 10 Golden Pearls. Thankfully you only need 12, but the hard to fulfill recipe for 1/12 leaves most players opting to farm for it instead. I most strongly recommend farming Gladiator Dimachaerus as he will drop the very useful Alpha and Omega ring, as well as Exalted Mastery Amulets alongside the potential Amber. King Parsley and Ultra King Parsley are two gardening plants that can be relatively reliable sources as well.

If you can gather all of those ingredients, then congratulations because you’ve just gained one of the better Fire Spells in the game. Put your new card to good use and make way for the Brimstone Revenant!

If you get a chance wizards, either comment below for how the crafting is going for you or leave any memories you might have associated with crafting or using Brimstone Revenant. Hope to share with you all again soon!

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