Pet Guide For New Players

Pet Guide Introduction

This Pet Guide is ideal for a new player. It’s tough looking for a “good” pet in wizard101. What pet should I get? Where do I get pets? What are ‘good’ talents? How do I get a pet with all the good talents in it? All of these will be answered in detail, throughout this pet guide.

How to Obtain Pets?

Pets can be obtained in various ways throughout wizard101, you can purchase them for both crowns and gold, you can win them from events (example deckathalon), you can redeem them from bundles/gift cards, you can obtain them from boss drops, quest rewards and from packs. This pet guide contains it all for new players.

The Hatching Kiosk

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Selecting Pets

Some pets give cards, whereas some do not. You would ideally want to choose a pet based on the cards that it gives. Some give cards at baby only and some give more cards the further you train it. Pets must also be selected based on the 5 talents (at mega) that you would like to have. (Talents will be discussed further in the pet guide).

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Best Pets for Each School:

The following pets from this pet guide can be found in the Hatching Kiosk:

Best Ice pets

1. Frosty Eye
This pet gives an ice blade card, a blizzard card (100% accuracy) and a stun AOE (area of effect) card. Ice blade is useful since ice gets their blade at level 38. Blizzard is also useful as an AOE, and it’s 100% accuracy so no fizzling.

2. Lord of Winter
This pet gives an ice blade card, balefrost card and also a 7 pip Lord of Winter card that does good damage.

Best Fire Pets

  1. Ornery Kookaburra
    This pet gives a fire blade card, a meteor card (100% accuracy) and a power link card. No fizzling with the 100% accuracy meteor card.

2. Sun Serpent
This pet gives a fire blade card, a fuel card and a 7pip sun serpent card. Sun serpent is a very good damage card for 7 pips when starting off.

Best Storm Pets

  1. Frankenbunny
    This pet gives healing current cards that are very useful for low level wizards as storm had no good healing spells and has very low health. You do obtain this spell later on but it will be available for 3 pips whereas this pet gives up to 3 healing current cards at mega costing 2 pips each
pet guide

2. Rain Core
This pet gives a storm blade card, a thunderstorm spell card and a darkwind card. The thunderstorm spell is useful as you can build up pips and deal tons of damager since it is an X pip spell, if you need to kill a boss with high Health.

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Best Myth Pets

1.Wandering Eye
This pet gives a myth blade card, a stun AOE card and an 8 pip humongofrog spell that deals a ton of damage and stuns all enemies.

2. Mythdactyl
This pet gives a myth blade card, an earthquake spell card and a gargantuan spell enchant card. The gargantuan spell enchant card is very useful as it can be used to enchant your humonofrog spell (or other spells) and deal a lot of damage. Gargantuan Tc’s (treasure cards) are only available at level 58+ but with this pet you can use it from level 1.

Best Life Pets

  1. Kookaburra
    This pet gives a life blade card, a leaf storm spell card and a regenerate spell card. The leafstorm spell card is very useful as it is an AOE, life gets their AOE (forest lord) at a high level so this spell can be used in the meantime. Regenerate is also a useful 5 pip healing spell.

2. Timberland Yeti
This pet gives a life blade card and a 7-pip forest lord spell card. You get an 8-pip forest lord at a higher level but with this pet you can get a 7-pip forest lord from level 1.

Best death pets

  1. Gloomy Eye
    This pet gives a death blade card, a colossofrog spell card, and a stun all enemies card. The colossofrog spell is a good AOE for death as they get their first AOE (scarecrow) late in the game. This spell can be used in the meantime.

2. Acid Rain Core
This pet gives a death blade card, a supercharge card, and a doom and gloom card. The supercharge is a blade per pip spell (x pips) so you can one shot bosses that have high health. Doom and gloom might be a useless card though.

Best Balance pets

  1. Noble Kookaburra
    This pet gives a balance blade card, sand storm spell card and an availing hands card. Sandstorm is a good AOE and availing hands is a good healing spell.

2. Opossum
This pet gives a balance blade card, bladestorm card and a dragonspear card.

  1. Enchanted Armament
    This spell gives 3 sharpened blade spells at mega. This spell can be used on your blade to make it deal more damage. You can now blade stack and deal more damage.

2. Blaze Fox
This pet gives 3 balance blades cards at mega. Balance blades can be used to boost the damage of any school.

Pet Talents

There are many pet talents in the game, some are useless whereas some are useful. Some are useful only when it casts (may cast talents) and some are always useful such as stat talents. In this Pet Guide, I will focus mainly on stats and may cast healing talents.

Stat talents are usually the best, because they provide better stats overall at all times and are very useful in both PVP and in PVE. Some may casts can be useful such as healing may casts… example: may cast unicorn, fairy, sprite, healing current, life bats.

The best talents would give both damage and resist only. These are simple fundamentals in order to both stay alive and be able to kill enemies. There are 2 resist talents in the game, spell proof and spell defy. The damage talents you need are pain giver, (‘school’) dealer and (‘school’) giver.

Spell proof gives up to 10% universal resist and spell defying gives up to 5% universal resist. Make sure you have max stat or closest to in the strength and agility stats. Max stat for strength and agility is 255 and 260 respectively. Then ensure to feed your pet, pet snacks to fill the bar. If the agility or strength is low, for example, your spell proof number might display 9%; you want to capitalize and get the most resist possible.

Pain giver gives up to 6% universal damage, (‘school’) dealer gives up to 10% damage to a specific school and (‘school’) giver gives up to 6% damage to a specific school. Make sure you have max stat on will and strength stats for the pet. The max stat for will is 260. If any of that stat is too low, for example, your fire dealer talent might display 9% instead of 10%; you want to capitalize and get the most damage possible. (note life school has life ‘bringer’ and not a ‘dealer’ talent)

Best Pet Talents

In this pet guide, for the best combination of talents, you would have those 5 talents together, let’s use balance for example. On a desired pet, you would have the following talents: Spell proof, Spell defying, Balance dealer, Balance giver and Pain giver. With max or close to max stats, your pet would give you 15% universal resist and 26% balance damage EXTRA by just equipping it.

These pets are very popular, it is called a triple damage and double resist pet, more commonly known as a “triple double pet”. If the stats are maxed it is known as a “triple double 2.0 pet.” This pet guide would thoroughly explain everything pertaining to this.

There are jewels and even pet talents which will increase the max number of stats you can have. The most popular jewel/talent for triple doubles pets is known as “mighty” which adds +65 to your existing strength stat on your pet. When this is added you can increase your resist and damage talents. Spell proof goes up to 11%, spell defying goes up to 6%, Dealer goes up to 11% and giver goes up to 7%.

Another good combination of talents will include those mentioned earlier in the pet guide, mixed with may cast healing talents such as may cast fairy, unicorn or healing current ONLY. May cast sprite can be useful but it doesn’t heal much end game when you have high Health. May cast tower shield and legion shield is also useful. These may casts mentioned can be VERY useful to a new player, especially when doing difficult dungeons and bosses as they can keep you alive.

By following this pet guide with step-by-step instructions, you’re sure to get the perfect pet to suit your needs. Everyone would be in awe that you have such a great pet at a low level.

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The ebook covers selecting pets, finding the perfect base pet, and creating custom pet pools. You will also learn about the general rules for pet hatching, copying any pet you want, and perfect pet-hatching steps. Additionally, the book delves into ultra pets, pet jewels, adventure, and combat pet talents, and how to obtain mega snacks and gold efficiently. Finally, the book covers the best energy gear sets in the game, energy athames and rings, energy wands, and energy pet skills. By reading this ebook, you will become an expert on pets in Wizard101 and be able to hatch the perfect pet with ease.

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Pet Hatching Guide

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  1. The guide says the talent can go “up to” 1% with mighty which is 65 more strength such as with fire dealer for instance is normally 10% with high enough strength and 11% with mighty but i have a question, where is the “14” coming fromand how(if possible) is that achieved?

    Also, would you say going for the highest number which is presumably “14” for fire dealer along with other “strength” based talents is even worth going for in both pve “and” pvp?

    1. There are other selfish talents (and jewels) that will give stats such as lets say a talent that adds +25 strength then another that adds +50 then mighty(+65)…you stack them in order to achieve those crazy stats, however, when you do this you will have to sacrifice pet talents in order to fill that spot with a specific selfish talent.

      1. So, i discovered that you could presumably (“presumably”) have a total of (or at least, close-to) 36 fire damage on a single pet with these talents: (As long as they are maxed, use calculator if needed)

        Talent 1: Fire-Boon/Pain-Bringer (Both 4 max.)
        Talent 2: Fire-Dealer (14 max.)
        Talent 3: Fire-Giver (9 max.)
        Talent 4: Pain-Giver (9 max.)
        Talent 5: Mighty (65 Strength)
        and , lastly
        (Star Jewel) Talent 6: Thinki’ Cap (65 Will)

        Now, it doesn’t have to be in that exact same order as long as they’re *those* talents and not any other talent but do you (or anyone really) know if “36” (or close-to 36) fire damage is even achievable with these talents “in-game”?

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