The Best and Rarest Item Cards

For those of you who don’t know, item cards are those blue-border cards that can come with your gear, pet talents, etc. Because they cannot be enchanted, many wizards ignore them and stick to regular spells, but I am here to argue that there are a lot of item cards that are extremely useful and that may be worth your time to collect. Some are great for PvP, some for PvE, and some are just really rare and cool. To make this less of an article and more of an index, the cards will be listed below in a set format, and the following keywords will be used for brevity:

C – Castable (aka not may cast-only)
F – Free (aka not crowns-only)
B – only available on gear with otherwise very Bad stats (so should only be used if absolutely necessary or for a gimmick)

With all that said, let’s get started:

item cards

Card Name: Aegis Balanceblade

School: Balance
Pip Cost: 1
Effect: Casts a protected 30% balance blade on the target.
Source(s): Various levels of Dreamsearcher Rope (dropped by Aberrant Paradox and The Quake
Charmer, maybe more, or can be crafted)
Keywords: C,F

Notes: All other aegis school blades are available in much the same way on their own amulets
from the same drop sources, as well as a 2-pip 25% aegis bladestorm on the universal amulet.

item cards

Card Name: Avenging Fossil

School: Death
Pip Cost: 4
Effect: Deals 620-640 death damage to all enemies.
Source(s): Dragoon’s Deadly Charm (craftable or from Fellspawn), Vanguard’s Deadly Charm (craftable or from Satharilith)
Keywords: C,F

Notes: All other schools have very similar spells available on their own corresponding
dragoon/vanguard amulets, obtained from the same sources. These are highly recommended for
high-level players, as they are stronger than the standard enchanted level 4 AOEs.

item cards

Card Name: Bad Juju

School: Death
Pip Cost: 3
Effect: Same as regular Bad Juju. Source(s): Acampi’s Tyrannical Boots (from a storyline quest in Azteca), Darkwraith’s Shroud of
Penance (Nightmare Pack), Fallen Star Charm (bought from Diego the Duelmaster),
Greenwarden’s Brilliant Boots Level 70+ (dropped by Buster Crab and Custos Decimus) and many more…

Keywords: C,F

Notes: The sources listed above are all universal gear, so you can use Bad Juju as any school of
wizard! This can help a lot in PvE with cheating bosses and in PvP as a surprise tool, and it goes
really well with a death mastery amulet.

Card Name: Daze and Confuse

School: Myth
Pip Cost: 4
Effect: Stuns all enemies for one round and gives all teammates a Stun block.
Source(s): Unicorn Knight Helmet Level 120+ (Unicorn Hoard Pack)
Keywords: C

Notes: Needless to say, this is an absolute beast of a card in PvP. There are also many other very
similar TC of various schools in the gear of the Unicorn Hoard Pack, including one-target versions
of spells like this, so be sure to check those out as well.


Card Name: Bulwark

School: Star
Pip Cost: 0
Effect: -40% incoming damage and -40% outgoing damage for 4 rounds.
Source(s): Bulwark (pet talent)
Keywords: C,F

Notes: This spell can be invaluable for PvP stalling sets, allowing the user to be essentially
unkillable for 4 rounds when combined with some decent resist. This spell is also very useful in
PvE for soloing difficult bosses, allowing you to set up worry-free and then hit when the aura

Cat Thug

Card Name: Cat Thug

School: Balance
Pip Cost: 2
Effect: 180 balance damage and a -30% weakness on the target.
Source(s): Dragonrider’s Assailing Helm Level 10+ (dropped by Kestrel Blackstorm), True
Silver Boots Level 10+ (from Majestic Bundle).
Keywords: C,F,B

Notes: This is a must-have for low-level balance PvP: a low-pip hit with a 30% weakness. A weaker version of this spell that gives only a 25% weakness appears on the Blue Cat Thug and
Green Cat Thug pets, but this more powerful version is better for PvP and uses up a piece of gear
rather than a pet item card, allowing for more freedom on your set.

Eternal Leviathan

Card Name: Eternal Leviathan

School: Life
Pip Cost: 8
Effect: 545 life damage to target and 320 healing to all teammates
Source(s): Dragonhorn Disciple’s Helm (dropped by Neberyx)
Keywords: C,F,B

Notes: This is the card that Spirit of Darkmoor uses in her cheat. You can use it too!

Lycian Chimera

Card Name: Lycian Chimera

School: Balance
Pip Cost: 7
Effect: 590 death damage OR 635 myth damage OR 545 life damage to all enemies (same type
to all)
Source(s): Harpy (pet)
Keywords: C,F

Notes: Extremely useful for balance PvE when you want to hit balance foes with an AOE


Card Name: Muzzle

School: Balance
Pip Cost: 3
Effect: Casts a -25% weakness and a -45% black mantle on all enemies.
Source(s): Wysteria Warrior’s Boots Level 130+ (Wysteria Lore Pack)
Keywords: C

Notes: Incredible in 4v4 PvP!


Card Name: Infection

School: Death
Pip Cost: 0
Effect: -75% to target’s next outgoing healing spell.
Source(s): Sworn Knife to Artorius (dropped by Young Morganthe and Black Knight)
Keywords: C,F,B

Notes: Since healing is such an important part of PvP, this can sometimes be worth using a
subpar athame all on its own. Can also be helpful in PvE situationally.

Piercing Stun

Card Name: Piercing Stun

School: Myth
Pip Cost: 0
Effect: Removes 1 shield from the target and stuns them.
Source(s): Pawzooka Level 130+ (may cast from Pet Trainer Bundle Gift Card)
Keywords: none

Notes: An amazing May cast for PvP! Shred through shields and stun for a quick and easy finish
(this May cast happens with a wand hit, eliminating a second tower shield).

Triple Cleanse Charm

Card Name: Triple Cleanse Charm

School: Storm
Pip Cost: 0
Effect: Cleanses 3 charms from the target (no PVP).
Source(s): Sherlock’s Gumshoes Level 130+ (Great Detective Bundle)
Keywords: C

Notes: Endlessly useful in PvE. Tons of bosses love to spam plagues and weaknesses, and this
the spell will show them who’s boss every time

Vengeful Seraph

Card Name: Vengeful Seraph

School: Death
Pip Cost: X
Effect: 135 death damage per pip (no PVP).
Source(s): Vengeful Seraph (pet talent), Celestian Neon Striders Level 130+ (Celestian
Spellemental Pack)
Keywords: C, F

Notes: The single best hit for death in PvE. Having this spell’s pet talent is guaranteed to get
your death leveling up twice as fast, especially against bosses and in conjunction with Empower.

And that’s all for this index of item cards! There are, of course, hundreds more noteworthy ones, so there may end up being the second index of these in the future. For now, though, this will be all. Try to hunt some down yourself and reap the rewards!

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