Balance PVP Guide

In this guide, we will be discussing Max level balance PVP in wizard 101 (130)

In this instance, the focus is on Max balance PVP (1v1)

The gear for this build should balance out stats in terms of resistance, damage, and pierce, not necessarily relying on critical. We will point out the best gear to use and where to get them.

Best Balance PVP gear

There is no one absolute best gear as people can alternate between their gears to suit the strategy that they are most comfortable with using.

They are as follows:

 Hat: For the hat, we recommend the Krokopatra Justice Fez which is the best overall hat, or Mask of the Exalted One if you can’t get the Krokotopia hat.

wizard101 balance pvp

Krokopatra Justice Fez  is dropped by Krokopatra (rank 14)

Mask of the Exalted One is dropped by Malistaire the Undying, the final boss in Castle Darkmoor

Robe: Recommend either the Turquoise Eagle’s Raiment or the Dragoon’s Balance armor

wizard101 balance pvp

This robe is from the Skyvern’s Hoard Pack

boots: We recommend the Dragoons Balanced Boots

wizard101 balance pvp

This item can either be crafted or obtained as a drop from Fellspawn in the Catacombs

Dagger:  The best dagger should be the Dragoon’s Balanced Dagger

wizard101 balance pvp

This item can either be crafted or obtained as a drop from Fellspawn in the Catacombs

Ring: For ring, we recommend the Duelist’s Daredevil Ring

wizard101 balance pvp

This item can be bought from Brandon Mistborn in unicorn way for 5,500 arena tickets

Deck:  Recommended Deck is the Dulesit’s Devil-May-Care Deck

wizard101 balance pvp

This item can be bought from Brandon Mistborn for Arena tickets.

Wand: We recommend Celestial Wand from the Celestian Spellemental Pack or any of the good damage, pierce and critical (block) wands all from packs, Example of good wands below:

wizard101 balance pvp

Pet: You should have a well-Balanced pet in terms of damage and resistance but try your best to add may cast auras. Balance has two auras so I suggest using the punishment aura. Example of a good pet spread below:

wizard101 balance pvp

Which spells do we recommend?

Balance has to focus on disrupting the opponent’s strategy and not letting them get the upper hand by affecting their pips, accuracy, power-ups (auras), etc.

We will start with spells unique to the Balance school and class them into different categories.

First, Low pip spells for getting rid of shields and debuffs, these are spells such as Scorpion, Scarab, or wand hits.

wizard101 balance pvp

Next, we have spells that help change the advantage of the battlefield such as Gaze of Fate. this spell not only attacks the opponent twice but

also sets a global spell on the field which gives a balance boost.

wizard101 balance pvp

then we have disruption spells, spells to keep breaking down opponent’s build ups while doing damage. These spells include Mana Burn, Supernova, Savage paw, Loremaster, and king Artorius Balance.

wizard101 balance pvp

then we have de-buff spells such as Black Mantle and weakness. Use these spells to help buy you some time or to get the opponent to use another spell.

wizard101 balance pvp

Next, we have multiple hit spells, such as hydra or Chimera. you only need a few of these spells maybe one of each. these spells are useful for opponents who love spamming tower shields.

wizard101 balance pvp

 After that, we have the hard-hitting shadow enhanced spells which include Sand Wurm, and if you want the other one which is Nested Fury for a pip more damage costing two more pips

wizard101 balance pvp

We also have potential one-hit KO spells from build-ups, they include Scion of Balance and Judgement.

wizard101 balance pvp

 Other spells you may want to use which is not of balance school

  • overtime spells such as the one pip death bat which is decent because your opponents can only counter you with tower shields, so any form of attack will break them, the downside is that your accuracy won’t be very high on these spells.
  • Enchants such as Epic and Colossal
  • Tower shields and set shields.
  • stunning spells such as freeze and stun which are zero pip spells can come in handy.
  • Dispels to interrupt the opponent’s plans
  •  Always pack stun Block because opponents love to stun when they have lots of pips.

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