Guilds in Wizard101: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you paged through your Wizard101 friends, wishing you could remember who’s who or organize certain people in different ways? Or longed for a communal castle that you and your friends all have access to and can even decorate together? Or fantasized about new and exciting ways you and your friends can coordinate battles against seriously fearsome enemies for epic gear? Members of the Wizard101 community, look no further and rejoice, for KingsIsle has finally rolled out a brand new guild system in their Summer 2022 Update! Currently, this feature is only accessible to North American players, but this new update is only the beginning, and KI will continue to add and refine it as time moves on. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Wizard101 Guilds

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    Guilds have been a feature of many MMOs for years, and KI’s take on them isn’t too far off from the basics. At its core, think of a guild in Wizard101 as a permanent team or club that has its own private, shared Guild House to hang out in and decorate together. This house is the place where Wizards can meet up and socialize, coordinate different group activities, and, for high-level and high-skill Wizards, participate in Raids together. Wizards can also work together to unlock different aspects and areas of the guild house.

    What are Guilds?

    Wizard101 Guilds
    Saffron Moondreamer at her favorite part of the Guild House’s main island, the bridge over the pond.

    Membership in any one guild is capped at 50 accounts, not characters, which is an important distinction. This means that you could have all six characters on an account involved in one guild, and all of those Wizards would only count as one Guild Member slot. Because of this, a guild could easily have more than 50 character members. If you prefer variety, however, all six characters on one account could instead be involved in six different guilds. You are not limited to joining only one guild per account! Any individual character can only be involved in one guild at a time, but you can leave and join different ones freely and as often as you want.

    How to Join or Create a Guild

    Joining or creating a guild is easy enough and available to free-to-play Wizards—you do not need crowns or membership. The only requirement for joining a guild is that your account must have at least one level 30+ character. As for creating a guild, there are two requirements: the Guild Creator must be at max level (which will be adjusted with updates that increase the level cap), and must have 11 other friends currently online who are ready to join the guild.

    If you meet these requirements and are ready to make your own guild, the Guild Creator, or Leader, should look under the Social Button in the top right corner of their screen, select the Guilds tab, and click “Create Guild”. Now it’s time to name your guild, which is similar to pets or decks in that you choose different words from a list of set options. After you’ve picked a name, invite your 11 friends, and once all of them have accepted your invite, you’ll have your very own guild!

    Wizard101 Guilds
    Step one of guild creation!

    Once a guild has been created, membership does not need to stay at 12 and can in fact drop down to just one, the owner, who is the only person that needs to remain in the guild.

    Guild Information, aka The Guild Tab

    Once you’ve created or joined a guild, everything you need to know about it can be found on the existing Social Button under the new Guild Tab. All members of a guild can see this information, which is split onto three separate pages:

    1. Guild Summary: This page shows the guild name, the creator, when the guild was created, members currently online, and total members. It also displays the latest message on the Message Board, who sent it, and when it was sent. There are two other buttons, “Visit House” if you are not currently at the Guild House, and “View Inventory” when you are at the Guild House.
    Wizard101 Guilds
    The Guild Summary page when not at the Guild House for the guild I belong to, Deathly Pink Cats.
    Wizard101 Guilds
    The Guild Summary page when at the Deathly Pink Cats Guild House, which shows an inventory option.
    1. Guild Roster: This page displays information about all the guild members, like their school, level, when they were last online, their location if they are online, and their roles in the guild (which we’ll cover in the next section!). [egg id=”0″]
    Wizard101 Guilds
    The Deathly Pink Cats Guild Roster page.
    1. Guild Messages: This page displays the Message Board and any messages left there, which can be seen by all members, even if they weren’t online at the time a message was sent. There is also a button for members with the Messenger role to schedule when to play together, which includes what you want to do, the date, the time, and where.
    Wizard101 Guilds
    The main Guild Messages page.
    Wizard101 Guilds
    The options you can choose from when composing and posting a message.

    Guild Member Roles

    There are three possible roles that members of a guild can have any number and combination of: 

    • Decorators can access inventory for the Guild House and can decorate! This means placing, moving, picking up, trashing, and reclaiming items, along with using castle magic. Keep in mind, however, that this is cooperative decorating!
    • Recruiters can invite their friends to join the guild if there are slots available, which can be a massive help to the Guild Leader. 
    • Messengers can send messages under the appropriate tab to coordinate activities with other members. Any member, even without the messenger’s permission, can confirm attendance of meetings or activities.

    These roles are all assigned by the Guild Leader, who automatically gets all three, as well as a few others, like the ability to remove members, change the guild’s name, or choose a different member to replace them as Guild Leader. Guild Leaders can’t leave a guild unless they are the only person in it, or unless they transfer their leadership to another member. 

    The Guild House

    One of the main aspects of guilds is having a common meeting place to gather and hang out, and what better place than a mystical-looking castle in the middle of a starry sunset sky? The Guild House is accessible to all members the second a guild is created. If you want to get to it fast, a handy new shortcut for porting there is Shift + Home. There are helpful guides called Guild Sprites that are on each island, and give you a basic overview of things when your character visits each place for the first time.

    Wizard101 Guilds
    Saffron Moondreamer stands at the entry portal to the main island of the Deathly Pink Cats Guild House. Members have already started decorating, adding a Team Up Kiosk and a Gravulum Lodestone.

    The most immediate thing guild members can do at the house is decorate the main island collaboratively! Any member can donate furniture items (keeping in mind that there’s no way to get something back once it’s been donated), and the inventory has space for 100 items. Guild Inventory can be accessed while at the Guild House on the Guild Summary page. The Guild Inventory has three tabs:

    • Backpack, which shows items in a player’s inventory they can donate to the guild.
    • Guild, which displays all items that have been donated to the guild, and shows an option to trash an item.
    • Trash, which is where trashed items remain for one week before being sent to the Guild Landfill. Members with the Decorator’s permission can both trash items and reclaim them if done within a week of them being trashed.
    Wizard101 Guilds
    The main interface for decorating is Guild Inventory, shown here with the middle Backpack tab currently open.

    At first, the Guild House may seem kind of underwhelming, with a bunch of empty gateways and one big tree in the middle of the island. (Near this tree is the Guild Guide, which provides information about guilds to anyone at any time.)

    Wizard101 Guilds
    The Guild Guide, located near a huge tree in the middle of the main island, is a great source of extra information.

    However, this brings us to the most significant feature of Guild Houses: unlockables!

    Guild House Unlockables

    In the Guild House, there are three main unlockables: Anvils, Daily Rewards, and areas.

    The different things you can unlock are visually represented by what look like small, stone, X-shaped sculptures you’ll see on the ground, which are markers for the cantrip rituals you’ll need to cast and unlock them. 

    Wizard101 Guilds
    The Cantrip Ritual Marker represents where the object you’re trying to unlock will be. Opening it will let you see how many reagents your guild has already donated and how many more you need before it can be unlocked.

    Azoth is a treasure card and the new resource you’ll need for unlocking things for your guild. There are a couple of solid guides on YouTube for more detailed information on Azoth farming, but as a brief overview, you can get it from Key Bosses, rematch duels (Krokopatra, Meowiarty, etc.), and the scout talent on pets.

    The first thing you’ll want to unlock before Daily Rewards and other areas is Anvils!


    Anvils are crafting stations located on each island which, by using the new reagents, offer new ways to get older items, as well as the ability to craft raid keys, duel recharges, PvP gear, housing items, and many other things. This guide will be updated in the future as new information on the names and exact specifications of each crafter on each island comes to light.

    The first Anvil you can unlock is Alpha, which is the Guild Crafter on the main island. Alpha lets you refine Azoth into other forms (like second-tier Elemental, Spiritual, and Harmonic Azoth, as well as third-tier school-specific Azoth).

    Wizard101 Guilds
    To unlock the first Anvil, Alpha (Guild Crafter) near the entrance to the main island, requires 2,880 Azoth and three guild members to cast Ritual Touch cantrip.
    Wizard101 Guilds
    To donate reagents to an unlockable, click on the image of what you want to donate, in this case, Azoth, and you’ll be able to select how many.

    Once you unlock Alpha, you can unlock upgrades to it, which give better recipes. You must also unlock Alpha before you can unlock Daily Rewards.

    Wizard101 Guilds
    Alpha, the Guild Crafter, and what you can craft with it.

    Daily Rewards

    Daily Rewards give Azoth and related new resources necessary for crafting. Wizards can interact with Daily Rewards on each island on each character once per day. There are Daily Reward stations located on the main island, battle island, and arena island, as well as on the smallest house’s island, the Guild Hall. Players must unlock the Main Crafter before they can unlock Daily Rewards!

    Wizard101 Guilds
    The resources required to unlock Daily Rewards on each island are 120 Spiritual Azoth, 120 Elemental Azoth, 120 Harmonic Azoth, and 36 Azoth, as well as three guild members casting Ritual Touch cantrip.


    Areas can be unlocked over time by guild members and greatly expand your options when it comes to things to do. They include the three main Guild House buildings (the Hall, Conservatory, and Manor), as well as the Arena Island and Battle Island.

    As far as unlockable houses go, the Guild Hall is the smallest and must be unlocked first, the Guild Conservatory is bigger than the Hall and unlocks second, and the Guild Manor is the biggest house and can only be unlocked after the first two. The Guild Hall has a Housing Crafting Anvil, as well as a Daily Rewards station.

    Wizard101 Guilds
    The Guild Hall, which is the first and smallest unlockable house.
    Wizard101 Guilds
    The Guild Conservatory, which is the second and medium-sized unlockable house.
    Wizard101 Guilds
    The Guild Manor, which is the final and largest unlockable house.

    The Arena Island, once unlocked, has a central main battle sigil so that guild members can test their dueling skills against each other. Unlike other houses and castles, however, there are two additional battle sigils, meaning three total duel circles. This makes coordinating and managing PvP tournaments and parties so much easier! This island also has a Daily Rewards marker and a PvP Crafting Anvil you can unlock.

    The PvP Crafter on the arena island is where you can craft PvP treasure cards and crowns gear that was previously only obtainable from Marco Artigiano, the vendor located to the right of the PvP Arena in Unicorn Way. Getting crowns gear this way by crafting used to require medals that players had to grind PvP for. With this new crafting Anvil, however, you can use guild resources to create gear and treasure cards without ever having to play a Ranked PvP match!

    Wizard101 Guilds
    Some of the craftable crowns gear you can get from the vendor outside the PvP Arena can now instead be obtained through collecting guild resources and using the PvP Crafter on the arena island.

    The Battle Island, once unlocked, has the Battle Gate, which is how your guild can access unique battles throughout the spiral, as well as a Daily Rewards marker and a Battle Crafting Anvil that comes with the island. The Gate requires crafting a unique key for the battle or raid you want to run and has a tome near it explaining some of the lore around the corresponding battle. The crafted key unlocks the Gate, which is then charged with cantrips. If you’re going to do a raid, for example, you would need someone to craft the specific key for it, and since a raid requires 12 players, you would need 12 guild members to cast magic touch at the Gate. Once this is done, the Gate stays open for three hours before it goes on cooldown, meaning you can run it as many times as possible in that three-hour window.

    Raids and raid keys have already been implemented, but the devs are eventually going to add access to Skeleton Key bosses to the Battle Gate. This will mean that, instead of using one Gold Key for one run of a boss in-world with four players, you could instead use guild resources to craft the key, cast cantrips at the Gate, and have it stay open for three hours. Using this method, any guild members online within this three-hour window would have access to the Skeleton Key battle.

    Raiden, which is the Battle Crafter on the battle island, is where you can craft recharges for duels, as well as the keys your guild will need for raids. There are also craftable cantrips that can be immensely useful in raids and other guild battles. The Battle Crafter on this island is unique in that it unlocks with the battle island. You do not have to separately unlock this Anvil!

    Wizard101 Guilds
    Raiden, the Battle Crafter, and what you can craft with it.

    The cooldown for a Battle Gate is six days, but there are three different Battle Gates on the battle island that can be unlocked. Coordinating with your fellow guild members to figure out the best time to run these Raids and maximize their massive utility is highly encouraged.


    Other parts of this guide have touched on Raids, and unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of info on them at the time of writing, just because it takes so much to unlock them and because they’re so difficult! What we do know is that Raids are an extension of sorts of the Guild system, where a group of 12 high-level members can overcome complex puzzles and fearsome battles to defeat some of the hardest bosses in the game. Raids can yield special badges and, most importantly, truly epic gear that players can use to create totally unique, custom sets that aren’t Crowns gear or other farmed gear that already exists in-game

    Guild Raids have their own special rules. Once you enter a gate, you cannot change your equipment or the spells in your deck, so prepare as much as you can beforehand! Raid combats work similarly to Beastmoon, where each combatant acts in alternating team order. Spells work as they do in PvP, and you can ONLY use spells allowed in PvP. Enchants or pre-enchanted cards are not allowed. There are cantrips you can craft with the Battle Island crafter that can assist you in battle.

    Stay tuned for a future comprehensive guide that will cover everything you need to know about raids once we have more detailed information about them!

    Other Archways

    You may notice other empty archways on your guild island without Cantrip Markers in front of them that aren’t any of the areas, Daily Rewards, or Anvils. These are for future expansions to guilds that KingsIsle will roll out eventually, so be sure to check update notes for information about them whenever they come out!

    Guilds are one of the most massive updates to the game in a long time, so it’s going to take a little while for the Wizard101 community to fully understand their intricacies and quirks. Hopefully, this guide is a good starting point as you find a cool guild to join, or create one for yourself. Have fun!

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    Greetings, wizards of the spiral! I've been playing this game off and on since 2010, and it is near and dear to my heart. The friendships I've made and the powerful nostalgia keep me coming back year after year. I've been a writer as long as I've been able to read, and getting the opportunity to write about my favorite game is such a delight! I hope that the things I post here will be informative and helpful, and that I can impart some of what I've learned in over a decade of playing to those who seek it out. <3

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