Celestia Quest Tree

Questing in higher worlds in wizard101 might be difficult and takes too much time to finish a world, That’s why we made this Celestia quest tree to help you see your progress, find where are you at? and at which quest you are, How many quests left until you finish the world?

Lost your main quest? no worries you can find it again in this Celestia quest tree if you followed the quest tree here, Want to know if your quest has defeat or defeat and collect? how many bosses you have to fight? how much exp do you get from each quest? you can find all that here.

In this W101 Celestia quest tree, we are going to mention the main quests only, the quests you have to finish in order to move to the next area or world, we are not going to mention side quests or the running between areas in order to complete a quest.

Wizard101 Celestia Quest Tree

Survey Camp

celestia quest tree

1- Door to the Stars ( Go to Celestia / talk to Edith Benchley )

2- Deeper and Deeper ( Talk to Dalton Prescott )

3- Survivors ( Talk to Edgar Ableton, Mackenzie Trowel, Peter Cheswick, Dalton Prescott)

4- Taking Notes ( Collect 4 Research Notes / talk to Dalton Prescott )

5- Fixing a Hole ( Collect 4 bottles of sealant by defeating crustacean pincers / Talk to Dalton Prescott / Fix 4 water leak )

6- Off the Map ( Find 3 clues / talk to Dalton Prescott / Defeat Crustacean Clawcutters and collect Tower Key / Talk to Barclay O’Brian / Defeat Optio Agenor )

7- Rub-A-Dub ( Go near the grotto / Talk to Rutherford West )

8- Breathing Room ( Use Water Breathing Device / Talk to Dalton Prescott )

The Grotto

celestia quest tree

9- Whole Lotta Grotto ( Go to the grotto / Talk to Rupert Fleming )

10- Crustacean Nation ( Defeat Crustacean Clawcutters and collect 3 clues / Talk to Rupert Fleming )

11- Coral of the Story ( Collect 4 Pieces of Coral / Talk to Rupert Fleming )

12- Shocking News ( Collect Portal Piece / Talk to Rupert Fleming )

13- Pack Crabs ( Defeat Crustacean Pincers and Collect Information / Go to Coral Castle / Talk to Rupert Fleming )

14- The Starfish Chamber (Go to Optio Misemos / Defeat Optio Misemos / Talk to Rupert Fleming )

15- My Dinner with Algae (Defeat Crustacean Waverunners and Collect 3 Foul Tasting Algae / go and Defeat Governor Nereus / Collect Third Portal Piece / talk to Dalton Prescott) 

16- Johnny-on-the-Spot ( Talk to Edith Benchley / use portal / come back and talk to Edith )

District of the Stars

celestia quest tree

17- Just Popping In ( Talk to Thornton Lewis )

18- Explorer101 ( Talk to Thornton Lewis
/ Defeat Piscean Guards / collect 3 Monolith Pieces )

19- Star Cores ( Use 3 Inactive Protectors /
Talk to Thornton Lewis )

20- Forging Ahead ( Use Star Forge /
Talk to Thornton Lewis )

21- Reference Materials ( Talk to The Archivist /
Use Preceptor of Configuration, Conflict, Contrivance / Talk to Thornton Lewis )

22- Putting Pieces Together (Explore The Chantry /Talk to Thornton Lewis )

23- Tide and Tile ( Defeat Piscean Trooper and Collect 3 Mosaic Tiles / Talk to Thornton Lewis )

24- Turning Tiles ( Use Celestian Mosaic / Talk to Thornton Lewis )

25- Archivist, Revisited ( Talk to The Archivist )

26- Con Job ( Use Configuration Station, Conflict, Contrivance / Use Security Plinth / Talk to The Archivist )

27- Teeth of the Shark ( Use Stellarium Pedestal/ Talk to Thornton Lewis / Go to Starkwave’s Lair / Defeat Brutus Starkwave and Collect Pedestal Key / Talk to Thornton Lewis )

28- Into the Stellarium (Recover the Star of Celestia in The Stellarium / Talk to Edith Benchley )

29- A Star is Born ( Go to Unimatus / Defeat Unimatus / Use the Energy Shroud Control / Go to Selwyn’s Chamber /Defeat Selwyn Skywatcher )

30- Into the Stellarium ( back to the main quest after finishing the Stellarium dungeon )

The Floating Land

celestia quest tree

31- On the Waterfront ( Talk to Pierce Stanson )

32- Spirit of the Sea ( Defeat 3 Sea Spirits / Talk to Pierce Stanson )

33- A Stormy Offering ( Collect 4 Sea Foam Crystals / Use Storm Lord Altar / Talk to Pierce Stanson )

34- Claw of the Jungle ( Defeat: Wildcrag, Bristleclaw / Talk to Pierce Stanson )

35- Distress Call ( Talk to Tupa Taua )

36- Gahlwok This Way ( Defeat Gahlwok and Collect Magic Stick / Talk to Tupa Taua)

37- Celestian Idol ( Collect 4 Water Mole Idols /
Talk to Tupa Taua )

38- Almost Friends ( Defeat 3 Jungletooth / Talk to Tupa Taua / Defeat Tangleroot / Talk to Tupa Taua )

39- Crash of the Sky-Fish ( Talk to Kono Kala / Talk to Coruscade )

40- As the Water Falls ( Talk to Kono Kala / Talk to Coruscade )

41- Barking up the Tree ( Talk to Kono Kala / Talk to Coruscade )

42- Let’s Go Bowling ( Go to Lake in The Floating Land / Talk to Coruscade )

43- Cutting Crew ( Find Crew / Talk to Captain Fogg / Find 4 Submarine Parts / Talk to Edith Benchley )


celestia quest tree

44- To Stormriven! ( Talk to Leland Hawkins )

45- It’s the Plumber ( Collect 4 Spare Parts / Fix Water Pump / Talk to Leland Hawkins )

46- Ghosts of Celestia (Defeat Celestian Remnants and Collect 3 Power Crystals / Use the Celestian Generator / Defeat Piscean Lancer / Use Lever / Talk to Leland Hawkins )

47- The Moon Below (Find 3 Portal Pieces /Talk to Leland Hawkins)

48- Celestian Leftovers (Talk to Alaric Moonsunder /Talk to Karolak Nightspinner)

49- Stars and Shadow (Find Medallion Piece /Talk to Alaric Moonsunder/ Defeat Shadow-Web Mercenaries and Collect 3 Medallion Segments/ Talk to Karolak Nightspinner )

50- Inevitable Betrayal (Use Pedestal/ Defeat Karolak Nightspinner and Collect Celestian Portal piece/ Talk to Leland Hawkins )

51- A Sunny Disposition (Talk to Vassek Shadowspite )

52- Storm Shards (Defeat Water Lurkers and Collect first Artifact /Collect second Artifact/ Defeat Shadow-Web Conscripts and Collect third Artifact /Use the Pedestal /Talk to Vassek Shadowspite)

53- Kraken Up (Use Moon Dial/ Use Storm Altar in Storm Lord’s Temple /Defeat Tempus Stormfist/ Talk to Leland Hawkins)

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District of the Stars

celestia quest tree

54- A Old Sea Chantry (Talk to The Archivist)

55- In For Repairs (Use the Preceptor of Contemplation/ Use the Preceptor of Contrivance/Use the Preceptor of Conformation/ Talk to The Archivist)

56- Lunarium Tunes (Use Moon Portal in Celestia Base Camp/Talk to Edith Benchley )

57- Dark Side of the Moon (Go to Inactive Protector /Defeat Stellar Protector and Collect Power Core/ Use Inactive Protector /Talk to Koltan Grimfane/ Defeat: Thrale Bonestriker, Vorgen Soulbreaker, Servus Bloodsword / Talk to Koltan Grimfane/Use Inactive Protector)

57- Pylon Raiders (Examine Stellar Protector / Release Crystal Pylon X3 / Defeat 2 Stellar Protectors/ Defeat Selenor/ Locate the Moon Relic )

58- Destination: Moon

Science Center

celestia quest tree

59- Scientific Method (Talk to Piper Melville)

60- Steamed Up (Defeat 4 Steam Trowellers /Talk to Piper Melville )

61- Spare Parts (Collect Cogitator/ Defeat Steam Winches and Collect 3 more Cogitators/ Talk to Piper Melville)

62- Lightning in a Bottle (Gather 3 Leyden Jars/ Energize Galvanic Tower 1,2,3,4,5 / Talk to Piper Melville )

63- Follow the Leader (Talk to Engineer Montgomery)

64- Steam-Bot Attack (Defeat 3 Hydro-Mechs /Defeat 3 Steam Valets /Talk to Engineer Montgomery )

65- Galvanic Company (Gather 3 Engineering Tools /Fix Power Generator/ Talk to Engineer Montgomery )

66- Tower of Power ( Use Galvanic Tower X4 / Talk to Engineer Montgomery )

67- Cogitator Investigator (Defeat Water-Maton and Collect Cogitator Circuit /Go to the Conservatory /Talk to Engineer Montgomery )

68- Powering Up (Defeat Water-Matons and Collect 3 Power Cores /Use Fish Fountain /Talk to Engineer Montgomery )

69- Parts Is Parts (Use Gearworks /Talk to Engineer Montgomery )

70- Cracking the Books (Go to the Conservatory Collect Celestian Books in the Conservatory / Talk to Engineer Montgomery )

71- Crystal Fight (Use Hydraulic Channeler /Defeat Water-Matons and Collect 2 Fuses /Use Hydraulic Channeler/ Use Hydraulic Channeler/ Defeat Aqua-Bots and Collect 2 Fuses /Use Hydraulic Channeler /Use Gate Control / Go to the Crystal Reactor/ Defeat Maglump /Talk to Engineer Montgomery )

72- Pieces of the Sun (Use Sun Portal / Talk to Edith Benchley ) [egg id=”4″]

Crustacean Empire

celestia quest tree

73- To the Solarium! (Explore the Crustacean Empire /Talk to Nestor in the Crustacean Empire)

74- Something’s Fishy (Defeat: 3 Pisceans, 3 Lophians / Talk to Nestor )

75- Forewarned Is… (Use 4 Piles of Weapons /Talk to Nestor)

76- Ring of Authority (Defeat Lophian and Collect Neptune’s Seal /Talk to Nestor )

77- Fire in the Sea ( Go to Nuncio’s Crag /Defeat Nuncio /Talk to Nestor )

78- Plunkett, I Presume? ( Talk to Thurston Plunkett /Talk to Emperor Pontus /Talk to Senator Xanthus )

79- Breaking the Mold (Collect 4 Sea Mold /Talk to Senator Xanthus)

80- Stir of Echoes ( Defeat Pisceans and Collect Shell Horns /Talk to Senator Xanthus)

81- Armed to the Gills ( Go to the Senate Chamber /Defeat Glauco /Talk to Thurston Plunkett )

82- The Back Door (Talk to Nestor /Defeat 4 Pisceans /Defeat Sea-Booter/ Talk to Lieutenant Dafoe )

83- Shot in the Dark (Use 4 Downed Stellar Protectors /Talk to Lieutenant Dafoe )

84- X Marks the Spot (Talk to Senator Xanthus /Defeat Lophians and Collect 4 Map Quarters /Talk to Lieutenant Dafoe )

85- Finding the Way (Go to Acastus Hexfin (on the Terrace) /Go to Acastus Hexfin (on the Mezzanine) /Go to Acastus Hexfin (on the Concourse) /Go to Acastus Hexfin (in Hexfin’s Hideout) /Defeat Acastus Hexfin /Talk to Lieutenant Dafoe )

86- Calypso Queen (Go to Calypso’s Ship /Defeat Queen Calypso /Talk to Queen Calypso )

87- Treasure This (Go to the Treasury/ Use Treasure /Talk to Queen Calypso )

88- Let’s Mako Deal (Go to The Barbican /Defeat Praetor Mako /Talk to Thurston Plunkett )

89- The Final Frontier (Use the Sun Portal / Talk to Edith Benchley )

The Chancel

celestia quest tree

90- The Sun of All Fears

  • Tears of the Sun ( Go to the High Altar /Defeat Sharks and Collect Information )
  • The Sun Also Rises (Go to the Back Door to the Solarium /Use 6 Sun Stands /Defeat Stellar Protector )
  • The Big Guy ( Defeat the 3 Shark Lieutenants / Use Sun Stone x3 / Defeat Big Salgio)

Last area in wizard101 Celestia quest tree

Sanctum of the Sun

celestia quest tree

this is the last dungeon in wizard101 Celestia quest tree

91- Trial of the Spheres ( Solve Puzzles / Defeat Astraeus / Go to the Lunar Sanctum / Defeat Ptolemos / Go to the Solar Sanctum / Defeat Mithraya )

92- Through This Door… ( Talk to Edith Benchley / Talk to Halston Balestrom )

This was Celestia quest tree of main quests only

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