Wizard101 General Lightbane Drops, Cheats, and Strategies!

Wizard101 has just unveiled its newest challenge: General Lightbane. Not just any boss, Lightbane is a gold skeleton key boss that promises to revolutionize the game for both casual and dedicated players. Previously locked behind a paywall, some of the game’s most coveted gear is now within reach, thanks to this formidable adversary. From exclusive crown gear from Burrower’s Rebellion Pack to enchanting insect mounts and essential Khrysalis Divine spells, Lightbane’s treasure trove is a game-changer. But with great rewards come great challenges. Dive in as we explore the intricacies of battling this boss, his unique cheats, and the strategies to claim victory.

General Lightbane

Rank21 Boss
LocationKhrysalis > Last Wood > General Lightbane’s Chamber
Skeleton key Gold

General Lightbane drops

  • Exclusive Burrower’s Rebellion Gear: This gear was previously available only through payment ( from Burrower’s Rebellion crowns pack only ) but can now be obtained for free by defeating General Lightbane.
  • It’s some of the best gear available for max-level players.
Burrower's Rebellion gear

Insect Mounts:

  • These are permanent mounts with a high drop chance.
  • Examples include butterflies, grasshoppers, beetles, and other bugs.
Monarch Butterfly Mount

Spellements Drops for Khrysalis Divine Spells:

  • These are essential Spellements that players can now obtain for free by farming this boss.
  • Azoth Treasure Cards:
    • The boss drops around five of these per run.
  • Spore Cap Reagents:
    • These are used for crafting better gear.
    • The boss drops around five of these per run.
  • Gear Drops:
    • The boss drops between three to five pieces of gear in a single run.
  • Spellements:
    • Lightbane drops between 23 and more Spellements per run. However, the exact number for a specific school might be less due to the presence of seven schools of Spellements.

General Lightbane Cheats

  1. Immunity to Damage:
    • General Lightbane is immune to most forms of damage.
  2. Shadow Form Mechanic:
    • Every three rounds, Lightbane adopts a shadow form and provides some dialogue.
    • He hints at a specific type of spell (e.g., “dots” or “charms”).
    • Players need to cast the opposite of what he says to increase his backlash.
    • After three rounds of correctly casting the opposite spells, he takes significant damage.
  3. Minion Summoning:
    • With each new form, Lightbane summons a minion.
    • Players can either attack these minions directly or use the boss’s cheats to deal damage to them.
    • For instance, if Lightbane mentions “charms,” players should cast “weaknesses.” Casting the correct spell in response to his hint will cause the minion to take damage over the next two turns.


The difficulty of defeating General Lightbane seems to vary depending on your approach and preparation. Here are some insights:

Standard Method:
Complexity: The boss has specific “cheats” or mechanics that you need to counter. For example, he will announce that he’s using “dots” or “charms,” and you have to use the opposite to increase his “backlash.”
Minions: He summons minions that can either be attacked directly or defeated by complying with the boss’s cheats.

Elemental and Spirit Blades Strategy: This strategy involves using elemental and spirit blades to cover for the minions’ ability to cleanse wards. The hitter then uses Shrike and hits with a powerful spell like Skeletal Dragon. This strategy can be completed in 4-5 rounds.
Time-Consuming: This method is described as taking many rounds and being time-consuming, but it’s straightforward if you understand the mechanics.
Cheese Method:
Simplicity: This method involves ignoring the boss’s cheats and focusing solely on piercing through his immunity to damage.
Preparation: You’ll need to stack up on blades, traps, faints, and pierce spells. One player then goes for a big hit.
Quick: If done correctly, this method can defeat the boss quickly, bypassing the need to deal with his cheats or minions.
General Points:
Immunity: The boss is generally immune to damage, making understanding his mechanics or using the “cheese” method essential.
Time Commitment: Both methods require a time commitment, but the rewards are considered worth it due to the value of the drops.
So, while the boss has complex mechanics that can make the fight challenging, understanding these mechanics or using the “cheese” method can make the fight easier.


General Lightbane stands as a testament to the evolving challenges and rewards of Wizard101. Not only does he introduce a fresh combat dynamic with his unique cheats and shadow forms, but he also bridges the gap between casual and dedicated players by offering previously Crowns pack gear for free.

His drops, ranging from exclusive gear to enchanting insect mounts and essential spells, make him a must-farm boss for players seeking to enhance their in-game experience. While his cheats demand strategic gameplay and adaptability, the rewards are undeniably worth the effort. Whether players choose to tackle him head-on or employ the “cheese” method, Lightbane promises an engaging battle and bountiful rewards.

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