Primeval Hoard Pack, What’s Inside?

Primeval hoard pack

The Primeval Hoard Pack was released in the crown shop in September 2020. It gives a total of 7 items and is currently one of the best packs in the game. It costs 399 crowns.

You may have noticed that many wizards have the fossil gear or fossil pets; those gear comes from this pack and gives amazing damage. Even the mounts give you set bonuses. While the drops may be a bit hard to acquire, it’s definitely worth spending your crowns on.

Primeval Hoard Pack Gear

This gear can be opened at any level. Like the name, Primeval, which means ancient or prehistoric, this is what the gear looks like. It’s entirely Fossil/Dinosaur-themed. Personally, the gear, especially the helmet makes you look like a Power Ranger villain called Mesogog and that doesn’t sit too well with me because he was extremely creepy. This, however, is one of the most sought-after packs, mainly for the wands and mounts.

The gear that pack drops are: Fossil Skullcrusher Weapons, Fossil Avenger’s Gear, Fossil Hunter’s Gear, and Fossil Warrior’s Gear.

The wand is great for PVE, especially as it gives maycast. Even though maycast would come in handy for PVP, this wand does not give pierce, and pierce is something that is crucial in PVP.


Fossil Avenger’s Helm, Fossil Hunter’s Helm, Fossil Warrior’s Helm

While the stats on the hat may be decent, it does make a great stitch for some wizards.


Fossil Avenger’s Raiment, Fossil Hunter’s Raiment, Fossil Warrior’s Raiment

Despite having a good shadow rating, health, and resistance, many people would not go for this because it does not have any critical, damage, or pierce.


Fossil Avenger’s Stalkers, Fossil Hunter’s Stalkers, Fossil Warrior’s Stalkers


Fossil Avenger’s Skullcrusher, Fossil Hunter’s Skullcrusher, Fossil Warrior’s Skullcrusher

While the individual pieces of the gear may not be something to hype yourself about, having even two pieces can give you set bonuses. You can use a mount and wand and get a set bonus of extra damage.

Primeval Hoard Pack Set Bonuses


Scaly Frillasaur, Scratchy Frillasaur, Snappy Frillasaur

The Primeval Hoard Pack drops three new pets, which is seen above. The beauty about this pack is that every piece of gear gives set bonuses, even the mounts. The respective schools for these pets are Life, Fire, and Storm. The set bonus would only apply if it’s the same pieces of gear worn.


Chompy Bronto, Stompy Bronto, Trompy Bronto

The Chompy Bronto Mount belongs to the Fossil Warrior’s Set, Stompy Bronto belongs to the Fossil Avenger’s Set, and Trompy Bronto belongs to the Fossil Hunter’s Set.

Housing Items

The Primeval Hoard Pack drops Aztecan-themed items. For those of you that may not know, Azteca is a dinosaur-themed world. As the pack is centered around fossil items, it’s fitting that KI would include drops from this world in the pack.

  • Azteca Fire Jug
  • Azteca Ornate Jug
  • Azteca Pot
  • Azteca Ritual Bowl
  • Azteca Tall Pot
  • Azteca Water Jug
  • Aztecan Bath
  • Aztecan Bath
  • Aztecan Couch
  • Aztecan Dining Chair
  • Aztecan Dining Table
  • Aztecan Sink
  • Codex Stand
  • Crystal Scepter
  • Crystal Skull
  • Earth Codex
  • Fish Basket
  • Green Crystal
  • Green Stone
  • Obscure Code
  • Ornate Vase
  • Ritual Codex
  • Tomato Basket


Even though this isn’t on Wizard101’s official wiki site, the Primeval Hoard Pack does drop spellements. Many of the pack openings show that only rank 2 spells such as Scarab and Fire Elf drop.

However, packs that drop low-level spellements such as these, tend to drop ones for each school.

Therefore, it can be predicted that Dark Sprite, Imp, Blood Bat, Thunder Snake, and Frost Beetle spellements would also drop from this pack.

Pet Snacks and Reagents

Like other packs, the Primeval Pack drops both pet snacks and reagents. Some reagents would be useful to wizards as they are often difficult to acquire. They are can be expensive in the bazaar and they are sold out quickly.

Treasure Cards

The Primeval Hoard Pack gives treasure cards like almost every other pack. There are some TCs that drop from the pack that wizards would love such as enfeeble and Ratatoskr’s Spin.

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