Introducing Guilds; What is it?

Hello Wizards, as you know test realm is out. This means that there are many new things added to Wizard101, and we get to have a go at it before it becomes live. One of them is guilds. I’m going to give you a rundown on what it is, and how you can participate in it.

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    What are Guilds?

    Guilds are basically huge teams of Wizards working together to do some awesome stuff. You can work together to decorate a shared house and space. You can even go on various adventures together called raids (battles). There are many different functions in these guild groups but you and your team must work together to unlock them. If one person fails, then everyone fails. [egg id=”1″]

    You need to be level 150 to create your own guild, but you must be at least level 30 in order to join one. You can visit Abner K Doodle in The Commons and he’d explain more to you.

    Creating your own Guild

    After visiting Abner, you’d get the quest and then be prompted to your social page, and then you click “My Guild”. You can create your own here, or join someone’s own. You can only be a part of one guild at a time. A guild consists of 12 persons in total. The great part about this is that any member of a guild can invite other members to join the guild that they are a part of.

    However, there’s a cool feature about adding friends to guilds. You can just open the guild page, go on the “my group” tab, click the open group slot to invite someone, then click on any random person to add to your guild. And they would be added automatically. The creators of the guilds can even give everyone in that guild permission to add whomever they want.

    Permission can also be granted to decorate the houses. Once you place an item at the guild house, it belongs there forever, there is no way to get it back.


    I can assure you guys, the commons is going to look like that picture above when it goes live, maybe even worse, because everyone would want to participate in it. But it’s getting all 12 people to be online at the same time, also the various amount of communications that would have to be done. In my opinion, I think having a discord voice chat for doing raids would be the best, simply because you’d be able to communicate faster instead of typing on the guild group chat. Yes, we also get a group chat for all the members to communicate.

    Navigating through the worlds

    First things first, you need to go and do your cantrips quest if you haven’t as yet. The guilds require every one of the 12 members to use their cantrip spells in order to unlock things. This new feature heavily requires teamwork. So please do not join a guild if you cannot pull your own weight and you just want to piggyback. One wrong mistake in the game costs all the team members. It’s really intense.

    It’s also extremely hard to fight the bosses and minions. Think of Malistaire x Dragoon fights when it was just released. Now, multiply that by 50. It’s hard, you’d want to cry, especially since no one has figured out a proper strategy yet to defeat the bosses. From what I’ve seen thus far, they have 100% resistance, and the minions are just as strong. That’s why we make these articles to prep you. Depending on what tweaks they make, hopefully, it would be easier when it goes live, and we’d update accordingly.

    However, I do love the fact that KI has made such a challenging fight in the game. It’s been forever since we had this. It’s stimulating for the brain to come up with different strategies for these guilds

    Unlocking Guild Doors

    Before we use cantrips to unlock the gates, we need to charge them with Azoth. Azoth is a very old form of magic. Before the spiral existed along with the different schools, everyone used something called Azoth. We can find these treasure cards from vendors such as Lloyd Fallingwater, and it also drops when defeating bosses. We then use those Tcs by donating to the house, until there is enough to begin to unlock the gates. We can find these locks by locating an item that’s in shape of an X, here, you’d find out which tcs you need to unlock it.

    Remember, whatever you donate to the Guild house remains there permanently, you won’t be able to reclaim it.

    Spell needed to open battle gates


    There is a battle gate in your guild that you and your team members can access. This gives the 12 members unique access to special battles throughout the spiral. Each battle has a different key to craft. Remember that I mentioned cantrips earlier? Everyone has to use cantrips to charge the battle gate after they unlock it with Azoths. This would give the team access to the battle, and that’s when the real challenge begins.

    These are the gates in which you have to charge, the unlock

    As we learn more about guilds, we shall continue to update our articles to make it easier for you to understand.

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