Synthonium & Old One Artifacts Farming Guide

In this article, I’m going to show you where you can farm for the most sought-after reagents in Lemuria, especially if you decide to do crafting. These are Synthonium and Old One Artifacts.

Old One Artifacts

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Old One Artifacts

Let’s start with the easiest reagent to find, which is Old One Artifacts. When I first entered Lemuria, I saw these all over and just picked them up, because why not? I pick up every reagent even if I may not need it. My logic is that “you may need it someday in the future, so pick it up”.

Ursai Village

First up we have Ursai Village. The Old One Artifacts are all around this area. It won’t be at one spot constantly. If you aren’t seeing it in the area, just switch realms until you find one. The reason for this may be because someone else has already taken it and it hasn’t respawned yet. Additionally, you can continuously do this until you pick up this reagent in every realm.

Old One Artifacts


Old One Artifacts

Around this area in the wildlands is where you can farm for the Old One Artifacts. Be careful if you get pulled into a fight. It’s very easy for these things to happen when there are mobs around.

Night Forest

This area in the Night Forest is a little tricky to find as it’s such a big area. This area is next to the Doctor Witch. You then go up the hill, which is opposite the tombstones. It’s your personal choice, but I won’t recommend this area for farming a reagent as it’s so huge. It would be extremely time-consuming. Especially when you have to switch realms, because as I mentioned earlier, the reagents don’t remain in the same spot. You’re lucky to find two of the Old One Artifacts in one area. Sometimes even, you’d get two reagents when you pick up one.


Sadly, you can’t acquire Synthonium as easily as the Old One Artifacts. You have to farm for this the old-fashioned way. Which I must admit, can be a pain at times. But if you want to craft the Demiurge Gear, you need those synthoniums.
I only noticed synthonium dropping when I got to Sky City because that was around the time I genuinely started to enjoy the world. However, it drops from a lot of mobs and bosses. I’m going to name a few here so you can check it out.

The Bazaar

Old One Artifacts

Firstly, we can get synthonium in the bazaar. This is the easiest and also hardest way to farm for this reagent. The reason being is that it sells out quickly. I consider synthonium on the same level as Squid Ink. A pain to acquire. However, you can search on discord servers such as Gamma Trading Post (GTP) and other similar Wizard101 trading servers to find out if anyone is selling them.

I’m not sure how much they’d be sold for, as it doesn’t have a set price. Just be careful of anyone scamming you of your empowers by charging you too much. I won’t pay more than 10 empowers for one in my opinion.

The Heap

This is a popular area many people are farming to find Synthonium. It’s a side quest. Find Putty in the Heap, and collect this quest from him.

Old One Artifacts

The area you’d be entering is the command center. Please don’t farm this area solo. It’s going to take very long and it would be hell. Literally! These mobs spam shields and weaknesses a lot during the fight. So make sure you find a team for this. You would just need to farm the first two mobs, so don’t click team-up. A lot of people need synthonium right now, so it won’t be an issue finding players to help out.

You’re basically going to be fighting Power Rangers here with these two mobs. I’m not even joking. And I love that Wizard101 constantly references pop culture into their game. The names are literally things such as Pink Power Grazer and Green Power Borg. You get the quest from someone named Putty, which is a reference to fighting the putties from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It’s a bit of a switcharoo in this scenario because you are entering the Command Centre to fight them. However, the Zords look way too modernized. They give me more of a Power Rangers Dinofury vibes, as opposed to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

There’s also a chance of rank 19 mobs dropping this reagent. You’d also get it from farming the final boss. But trust me, you don’t want to be frustrated farming a final boss just for the chance of getting one reagent. The Comand Center is the best option.

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    1. I did not know this, thank you very much for this. I’d look into it and try farming some myself. Is the drop rate good?? Like with Couch Potatoes and Empowers?

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