Zeus Exalted Duel Drops & Cheats Guide

Zeus Exalted Duel is a one-shot dungeon that can be placed around inside of your castle. The dungeon is limited to four players each dungeon. The Zeus Exalted Duel is an outdoor-type housing item that can be traded with other players. This one-shot dungeon can only be purchased from the crown shop, retailed at 500 crowns, or it can be dropped by several enemies.

This Zeus Duel is Obtainable From:

  • Crown Shop (500 C)
  • The Jade Oni
  • Tse-tse Snaketail and Cloudburst Spiders
  • Both Hades and Zeus in Aquila
  • Morganthe, and other bosses…

Wizard101 Zeus exalted duel

Dungeons and bosses have made up Wizard101 since its launch in 2008, and ever since then, it’s been reinvented to keep the formula somewhat fresh. In July of 2012, this was changed when the Midnight Sun Pagoda launched, marking the first time Wizards could “bring the fight home” to their castles with a housing instance. Further down the line, we were blessed (or cursed) when the Zeus Exalted Duel was released in July 2015. It’s been 5 years since the initial launch, but maybe you’re just now preparing to try this fight. Or, maybe if you’re like me it’s been a while and you need to refresh your memory on the cheats. If you already have the one-shot Ultra Dungeon (yes that is the official name from Kingsisle, no one uses this name though) feel free to skip below. Otherwise, let’s talk about acquisition! :D 

Getting the fight

So like most things worth doing, you COULD just pop a tag in the crown shop and buy this for 500c. OR, you could farm it from bosses! I recommend Mirror Lake as the first source and then Jade Oni as the second. There are two bosses who drop more than the Jade Oni that is found in Mirror Lake. However you probably occasionally farm the Jade Oni just because it’s easy to replay and there’s a large pool of interesting drops.
Once you’ve acquired one (or found your friend who is sharing their gauntlet) place it in your house and gear up for battle!

The Fight

There are 2 consistent bosses, Zeus and Cronus. The other bosses Ares, Apollo, Poseidon, and Hades are all possible bosses that can fill the 2nd spot (Ares or Poseidon) or 3rd spot (Apollo or Hades). Depending on what enemies are around, the cheats will change too.


wizard101 zeus exalted
  • No Dispels OR ELSE: Zeus will cleanse it. (needs testing:, gnomes! Next time damage = second one removed) 
    • Possible workaround:
  • No Single Hits or negative charms OR ELSE: Zeus will cast a shift minotaur with base 310 myth damage that also stuns them.
    • Possible workaround: Single Hits that kill Zeus, using stun blocks before-hand
  • Must be killed first OR ELSE: Zeus will use his unique Earthquake-like spell every 2 rounds. 
    • Possible workaround: once other bosses die, be clever with how you place blades or rely on traps to increase damage output.
  • Use AOE Spells TO RECEIVE: Zeus casting healing current on the user.


wizard101 zeus exalted
  • No Traps OR ELSE: Ares will cheat cast Efreet for base 1,000 fire, which of course leaves a -90% damage charm
    • Possible workaround: Using Hammer of Thor can remove the -90% before the hit. Cleanse works as well, Wand hitting will trigger Zeus’s cheat if he’s still alive. Trapping is also fine if you’re the healer/tank since you won’t need to hit. Mass traps are fine and won’t trigger it.
  • Use AOE Spells TO RECEIVE: Ares using Dark Pact to blade the user


wizard101 zeus exalted
  • No Blades OR ELSE: Poseidon will cast a shift spell that deals 360 base storm damage and removes all blades, similar to enfeeble, on the RECEIVER. 
    • Possible workaround: Aegis will protect a blade from removal, but this can only be done once the next time your previous blades will be lacking protection. Additionally, any charms such as bladestorm will only affect the caster, not the whole team.
      (NEEDS TESTING: spears are ok *shrike?)
  • No Negative Charm on Poseidon OR ELSE He will remove them with cleanse charm (needs testing: indem (he didn’t do it?)
  • Must die before Zeus OR ELSE he will use his own version of tempest that grants him 4 pips every 2 rounds.
    • Possible workaround: with Zeus gone, you could dispel his cheat cast using storm’s Dissipate. 
  • Use Aura Spells OR Shadow transformation spells TO RECEIVE: Poseidon casting a Tower Shield on the user.


  • No Self Heals OR ELSE he will shift into a wraith for base 335 Death damage and add a 90% infection onto the caster.
    • Possible workaround: Heal other players for them, use a heal-all AOE, and don’t bring a pet who has a maycast heal (this triggers the cheat)
  • Must die before Zeus OR ELSE Hades will every two rounds drop 4 dots on one wizard. They go off one each turn and the order is 3, 2, 1, and then 1179 Base Death Damage.
  • Defeat another boss TO RECEIVE: Hades casting donate power on the person who defeated another. Note that this cheat applies to both the wizards and the bosses.


  • Must die first OR ELSE: Apollo will use a leviathan on the wizard who dealt the damage and then heal any bosses who were defeated every time.
  • Use an AOE Heal TO RECEIVE: Apollo using 40% Guiding Light on the wizard to boost their next outgoing heal.


  • No cheats have been noted for this boss.

Seems like a lot to take in? Don’t worry, there’s a very simplified way to approach this fight: use AOEs and check if either Ares or Poseidon is there to see which boosts are allowed. Aside from the triggered cheats I mention above, the bosses love to randomly attack out of turn. It will be a lot easier for both you and me to just not worry about that too much, if you’re hitting consistently you’ll beat them in no time. Be careful that Apollo dies first. One HUGE reason why this fight isn’t hard is that there’s 0 late penalties. This, coupled with the fact that all your drops are in a loot chest and unaffected by battle performance, means you and your team can flee and heal as they please.

Zeus exalted Drops

Now that we’ve talked PLENTY about the “how”, let’s discuss the ever-important “why”. Why would you bother with this fight?

Zeus Wands

There is an assortment of wands that can be collected from the Zeus Exalted Duel. A series of Zeus’s Immortals wands can be found in the chest at the end of the battle, and there is one for each of the schools.

wizard101 zeus exalted

Immortals’ Radiant Scepter

wizard101 zeus exalted

Immortals’ Frost Scepter

wizard101 zeus exalted

Immortals’ Havoc Scepter

wizard101 zeus exalted

Immortals’ Justice Scepter

wizard101 zeus exalted

Immortals’ Dread Scepter

wizard101 zeus exalted

Immortals’ Spirit Scepter

wizard101 zeus exalted

Immortals’ Enigmatic Scepter

There are two permanent mounts that you have a chance of picking up from the loot chest in this dungeon. You can either receive the Fire Whirlwind mount, or you can get the Life Whirlwind mount. Both of these mounts are single-person mounts and give a +40% speed boost

There is a chance that you might receive Zeus’s Harpy pet as loot after the fight is over. In fact, this is a Balance pet

wizard101 zeus exalted
Zeus harpy

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