Wizard101 Crash The Bandit Coot [ Guide ]

Dive into the challenge of defeating Crash the Bandit Coot, a formidable Rank 23 Boss in Wizard101’s Wallaru, Wobbegong Territory. This guide will equip you with strategies to tackle Crash’s unique cheats and maximize your efficiency in battle. With 15,485 health and mastery in Fire, Storm, and Balance, Crash presents a dynamic combat experience. Learn how to exploit his vulnerabilities, understand his powerful spell cheats like “Crickey, too many power-ups!” and “Crash Attack!”, and efficiently farm for top-tier amulets and Dream Water. Whether you’re aiming for a quick victory or farming valuable rewards, this guide is your key to success against Crash the Bandit Coot.

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Crash The Bandit Coot

NameCrash the Bandit Coot ( Side Boss )
LocationWallaru > Wobbegong Territory > Crash’s Cave
Required Quest To UnlockThe Crash of Us
DropsAmulets, Socket wrenches, and Sword pins
Crash the Bandit Coot

To find and engage Crash the Bandit Coot in Wizard101, players must follow a specific set of steps to unlock access to this challenging boss. Here’s how you can locate Crash and the side quest necessary to reach him:

To find and engage Crash the Bandit Coot in Wizard101, players must follow a specific set of steps to unlock access to this challenging boss. Here’s how you can locate Crash and the side quest necessary to reach him:

Locating Crash the Bandit Coot

  1. Start at Bong Resort: Your journey to find Crash begins in the Bong Resort area. This location serves as the starting point for the quest leading to Crash.
  2. Quest Pickup from Texia: On the left-hand side of a prominent building in Bong Resort (left when facing the front of the building), you will find a character named Texia. She will provide you with the initial quest that sets you on the path to Crash the Bandit Coot.
  3. Visit Jen Picket at Call Ranch: After receiving the quest from Texia, your next destination is the Call Ranch. Here, you need to speak with Jen Picket, who plays a crucial role in progressing the quest.
billabong resort
Lady Cortexia

Completing the Side Quest

  • Unlocking the Boss Dungeon: By following the instructions from Texia and Jen Picket, you will unlock the Boss Dungeon where Crash resides. This is a critical step, as it grants you access to the area where you can challenge Crash.

Battle Strategy

  1. One-Round Victory Focus: The primary goal is to defeat Crash in a single round, making the battle quick and efficient, especially for farming purposes.
  2. Use of Specific Spells: The strategy involves using a combination of high-damage spells and faints. Spells like “scald” and “incindiate”, although alternatives can be used depending on the player’s school and available spells.
  3. Team Composition and Roles:
    • Damage Dealers: Players, especially those from the Storm school, should prepare to deliver a powerful Area of Effect (AOE) attack. Storm’s high-damage spells are particularly effective due to Crash’s lower resistance to Storm.
    • Support Players: Other team members should focus on setting up the battlefield with faints and possibly other boosting spells to amplify the damage of the AOE attack.
Bandit Coot Farming

Execution of the Strategy:

  1. Initial Setup: Start the battle by building up pips and preparing for the AOE attack. Support players should apply faints and other damage-boosting spells to Crash.
  2. Timing the Attack: Coordinate with your team to unleash the AOE attack in the first round. This requires precise timing and understanding of each team member’s role.
  3. Adaptation to Battle Conditions: Be ready to adapt if the one-round strategy does not go as planned, possibly extending to a second round.

Crash The bandit Coot Drops

  1. Best-in-Slot Amulets: As of the lvl 170 update, Crash is known for dropping some of the best amulets in the game. These amulets are highly coveted for their powerful stats and abilities, making them essential for optimizing character builds.
  2. Dream Water: This is another significant drop from Crash. Dream Water is a valuable resource used for various in-game enhancements and crafting. Its importance in the game economy makes it a desirable item for players to collect to use for crafting the new dream reaver gear and the new jewels from bingo.
  3. Defeating Crash for 20 times gives you Crashed and Earned Badge which is required for crafting the new dream reaver gear and jewels.

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