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Looking for the New Wallaru Gear? The Wallaru update in “Wizard 101” introduces a significant expansion to the game, bringing new challenges and opportunities for players. This update is notable for increasing the maximum level cap to 170, thereby introducing level 170 gear as the new standard for high-level play.

New Dream Reaver Gear and Items

  • The update includes a variety of new gear types such as athames, amulets, rings, decks, jewels, and pins. However, certain items like hats, robes, boots, and wands are now available in the new Nightmare dungeon.
  • Unique gear pieces like the Dream Reaver gear set are a highlight, offering enhanced stats and abilities.

Crafting and Customization:

  • A new character named Bingo allows players to craft various gear pieces and jewels. Crafting requires specific badges obtained by defeating certain bosses.
  • The update emphasizes the importance of gathering reagents like Dreamstone and Dream Water for crafting.

Wizard101 Wallaru Gear

Wallaru Gear
Wallaru Gear
Wallaru Gear
Wallaru Gear

Key Bosses for Farming Wallaru Gear:

Freddy KroakerLocated in “The Dreaming” within Freddie’s Domain, dropping rings, Circle Jewels, Shield pins, and Dream Water.
Mr. MontgomeryDrops decks with Circle sockets and Square Jewels, particularly Health jewels.
Invading Fleets FightA unique combat experience blending elements from “Pirate 101,” dropping athames, triangle and tear socket Jewels, and power pins.
Crash the Bandit CootA side quest boss who drops amulets, socket wrenches, and sword pins.

Rings, Circle Jewels, Shield pins, Dream Water ( Freddy )

Wallaru Gear
NameFreddy Kroaker
LocationWallaru > The Dreaming > Freddie’s Domain
DropsRings, Circle Jewels, Shield pins
Freddy Kroaker

2 Rounds Strategy to Defeat Freddy Kroaker ( Full Strategy & Cheats Guide Here )

 Defeat Freddy Kroaker

Strategy Overview:

  • The goal is to apply as many faints as possible to Freddy within the first two rounds.
  • Each player will receive a dispel specific to their school (e.g., a Death player will get a Death dispel).
  • The strategy involves working around these dispels to quickly defeat Freddy.

Round-by-Round Breakdown:

  • Round One:
    • Balance and Life wizards focus on applying faints to Freddy.
    • Players receive a school-specific dispel. For example, a Death player should focus on blades instead of Death spells due to the dispel.
    • The Storm player in the team may choose to cast a Storm spell to remove their dispel.
    • It’s important for other team members to have Cleanse Charm in case of negative effects like weaknesses.
  • Round Two:
    • Freddy performs various spells, including Zeus, which can benefit a Storm hitter.
    • Freddy’s actions may include applying weaknesses, hence the importance of having Cleanse Charm or Dark Pact to remove multiple weaknesses.
    • The Storm player then executes their hit.
the dreaming map

Decks with Circle sockets and Square Jewels ( Dropped from Mr. Montgomery )

Mr. Montgomery
NameMr. Montgomery ( More Details about him here )
LocationNovus > Doom Moon > Engineering
DropsDecks with Circle sockets, Power Pins, and Square Jewels particularly Health jewels.
Mr. Montgomery

Efficient Mr. Montgomery Dungeon Farming

Mr. Montgomery Dungeon Farming

Bypassing Initial Fights:

  • Begin by employing a strategy to skip the initial fights in the dungeon. This is known as ‘cheesing’ the dungeon.
  • Execution: Have one team member engage an enemy while the rest of the team circumvents the remaining enemies. This allows the team to directly approach Mr. Montgomery without additional combat.
  • Note on Consistency: Be aware that this method might not always work due to occasional bugs in the game. Sometimes, players might still get pulled into combat even when attempting to avoid it.

Saving Time for Badge Completion:

  • Since the badge completion is tied to defeating Mr. Montgomery and not to finish the entire dungeon, skipping the initial fights is a time-efficient approach.
  • This strategy is particularly beneficial for players who are farming the boss repeatedly or on multiple characters.

Current Strategy for Quick Defeat:

  • Post-nerf, Mr. Montgomery can typically be defeated in one round, drastically simplifying the battle.
  • Recommended Approach: Use strategies like SC and Sind for a swift victory. If certain spells or items (like the Decathlon deck) are unavailable, extending the fight to two rounds is still efficient.
  • The main farming objectives are obtaining the badge and acquiring valuable drops such as decks, power pins, and Health Jewels.

Athames, Triangle and Tear socket Jewels, and Power pins. ( Invading Fleets )

Invading Fleets
NameInvading Fleets ( x4 Bosses )
LocationNovus > Doom Moon > Invading Fleets
DropsRings, Circle Jewels, Shield pins
ExtraFull guide and strategy here: Battle Invading Fleet [ Guide ]
Invading Fleets

Efficient Invading Fleets Dungeon Farming

invading Fleets Dungeon Farming
  1. Fight Mechanics: Depending on the player’s school, a hero appears and performs certain cheats. For example, Mandar has a Scion cheat that activates when certain conditions are met, like having four traps for a Scion.
  2. Doom Moon’s Role: The Doom Moon supports players by shooting a beam that destroys ships. Each school has specific conditions to activate its hero’s cheat, like four shields for Ice or two Damage Over Time (DOT) spells for Fire.
  3. Strategy Using Link: The strategy involves using the spell ‘Link’ because it puts a Hot (Heal Over Time) on the player and a DOT on the enemy. Meeting these conditions activates cheats for both Life and Fire schools.
  4. Maximizing the Doom Moon’s Effect:
    • By setting up conditions for multiple schools at the same time, players can trigger several beams from the Doom Moon in a single round.
    • Stun blocks and elemental traps to activate multiple cheats at once.
    • This is a key part of the strategy to quickly deal with enemies.
  5. Mandar (Scion Cheat):
    • Activates when you meet the condition of having four traps. This triggers the Doom Moon to deal significant damage to all enemies.
    • Ice School:
      • Requires having four shields to activate its cheat.
    • Fire School:
      • The cheat is activated by having two Damage Over Time (DOT) spells.
    • Storm School:
      • Requires four blades to activate its cheat.
    • Death School:
      • Activates its cheat when there are four negative charms.
    • Life School:
      • The cheat is triggered by having two Heal Over Time (HOT) spells.
    • Balance School:
      • Has a more flexible condition, requiring a combination of conditions. It can be activated by having two to three blades and two to three traps, or two to three shields and two to three traps.
  6. These cheats are tied to the Doom Moon’s actions in the fight. Each school’s hero, when their specific conditions are met, will trigger the Doom Moon to perform an action that aids the player, such as dealing damage to enemies. The strategy involves setting up these conditions to maximize the effectiveness of the Doom Moon’s attacks and efficiently complete the fight.

Amulets, Socket wrenches, and Sword pins. ( Crash the Bandit Coot )

Crash the Bandit Coot
NameCrash the Bandit Coot ( Side Boss )
LocationWallaru > Wobbegong Territory > Crash’s Cave
Required Quest To UnlockThe Crash of Us
DropsAmulets, Socket wrenches, and Sword pins
ExtraFull Guide on Crash the bandit coot is here
Crash the Bandit Coot

To Fight Crash you have to complete the side quest called The Crash of US Which you can get from Lady Cortexia in Billabong Resort below is a screenshot of her and her location in Billabong Resort.

billabong resort
Lady Cortexia

Efficient Crash the Bandit Coot Farming

Bandit Coot Farming

The primary goal in the Crash the Bandicoup fight is to aim for a one-round victory. This approach hinges on maximizing your team’s damage output to defeat Crash swiftly. However, it’s important to note that sometimes the fight may extend to two rounds due to various factors like player stats or in-game dynamics.

2. The Scald and Cindia Strategy: One of the most effective strategies involves a combination of specific spells and tactics:

  • Key Components: Utilize mass faint, a potent Backdraft, and the spells Scald and Cindia.
  • Flexibility in Spell Choice: You can replace the potent Backdraft with a regular faint or even a blade, as Scald and Cindia are powerful enough to compensate.
  • Adaptability: Feel free to adjust this strategy based on your team’s composition and individual player strengths.

3. Alternative Strategy for Team-Ups: In scenarios where you’re teaming up with players you may not know, a different approach is often more effective:

  • Triple Faints and AOE: Use three faints (mass faint, TC faint, or an item card faint) followed by an Area of Effect (AOE) spell.
  • Class-Specific Focus: This strategy can be tailored for Storm or Fire players, leveraging their potent AOE spells.

4. Farming Efficiency: Farming Crash for Socket Wrenches and Dream Water is a significant aspect of this fight. A well-coordinated team is crucial, especially in team-up scenarios, to ensure efficient farming.

Challenge Mode and Future Content:

challenge mode
  • Challenge mode bosses offer greater difficulty but yield higher rewards, presenting seasoned players with tougher challenges.
  • The upcoming Nightmare Dungeon is anticipated to release additional gear pieces, further expanding the gear options available to players.

Enhanced Gear for Advanced Gameplay:

  • Level 170 gear is designed to be more powerful than previous gear sets, providing players with the necessary tools to tackle the tougher challenges introduced in the Wallaroo update.
  • This gear includes improved stats, potentially new abilities or enhancements, and better overall performance, which is crucial for high-level dungeons, boss fights, and PvP battles.
  • Gear Crafting Requires Badges and reagents like Dream Water and Dream Stone

Role of Bingo in Crafting:

  • Bingo allows players to craft any piece of new gear, including new and rare jewels like Pierce Jewels, damage jewels, and health jewels.
  • There is a badge lock on every recipe at Bingo, requiring players to defeat certain bosses multiple times to unlock these recipes.

The badges are earned by defeating certain characters in the game a specified number of times. The challenges include:

  • Does Have The Power > Defeating Mr Mont 10 times.
  • Freddie Player Won > Defeating Freddy 10 times.
  • Defeated The Whole Spiral > Defeating the fleet 15 times.
  • Crashed and Earned > Defeating crash 20 times.
  • For the Details Check Wallaru Badges Required for Crafting [Guide]
wallaru badges

Without these badges, players cannot proceed with crafting the gear at Bingo’s location.

Make sure to track your questing progress with our new Wallaru Quest Tree ( With Details! )

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