How to Easily Defeat Arcane Toad in Wizard101 [ Guide ]

Struggling with Arcane Toad? Embarking on the thrilling journey through the mystical lands of Wallaru, players often find themselves face-to-face with formidable foes, none more challenging than the notorious Arcane Toad. This enigmatic boss, appearing in Outback Ridge and Bunyip Warrens, has become a benchmark for skill and strategy among gamers. With its daunting health of 12,205, a unique blend of Moon and Storm schools, and an arsenal of cunning cheats, the Arcane Toad is a force to be reckoned with. But fear not, brave adventurers!

Our comprehensive guide is meticulously crafted to equip you with the essential strategies, tips, and insights needed to turn this daunting challenge into a triumphant victory. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, this guide will illuminate the path to not only surviving but mastering the encounter with the Arcane Toad. So, gather your wits, ready your spells, and join us as we delve into the art of conquering one of Wallaru’s most formidable adversaries.

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Arcane Toad Wiz101

Arcane Toad Cheats

  • Shadowy Onset: “Sweet dreams, wizard.” – As the battle commences and subsequently at the end of every third round, the Arcane Toad unleashes a Smoke Screen (Shadow) and bestows a ‘Nightmare Prone’ Stun Shield on a randomly chosen Wizard. This mark can be removed using Cleanse Ward.
  • Nightmare Assault: “One, two, here’s a nightmare for you!” – Each round concludes with the Arcane Toad targeting any Wizard marked with ‘Nightmare Prone’. The afflicted Wizard faces one of these spells:
    • Call of Khrulhu
    • Monster Mash (Tier 5)
    • Shift Grey Wolf
    • Winged Sorrow
Arcane Toad spells
  • Healing Backlash: “This better not be love conquering all!” – In response to any Healing Spell cast by a Wizard, the Arcane Toad counters with its version of Cleanse Ward. This action strips away all negative Wards from the caster, including the ‘Nightmare Prone’ mark.
Arcane Toad
Rank23 Boss
SchoolMoon & Storm
Resist24% to Fire, Ice,
Death, Balance, Myth &
54% to Storm
Boost 30% to Myth
LocationWallaru > Outback > Outback Ridge

Strategy to Defeat arcane toad

Arcane Toad battle

  • Deck Preparation: The player should pack any low pip heal spell and change their mastery pip to life. The deck should include two area-of-effect (AOE)[Target all] spells in case the player can’t kill the minion if they shield against the player’s school. There should also be a final kill shot with a shadow pip spell and possibly a faint, which can be used from the main board or the TC (Treasure Card) sideboard.
main deck
Main Deck
side deck
Tc Deck ( Side Deck )
  1. Treasure Cards (TCs): Extra heals should be packed in the TCs in case the player’s mind gets weakened more than twice. Weakness counters such as empower, power, or a dock pack should be included, depending on what the player has available. A TC faint for the boss and extra hits for low-damage schools are also recommended.
  2. Boss Resistances: The boss has 54% resistance to storm and about 20-30% resistance to other schools. The player in the video has 47% storm Pierce and decides not to use a prism convert because of the need to kill the boss quickly due to low health.
  3. Battle Strategy:
    • First Round: Heal to remove the cheat so that you can blade into the AOE. If you fizzle the heal, cast it again and use a weakness counter because you won’t do enough damage to kill the minions otherwise.
    • Dealing with the Boss: After dealing with the minions, you can faint then empower into the kill shot. However, the boss will still weaken your mind, so you need to heal yourself until it’s safe to kill. This is why carrying extra heals in the TC side is important.
    • Final Moves: The player notes that if the initial attack doesn’t kill the boss, they have an extra hit from the TC side, like Tempest. However, with a blade, they manage to do 12,000 damage, which is sufficient to end the fight.

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