Skeleton keys Farming guide (Wooden, Stone, Gold)

Skeleton Keys in Wizard101 are predominantly divided into three different categories. These categories are wooden keys, stone keys, and golden keys. Different keys are dropped by different mobs and bosses and these can be used to one time unlock skeleton dungeons. By unlock, we mean that one key can be used to fight in a dungeon once. As the key names suggest, different skeleton dungeons use different types of keys. There are dungeons that use a wooden key, dungeons that use a stone key, and dungeons that use a gold key. Fun fact, most of the dungeons you have to use keys to access actually have the same keys as drops from the boss! Speaking of drops the fact that we have to go out of our way and find keys to access these dungeons also generally means that these dungeons drop way better loot. And are you even a wizard if you do not love new and good loot?

Among other items, some of these dungeons drop stuff like spells, crown pets, crown wands, crown gear, and even crown mounts. Hence there is no wonder why skeleton bosses are farmed so much by players. Our guide here will give you an edge by giving you all there is to know about skeleton dungeons and skeleton keys. For your ease we will divide the subsequent information by the various keys, starting off with wooden keys. Although the names suggest rarity and otherwise an order wherein gold keys sound better than stone keys and stone keys sound better than wooden keys, however, this is not the case. Although rarer to obtain, some wooden key bosses actually drop better loot than comparative stone and gold key dungeons. It all depends on what the user is farming the dungeon for.

skeleton keys

Note- Only one key is required to access a skeleton key dungeon once. This means that if 4 wizards are teaming up to battle in a skeleton key dungeon, only one of them has to use their keys to start the fight not all of the wizards.

Some famous dungeons you must have heard of at least once in your play through the constantly evolving wizard storyline might include omen which is farmed for its mounts, cave of solitude which is farmed for the unique spell Catch of the Day which is exclusive for storm wizards and Aphrodite II which drops an assortment of good stuff. Without further ado, let’s start exploring these unique keys and dungeons.

Wooden Keys

Wooden skeleton keys drop from a number of sources around the wizard world. Firstly we will include the places where you can farm for wooden keys that are not skeleton dungeons. This is because such places are the ideal places to farm keys since they do not use up any of your keys in the first place and only drop new ones. Skeleton dungeons on the other hand which drop keys end up using your original keys which makes them places that are not ideal to collect a vast amount of keys. There is a high possibility you will end up spending your key and not getting one in return which thus diminished the number of your keys instead of increasing them. Here are the places you can farm to collect some wooden keys that you can thereby use to farm your favorite corresponding dungeon.

how to get skeleton keys in wizard101?

wooden skeleton key farming

One-Shot Dungeons: One-shot dungeons are special dungeons that have a rare drop in various fights. These housing items can be used from within a wizard’s house. Once placed, as the name suggests, a one-shot dungeon can only be used once. This means that once the fight is complete, the housing gauntlet turns into a trophy rather than remaining a battle sigil. There are only two one-shot gauntlets that drop wooden keys, these gauntlets are the Master Krokopatra one-shot gauntlet and the Master Rattlebones one-shot gauntlet.

Jade Palace (Boss- Jade Oni): The Jade Oni is the last boss in Mooshu and a strong rank ten boss. He is a normal quest line enemy and not a skeleton key boss making him good for farming wooden keys. Even though he may be a little hard to defeat for low-level wizards, the team-up sigil for the Jade Oni is always busy which means you won’t have much trouble finding a full team and farming him with them. This boss is located inside the Jade Palace in Mooshu.

Mirage, Aggrobah(Boss-Mimic): A really strong boss, most of wizard players have fought or at least heard of the Verboten Mimic. Located in Aggrobah, he is accessible from the Vault of the Verboten. He is a rank sixteen boss and shouldn’t be confused with the normal boss mimic. They are quite similar but the prime difference we need to keep in mind is that this is a normal quest line boss while the other is a gold key skeleton dungeon boss.  The second difference lies in their location and difficulty, the verboten is a rank eighteen boss while the normal mimic is a rank sixteen boss. Along with wooden keys, this boss drops a great variety of epic loot.

Krokotopia, Oasis (Boss-Ra): Located in the Oasis, Ra’s Reading Room. Ra is a wooden key boss. Hence, fighting him requires you to open his skeleton dungeon with a wooden key. When it comes to drops, Ra does drop wooden skeleton keys among other stuff.

Krokotopia, Oasis (Boss-Sapoti): Sapoti is the second wooden key boss located in the Oasis. He can be accessed from Sapoti’s Treasure Room in the Oasis. Similar to Ra, you will need a wooden key to fight him but he happens to drop wooden keys as drops upon defeat too. Thus giving you a chance to replenish your keys or obtain new ones if someone else is using their keys to access the dungeon.

Zafaria, Waterfront (Boss: Captain Hockins): Captain Hockins is a stone key skeleton dungeon boss. He actively has wooden keys as drops though. Located in Zafaria, he is accessible from Waterfront, through the waterfront stone key room. Due to being in Zafaria, this boss is a rank twelve enemy hence not too good of a wooden key farming boss unless you are also looking for other stuff that he drops and farming him.

Krampusgarten: Krampusgarten is accessible from the inside of the festive yuletide hall. This area is only open during the 12 days of holidays during Christmas making it a seasonal dungeon. The boss contained inside is called the Krampus and is available in three tiers, wooden, stone, and golden. Inside the festive yuletide hall, you can unlock whichever one of the three tiers you want by going to the related lock and unlocking it. However, it goes without saying that the Krampus you fight after unlocking the wooden key is weaker than the Krampus you fight in the stone area. Thus the strongest Krampus lies behind the golden skeleton key lock. All tiers of the Krampus happen to have a drop of the respective keys thus making it an indirect source for obtaining wooden keys.

Stone Keys

Stone skeleton keys are dropped throughout the Wizard101 universe from a variety of sources. Second, the places where you can farm for wooden keys that are not skeleton dungeons are included. This is because these places are the best places to farm keys because, in the first place, they do not use any of your keys and just drop new ones.

Stone key farming

Similar to Wooden keys there are many bosses who drop them like:

  • House of Scales (Boss: Bellosh)
  • House of Scales (Boss: Apep the Snaky One)
  • House of Scales (Boss: Ammit the Devourer)
  • Zafaria, Waterfront (Boss: Captain Hockins)
  • Sunken City, Wizard City (Boss: Simon the Sayer)
  • Krokotopia, Oasis (Boss: Ra)
  • Krokotopia, Oasis (Boss: Sapoti)
  • Krokotopia, Lower ZigZag (Boss: Moh’Lharz )

Other Sources

Winterland Pack (299 Crowns) – The Winterland pack has stone keys as one of its drops. Although the chances might not be as good, this pack is a source for wooden keys. The pack is subject to availability however since it is a seasonal pack and available at Christmas.

Locked Chests- Locked chests in Lower ZigZag (Krokotopia) offer a chance of rewarding the wizard with stone keys upon opening.

Gold Keys

Gold keys are very easy to get because they are dropped from many bosses around the spiral, unlike wooden and stone keys which are hard to get.

Gold key farming

Similar to Wooden and Stone keys there are many bosses who drop them like:

  • Sapoti in Krokotopia, Oasis
  • Captain Hockins in Zafaria, Waterfront
  • One-Shot Dungeons like Rattlebones exalted, Krokopatra exalted, and so on
  • And the most popular place is castle Darkmoor, you can get a lot of golden keys while farming there.

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