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This guide is meant to help and assist people struggling to defeat Dream Freddie. Dream Freddie is one of the four solo boss fights you will have to defeat in the Wallaru Questline, and to be more precise, Freddie is the last solo boss fight.

You can reach his fight by resting at a campfire inside the Wobbegong Territory, in Wallaru. Differently from the previous boss fights, where you had to defeat Dasein emotions, here the emotion “Confusion” is a minion of Dream Freddie.

Dream Freddie is a Sun and Storm boss, and his strength is without a doubt the insanely high damage output he can get from his spells. Of course, on the opposite, every boss has a weakness, and his weakness is his low health. Indeed, it’s not really going to be a problem for you to one-shot him, but let’s proceed carefully.

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Wiz101 Dream Freddie

  • Whenever he’s attacked by you, he’s going to cheat cast a -90% tower shield, which can be easily countered by either stealing it with Steal Ward or piercing it with Pierce or Shatter. And that’s almost all! Confusion is a unique type of enemy; he will either attack or heal a random combatant. It’s important to note that whenever Confusion attacks someone, his hits will always do 10% of the total HP of the attack target. Another point to note is that when Confusion attacks Freddie, he will not waste your precious feints or traps; his hits will just ignore them, so don’t be afraid to use those precious buffs!
  • To counter the Confusion state, Freddie will cast his influence on Confusion, preventing him from hitting Freddie again or healing you again. This cheat cast will occur every four rounds, starting from round four, meaning you have three rounds with a potential ally against Freddie!
  • Just like every other Dasein emotion, since Confusion is a Myth enemy, at the very beginning of the fight, he’s going to cheat cast Saga of Heroes (20% pierce and 20% crit myth bubble).
  • Defeating Dream Freddie is not an impossible challenge. With a little bit of planning and the right gear, this fight should be among the easiest solo battles in Wallaru. The fight is designed to be viable for solo players. Your best allies will be your most powerful buffs, such as feints and blades. I suggest starting with Feint before Blades to avoid a possible Leviathan from Freddie (which removes two blades on the target) or a possible Disarm (which removes one blade), since a Sharpened Blade is generally more effective than an Aegis one in PvE.
  • So, stack your feints, blades, and pips, and try to one-shot both enemies with an AoE at the same time! Of course, the number of buffs you’ll need depends on your school and stats. Remember that Freddie has a very low resistance to pierce (24% to all schools, except for storm at 54%), while Confusion might require a second hit (41% global resist and 71% to myth), so always bring backups!
  • Watch out for the shields: Confusion casts a -70% death and life shield, along with a -80% myth one, while Freddie uses a sun shield, reducing by 50% the next incoming storm, life, and fire spell damage. If you feel your pierce is low, or you prefer a defensive play, consider packing some Pierce or Shatter TCs.
dream freddie
Rank23 Boss
SchoolSun & Storm
Resist24% to all schools & 54% to Storm
Boost 30% to Myth
LocationWallaru > Wobbegong Territory > Freddie’s Dreamscape

Wizard101 Confusion

Rank23 Boss
Resist41% to all schools & 71% to Myth
Boost 30% to Storm
LocationWallaru > Wobbegong Territory > Freddie’s Dreamscape
  • Remember, Freddie, like other versions of himself, has high pierce. Countering this might involve Warding against the storm, although not every hit he uses is from the storm school. He is likely to use Sun versions of Storm and Fire spells, and boosting resistance against Moon, Sun, or Star hits is not allowed.
  • In this fight, don’t worry about weaknesses and plagues, as neither Freddie nor Confusion can cast weaknesses on you.
  • Unfortunately, Dream Freddie is not known for valuable drops, so my suggestion would be to move on as soon as you defeat him in the main quest line.

Detailed breakdown of the strategy to defeat Dream Freddie

Dream Freddie
  1. Initial Setup: Focus on stacking powerful buffs like feints and blades. Start with feints to avoid Freddie’s blade-removing spells.
  2. Managing Shields: Be ready to counter Dream Freddie’s -90% tower shield with Steal Ward, Pierce, or Shatter.
  3. Handling Confusion: Utilize Confusion’s random behavior to your advantage. Remember that Confusion’s attacks on Freddie won’t waste your traps.
  4. Timing Your Attack: Plan to launch a powerful AoE attack to simultaneously take down both Freddie and Confusion. The timing is crucial, especially considering Freddie’s influence on Confusion every 4 rounds.
  5. Piercing and Resistance: Freddie has low resistance to most schools, making him vulnerable to direct attacks. However, be mindful of Confusion’s higher resistance and prepare accordingly.
  6. Defensive Measures: If your pierce is low or you prefer a defensive strategy, consider including Pierce or Shatter in your deck.
  7. Avoiding Overkill: Since Dream Freddie reportedly doesn’t have significant drops, focus on efficiently completing the fight rather than maximizing loot.

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