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In the game, there is a quest called “Mad Maxine” which is given by a character named Maxine Rockhoppierre. This quest is located near the entrance of La Ville Rose and is the 83rd quest in Novus Main Quest Line.

mad maxine quest

The goals of this quest include going to Maxine’s office, defeating Maxine Rockhoppierre (who is a Rank 22 Boss with 14,595 health and is classified as a Penguin), talking to the Valet, using the Frame of Mind, and talking to a character named Dasein in the Nucleus Gallery.

Once all of these goals have been completed, the quest can be handed to Dasein. This quest is a storyline quest in the game. Maxine Rockhoppierre is the boss the drops the Aeon or masterpiece gear. Her drops are universal, meaning she can drop any school Athame. She is known for having minions and the ability to respawn a copy of herself, making her a tough opponent to defeat. Furthermore, she is a boss with major cheat abilities and is encountered before the final boss. Players can explore and interact with Maxine Rockhoppierre during the Mad Maxine quest.

Wizard101 Maxine Rockhoppierre

  • Rank: 22 Boss
  • Health: 14,595
  • School: Shadow & Death
  • Location: La Ville Rose – Maxine’s Office
Maxine Rockhoppierre location

Maxine Rockhoppierre Cheats

Mad Maxine is a formidable opponent in the game due to her ability to respawn a copy of herself and her use of minions. This makes her a tough opponent to defeat and requires a specific strategy to defeat her successfully. Fortunately, Mad Maxine has multiple cheats that can be exploited in order to make the battle easier.

One of Mad Maxine’s cheats is “Dasein protects me!”, which allows her to cast an Invulnerability spell on herself at the start of the first round. This spell, called Brace, gives her 200% protection against incoming attacks, making her even harder to defeat.

Once all of the minions have been defeated, Mad Maxine will use her cheat “Vive la revolution!” to cast a Shadow Spell that summons a new minion, Aberrant Maxine. This additional opponent can make the battle even more difficult, but with careful strategy and powerful attacks, it is still possible to emerge victorious.

In addition to summoning Aberrant Maxine, Mad Maxine will also use a version of the Frenzy spell on herself every four rounds. This spell increases her attack power, making her even more dangerous. Overall, Mad Maxine is a tough opponent due to her ability to respawn and her use of minions. However, with the right strategy and careful exploitation of her cheats, it is possible to defeat her and emerge victorious.

Strategy to Defeat Maxine Rockhoppierre in 3 Rounds

Maxine Rockhoppierre battle

Defeating Mad Maxine in three rounds requires careful strategy and the use of specific tactics. One effective way to work around her cheats and emerge victorious is to use a team consisting of two or three hitters and one tank.

This allows for a balanced approach that can effectively deal with Mad Maxine’s minions and cheats. To ensure success, each wizard should have a deck with seven cards in order to pull the right cards at the right time.

During the first round, the two hitters should focus on defeating Mad Maxine’s minions, using their strongest attacks. This will allow the tank to buff the hitter of choice while the rest of the team builds up their frenzy.

Once Aberrant Maxine has spawned, the main hitter who has not used their pips should use a powerful area of effect (AOE) attack to take out both Mad Maxine and Aberrant Maxine at the same time. The other hitters should follow up with their own attacks to ensure that both bosses are defeated.

Defeating Mad Maxine in the game is a challenging task, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

One of the most sought-after items that Mad Maxine drops is Aeon gear, which is considered to be the best gear with offensive stats in the game.

This gear can be dropped or crafted using Tier 2 gear, and is highly prized by players for its powerful stats and abilities. One specific piece of Aeon gear that Mad Maxine drops is the Athame, which offer significant improvements over the already formidable Merciless gear.

In addition to these improvements, the Aeon Athame also offer the option for sockets, which can be used to further enhance the player’s abilities. These sockets include Sword Socket Sword, Power Socket Power, and Sword Socket Sword, each of which offers unique benefits and can be customized to fit the player’s specific needs and playstyle. She also has the option to drop jewels which can also be socketed to increase wizards stats.

In conclusion, Mad Maxine is a formidable opponent in the game due to her ability to respawn a copy of herself and her use of minions. To defeat her successfully, players must carefully plan their strategy and exploit her cheats, such as her Invulnerability spell and the summoning of Aberrant Maxine.

A well-balanced team consisting of two or three hitters and one tank can be effective in overcoming these challenges and emerging victorious. The rewards for defeating Mad Maxine are significant, as she drops valuable Aeon gear, including the Athame which offer significant improvements over Merciless gear and the option for sockets to further customize the player’s abilities. With careful planning and execution, players can overcome the challenges posed by Mad Maxine and emerge victorious in Novus.




  1. I’ve been farming Maxine Rockhoppierre for days now she is supposed to drop Aeon boots but instead I’ve been getting Aeon athames. why is this? is some other boss dropping boots now? I don’t wand to waste my time farming for boots if its the wrong boss?

    1. Rententen drops – boots
      Maxine drops – anthame
      Don Manzana – deck
      Dasein Duelist drops – ring/amulet
      Manticore Madness – hat/robe/wand

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