Best Energy Gear Guide (Lvl 130+)

Having additional energy on your wizard is extremely helpful for speed training pets and bulk gardening. In this guide, we’ll be going through the best energy gear in the game (and include some alternative budget items too). As a level 130+ wizard, you’ll easily be able to get an energy build of at least 200+ energy and cap out at about 300 – over twice your base energy!

Best Energy Gear Sets in the Game

So let’s start off with the current best energy gear sets in the game (for level 130 wizards and up). There are 3 main sets that provide +82 energy to your base: the Alpine Hunter Set, Light Elf Set, and Pet Trainer Set.

Alpine Hunter Gear

The Alpine Hunter set can be obtained in the Yule Logger Pack for 299 crowns in the crowns shop. Keep in mind that the Yule Logger Pack is a holiday pack and only comes back during the winter holidays.

Light Elf Gear

The Light Elf set is another energy gear set that is on par with the alpine hunter set. It gives an additional 82 energy and can be found in the Elven Nightmare Pack in the crowns shop for 299 crowns. This pack only comes back during Halloween so keep a look out for when they come back in the shop!

Pet Trainer Gear

The final set with the best energy in the game is the Pet Trainer Set. This set can be found in the Pet Trainer Bundle at GameStop for $29 USD.

Other Great Energy Gear Alternatives

Snowdrifter’s Gear

The Snowdrifter’s set is an alternative and a very close second best energy set in the game. It gives an additional 79 energy and can be found in the Gingerbread Pack in the crowns shop for 299 crowns. This pack is also a seasonal pack and only appears during the winter holidays.

Greenwarden’s Energetic Gear

The Greenwarden’s Energetic set is also a good alternative for any wizard level 100 and above and can be found in the Wyvern’s Hoard Pack. Although the pack is currently retired, it occasionally comes back to the crowns shop for 399 so make sure to keep a look out!

If you don’t want to wait for the Wyvern’s Hoard Pack to return or if you’re looking for a budget friendly alternative, you can farm for the Greenwarden set by completing the Spiral Gauntlet – which drops all of the Wyvern’s Hoard Pack items. NOTE: You will need to complete the highest tier (Tier 5) instance for a chance to receive the max level greenwarden set. Time to get a few friends to start farming away!


Pixie’s Enchanted Gear

The Pixie’s Enchanted Set can be obtained from opening the Hoard of the Hydra Pack in the crowns shop for 399 crowns. This pack is currently in the crowns shop and is probably the easiest way to obtain energy (given that you have crowns to spare).

If you’re on a budget and are free to farm, you can try your luck by farming the Grand Tourney Gauntlet which drops all of the hoard of the hydra pack items. NOTE: You will need to farm the highest tier (Tier 5) dungeon in order to receive the level 100 gear set.


Energy Athames and Rings

Athames and rings are also another great way to gain a small amount of energy. The best rings and athames that give energy are the Aphrodite athames and rings that can be obtained by defeating Aphrodite II – the gold skeleton key boss from Darkmoor, the Graveyard. Each time you and your team defeat Aphrodite II, you will have access to a gold chance which gives you a chance to obtain the Aphrodite athame, ring, or wand. Make sure you bring your A Team to the battle because this boss is very difficult! NOTE: You don’t need to worry about receiving the wrong school for drops because Aphrodite will drop either your school specific gear or universal gear.

Energy Wands

You have plenty of wands to choose from that give out energy as a max level wizard.

There is the Alpine Hunter Axe from the Yulelogger Pack in the crowns shop (299c)

You can also go for the Light Elf Sword and Shield from the Elven Nightmare Pack (299c).

If you’re on a budget, however, you can try farming or crafting wands with energy. You can farm for the Aphrodite wands from the gold skeleton boss in the graveyard (Darkmoor) which gives +10 energy. This is a great place to farm because you also have the chance at receiving the Aphrodite ring and amulets as well. On the other hand, if you’re a visionary crafter, you can also craft your school’s revered wands. The revered wands also give you additional fishing luck so make sure to put that to use if you plan on fishing!

Energy Pet Skills

Pets are probably the second best way to gain a lot of energy for your wizard – but in my opinion, the hardest to achieve. In order to get max energy stats for your pet, you’ll want to get the following skills: Energy (+5), Big Energy (+10), Huge Energy (+15), and Ultra Energy (+20) for a total of +50 energy. Even if your pet does not have all 4 skills, you can still obtain the skills through socketing an energy jewel onto your pet (shown below).

Training a max energy pet is pretty gruesome and costly so make sure you stock up on some gold to hatch with the pets in the kiosk! Alternatively, if you have a friend with a similar pet who is willing to hatch with you, you can hatch with them for half the amount of gold needed.

Other Helpful Articles

By following the above guide about energy gear, you’ll be sure to reach around 310 energy which will help you be more efficient with pet training, gardening, and fishing. For more guides on where to use this energy, you can check out the links below:

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  1. Annoying KI stopped updating wizard base energy stats at 130, were now at 150. Gardening, fishing, all activities are affected. #1 why is pet, gardening and fishing even linked?. Different activities. #2 why are we stuck at some low gold amount, when KI basically doubled the amount necessary for pet hatching. #3 why don’t they fix the pet kiosk pet bit available problem.

  2. Great guide! I am definitely looking to upgrade some of my energy gear, although I only have one wizard above level 130. Also worth mentioning is the Dapper Corgi which gives +8, and the tear jewels that give 1-5 more energy.

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