Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack, What’s Inside?

Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack

The Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack was released in the crown shop at the ending of May 2021. It costs 399 crowns and you get 7 items from this pack. You have a chance of acquiring a new 4 passenger streetcar mount, new pets, gear, housing items, and much more.

If you are unsure about the mount or what items you’d get in the pack, the Summer Scroll of Fortune gives a 7-day version of the Motorist Streetcar mount, as well as a Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack. However, you need to purchase the Scroll of Fortune to get the pack as a reward. These rewards are given in Tier 2 & 3, so you would not have a long waiting time to collect these items.

Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack

Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack Items

The Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack gear can be used at any level. It is advised to always open packs on the character you may want to use the gear on. If you just want it for the stitch, you can open it on any character. This gear has a clean look to it. It’s neatly put together. Users that love robes with capes might enjoy using this as a stitch. It’s a simple but elegant look.

The gear that the pack drops are the Autoist’s Gear, Motorist’s Gear, Traveler’s Gear, and Wrench Wands.


Autoist’s Goggles, Motorist’s Goggles, Traveler’s Goggles


Autoist’s Overcoat, Motorist’s Overcoat, Traveler’s Overcoat


Autoist’s Shoes, Motorist’s Shoes, Traveler’s Shoes


Autoist’s Wrench, Motorist’s Wrench, Traveler’s Wrench

Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack

This is a picture of one of the gear sets from the Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack. As seen above, the hat is in the shape of a new hairstyle. You can dye the hat, but since it’s in the form of a hat, you would not have the usual hair colours. This is actually one of the cleanest looks I’ve seen from a pack. It gives an entire Pilot/Dr. Who vibe, which would make sense as Marleybone is a British World as well as Dr. Who being a British Show.

Both the hats and robes give some decent stats for PVP. They both have pierce and good damage, two crucial aspects when setting up your gear for PVP. However, this gear does not have set bonuses. The wands are great for PVE as they give a lot of damage. Sadly, they have no maycast. KI does not seem to be giving any more wands that have maycast as of now.


Fire Blimp, Ice Blimp, Myth Blimp

Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack

These pets are unique and extremely cute. The ice version of this pet gives a +35 Balefrost Bubble as opposed to the usual +25 damage. Many wizards might train this pet to get the card. As all of these pets are first-generation, it would take a while to ultimately get one that has the stats you’re looking for.


Autoist’s Streetcar, Motorist’s Streetcar, Traveler’s Streetcar

What I love about the mount from this pack is that it’s a 4 passenger mount. Even though it’s only 40% speed, it’s one of the most unique mounts in-game. This mount shrinks you and your passengers down to a miniature size, while everyone around you is regular-sized. You can see all who’s onboard the bus.

This is a throwback to Alice in Wonderland with the shrinking, which was created by an English author. It slightly reminds me of the Knight Bus from Harry Potter, which again, is another British-based book/film. It’s only fitting that they take inspiration from pop culture which they do a lot in this game. Once you pay attention, you’d notice a lot of this throughout their worlds. They did a great job with the references.

Housing Items

Like the name suggests, the Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack drops Marleybone/British themed housing items. As this is a fairly new pack, not much information has been gathered on the housing items. Thus far, this is what we’ve taken note of:

  • Antique Cello
  • Brickstyle Wood Floor
  • Buried Bone
  • Dogs Playing Cards Painting
  • Fishbones
  • Framed Hairdini Playbill
  • High-backed Chair
  • Marleybonaphone
  • Marleybone Wood Panels
  • Oaken Wardrobe
  • Red Foodcart
  • Rock of Billy Clubs
  • Short Roof Tent
  • Small Smoke Stack
  • Square Clocktower
  • Statue of St Hubert
  • Steamer Trunk
  • Wall Sconce
  • Wooden Wall Clock
  • Wooden Water Tower
  • Yellow Foodcart

Pet Snacks and Reagents

The Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack does not drop any good pet snacks, but it does drop a few good reagents such as iron, scrap iron, and brass. These are some items wizards farm for 90% of the time. Getting these reagents in a pack isn’t the worst thing, as it is expensive in the bazaar and a bit difficult to acquire.

Treasure Cards

Sometimes I wonder if KI hates us with the TCs that they drop. The Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack is no different, and it showed that. Rarely we’d get good ones in a pack. You’d have to spend a lot of money or give up a piece of your soul farming to acquire rare Tcs on most occasions. Some of the TCs the pack drops are:


There are a few seeds the Marleybone Motorist Hoard Pack drop such as Ivy League, Trumpet Vine, Fiery Boom Shroom, and Cornbread Fruit Bush. However, the only one Wizards might keep is the Ivy League. Many people farm for this and plant them in bulk to get the items they drop.

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