Wizard101 How to Defeat Don Manzana in Novus (Bad Manzana Quest)

How to defeat Don Manzana in Wizard101 is described in this guide. Wizard101 recently introduced a new world called Novus to its current 16 worlds and ongoing four-world arc. The strange shards that erupted throughout multiple worlds in the spiral and were connected to one another by magic gates allowed Lemuria to live despite being entirely destroyed. Together, they created “Novus,” the New World.

Prior to going to Maulwurf Von Trap in Arcanum to locate your quest to start Novus and start your questing in this New World, you must complete the quest “The Next Thing.” before you enter Novus.

Bad Manzana Quest

Bad Manzana Quest

Don Manzana Wizard101

  • Don Manzana is a rank 22 boss
  • School: Life
  • Health: 17,510
  • Location: Puerto Nuovo – Governor’s Safehouse
  • Resist damage to Life School attacks
  • Boost damage to Death School attacks
Don Manzana Wizard101

After you finish the quest “The Aberrants Go Marching” after defeating Aberrant Valencians and talking to captain Argento. He will give you the next quest called “Bad Manzana“.

In this quest, you have to enter Governor’s Saferoom in Puerto Nuovo and face Don Manzana and his minion Monquistador.

In this fight, there are Don Manzana a rank 22 life boss, and Monquistador a rank 20 death minion with 3,635 health.

Don Manzana Wizard101

W101 Don Manzana


“Those spells are too rich for your blood” Don Manzana will cast a Moon Blessing that completely restores his health if you cast a spell on him that costs 4 Pip or more, even if it succeeds and defeats him.

W101 Don Manzana

“Ack, I can’t handle such low-grade tactics!” – There won’t be any repercussions if Don Manzana is the target of a spell with 3 pips or less.

How to defeat Don Manzana?

  • Making sure you start the combat first is the first thing you need to accomplish because Don Manzana has a 100% outgoing healing rate and enjoys healing is a must. You ought to take out one shot at him.
  • Then, you will need to kill his minion. Whether using a single hit or an aoe spell. After defeating the minion, shift your focus to the boss. Luckily, there are no cheats regarding blading or feinting/trapping the boss. So you can stack blades and traps to one shot Don Manzana using 3 pip spells and lower. Novus Spells count as 3 Pip spells.
  • The easiest and fastest way to kill him is to use Novus Attack Spells as they are considered 3 pips damage attack spells like Tree of Stripe, Improbable Gaze, Improbable Gaze, Deathly Depths, Glimpse of Infinity, Gravestorm, and Scales of Destiny.
  • You can also use your other 3 pips damage spells like Banshee, Cyclops, Storm shark, and other spells.
Novus spells
  • If you use any spells that are rank 4 and higher, the “Those spells are too rich for your blood” cheat will be activated regardless if you one-shot him, resulting in healing himself with full health.
  • Once you use the right rank of spells on him, the “Ack, I can’t handle such low-grade tactics!” cheat will be triggered, which won’t make Don Manzana heal himself with full health.
W101 Don Manzana

After defeating him you Talk to Princess Pesca in Puerto Nuovo. to start the next quest “The Leyline and the Unicorn” in Puerto Nuovo

You can track your questing in Novus from Our new Novus main quest line Guide

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