Great Sky Train Robbery Pack, What’s Inside?

The Great Sky Train Robbery Pack is a brand new 399 crowns hoard pack KI has released in the game which gives 7 spectacular items. It’s Ranch/Western-themed and you get the opportunity to collect amazing rewards from it. It even allows Wizards to craft the Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet with some of the reagents they receive from the pack, which are tickets.

Great Sky Train Robbery Pack Gear

This is convenient for wizards that do not want to spend $39 USD on the bundle, just to receive the Gauntlet.

Like many other hoard packs in the game, this one gives you treasure cards as well.

It even drops Spellments. Thus far, the Spellments that Wizards seem to be receiving are Dark Spite, Scrab, Blood Bat, and Fire Cat.

wizard101 great sky train robbery pack

As this is a completely new pack, more research would have to be done to ensure that other Spellments are dropped. However, it looks like the pack only contains level 1 Spellements. From our observation, it seems that there is one for every school. Therefore, we think it is safe to say that Thunder Snake, Frost Beetle, and Imp can also be found in this pack.

wizard101 great sky train robbery pack

The pack also drops three different gear sets that can be used at any level from 10 – 140+ which are the Cool Rancher’s Gear, Desert Wrangler’s Gear, Prairie Rambler’s Gear, and Frontier Knives.

These are:


Cool Rancher’s Hat, Desert Wrangler’s Hat, and Prairie Rambler’s Hat.


Cool Rancher’s Duster, Desert Wrangler’s Duster, and Prairie Rambler’s Duster.


Cool Rancher’s Boots, Desert Wrangler’s Boots, and Prairie Rambler’s Boots.


Rancher’s Frontier Knife, Rambler’s Frontier Knife, Wrangler’s Frontier Knife.

While the stats on them may not be decent, it is aesthetically pleasing to look at, especially the robes. It can be used as a stitch if anyone decides to go with the look.


3 different pets can be found in Great Sky Train Robbery Pack. These are Rambler’s Runner, Rancher’s Runner, Wrangler’s Runner.

wizard101 great sky train robbery pack


3 Armadillo Mounts are dropped, including perm ones. These are: Moseyin’ Armadillo, Ramblin’ Armadillo, and Trusty Armadillo

wizard101 great sky train robbery pack

Housing Items

Some of the housing items in the Great Sky Train Robbery Pack are:

  • Bottle Collection                                                     Pilgrim’s Campfire 
  • Card table                                                              Post          
  • Cactus                                                                     Ranch Fence
  • Church pew                                                            Ranch Gate
  • Cloth-covered country table                                Red Brick Fireplace
  • Cryptic wall torch                                                   Rugged Bunk
  • Decorative skull                                                      Stack of Barrels
  • Fish Drying Stand                                                   Steamer Trunk
  • Hanging Keyring                                                    Tribal Woven Rug
  • Horseshoes                                                             Wooden Outhouse

These items are gorgeous and can be used to create an entire Wild West-themed House.

Socket wrenches are also dropped from this pack, which is rare because these cannot be found in every pack. It’s an item that can be purchased for crowns, or farmed for. The pack seems to contain three different types of wrenches which are Artisan Socket Wrench, Master’s Socket Wrench, and Novice’s Socket Wrench.

Pet Snacks are also found in this pack.

Great Sky Robbery Gauntlet

As mentioned earlier, this gauntlet can also be crafted. You can purchase the recipe from Lloyd Fallingwater at 10,000 gold. Lloyd can be found in the Wizard City Shopping District.

wizard101 great sky train robbery pack

Transmute recipes are also sold by Lloyd in case you may be short of a reagent.

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