New! Grim Ferryman Pack

Grim Ferryman Pack

The new Grim Ferryman Pack was released in the crown shop on October 2021. Judging by the name and picture, you are right. It is indeed a Halloween themed pack. This means that this would only be available during the spooky season. Some of you may not have seen what’s in the pack, while many of you may have. This is because it was a reward given in the Scroll of Fortune. Let’s take a look at this pack and see what awesome items KI has given us.

What’s Inside the Grim Ferrymen Pack?

The Grim Ferryman Pack gives you three new gear sets as well as three Scythe weapons, new pets, mounts, and so much more. These three gears sets are Charon’s Gear, Haros’ Gear, and Stygian Gear. I also love the fact that you get set bonuses with the gear. It’s been a while since KI blessed us with that.

Set Bonus


Charon’s Mantle, Haro’s Mantle, Stygian Mantle


Charon’s Countenance, Haro’s Countenance, Stygian Countenance



Charon’s Scythe, Haros’ Scythe, Stygian Scythe



The mount is one of my favourite things in the Grim Ferryman Pack. I’m in love with the design. It reminds me so much of The Boat of Charon from Greek Mythology. For those who may not be familiar with Greek Mythology, the boat of Charon is a boat from the Underworld. It is used to ferry the dead across over the Rivers Styx and Acheron. However, the living may also be allowed to enter once they present one of the coins that come with the dead, as a form of payment to Charon. Some of the living that entered and made it out alive are Greek Gods you may be familiar with, such as Dionysus, Heracles, Hermes, and Odysseus.

One thing I absolutely love about KI is that they reference so many things from pop culture throughout the game. You have to give them credit for creativity. I also love the fact that this is a 3 person mount. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a Wiz veteran like many of you on here, but to my knowledge, this is the first 3 person mount KI has. It even gives you 1% universal damage. It may not be much, but it sure is helpful. You have a chance to acquire 3 Ferry mounts. These are Haros’ Ferry, Charon’s Ferry, and Stygian Ferry. Also, these aid towards your set bonuses as well!

Housing Items

There aren’t many interesting housing items in the Grim Ferryman Pack. Most of these items are basic ones that can be found in other packs, or in the bazaar. However, I do love the house guests. I won’t ever object to placing housing guests in packs. Some of these items that are found in the pack are:

  • Altar with Candles
  • Angled Gravemarker
  • Autumnal Stygian Tree
  • Bone
  • Broom
  • Carved Skull
  • Charon’s Fire Pit
  • Cobweb Rug
  • Creepy Corner Cobweb
  • Dark Stone Tower
  • Foul Cauldron
  • Ghoul
  • Gravedigger
  • Grim Bat Balloon
  • Grim Spider Balloon
  • Grim Tree
  • Halloween Mat
  • Jack-O-Rug
  • Krokotopian Mummy
  • Lit Furnace
  • Rattlebones’ Feet
  • Scarecrow
  • Spider Web Wallpaper
  • Spooky Spider Web
  • Stygian Leaves
  • Tall Pumpkin
  • Worn Shovel
  • Wraith

Reagents and Pet Snacks

The pet snacks and reagents in the Grim Ferryman Pack aren’t anything that can’t be found in the bazaar or at a vendor. However, I don’t see the issue with keeping them, especially the snacks. It can be sold for easy money on a rainy day. Reagents however should always be kept. You never know when you may need it. You don’t want to regret selling them and then needing them for a recipe in the future.

Treasure Cards and Seeds

The treasure cards are pretty basic as well, some of them can be used for pvp if you choose to. Thus far, I’ve only noticed the pack giving one seed. Which is, Evil Magma Peas. This is a pretty rare seed, you get mega snacks from it. I beg of you not to discard it if you get it from the pack. You’d feel sick to your stomach because it’s expensive in the crown shop and hard to farm for.

Overall, the pack does have some good items, but you need to be extremely lucky to acquire them. I hope KI eventually brings the mount to the crown shop, because I rather buy it there than waste crowns on a pack to only get 7-day or 1-day mounts. I do love how they made the hat to match the Rapturerider’s Skull as well as the set bonuses. The design of the gear is pretty cool too, but it really isn’t worth it in my opinion for level 140. I guess it’s basically like the saying goes, “you win some, you lose some”.

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