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On November 18th, developers released update notes showcasing that improvements were made to the Castle Tours function in W101. With these came more recipes (castle included), more decorating categories, and new badges!

New badges introduced include:

Castle Tourist (10 Ratings Given), Castle Auditor (100 Ratings Given), Castle Inspector (1000 Ratings Given), Master Decorator, Top Decorator, Crazy Decorator, and Dorm Decorator. The first three have to do with rating homes, though this process has gotten better as well! Now, you can feel more confident in the rank your homes receive, because in order to rate a castle, the wizard must tour both the inside and the outside. 

If you’ve ever wished you could go back to a certain castle you loved, now you have the ability. The addition of a favorites button allows you to save castles for later inspiration, or general exploration! This button can be located above Myrella’s Icon while on a castle tour. 

In the headquarters, you are now able to access a Recipe Shop as well. This new feature gives wizards the ability to place banks of many varieties, and world gates wherever desired within a castle. Talk about convenience! In addition, there are now invisible walls, floors, and stairs able to increase decorating/layout possibilities. These new features alone are great for home decorators all over the spiral. There is, however, one more feature that seals the deal on convenience. Now, wizards can craft NPC Babbage Basset, the Castle Magic vendor found in Regent Square in Marleybone. Not only is he a house guest, but you can purchase all your castle magic needs at home–with some new add-ons as well!

If you are new to Castle Tours, those notes may not have meant much, however, the simple guide below should get you caught up in no time!

A Beginner’s Walkthrough

To start the process, head over to The Commons in Wizard City. Between Merle Ambrose’s House and Prospector Zeke, there is a lit-up house called the Castle Tour Headquarters

wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours

Within the Castle Tours Headquarters, you will find three sisters: Eliza, Myrella, and Angelica Windspar. Eliza Windspar handles the in’s and out’s of Castle Games. By speaking to her, you can enter in different castle games that are being hosted by wizards all over! Because this feature relies on other players being online, your best bet is to try for this during the day. Some of these games allow you to polymorph and have a food fight! 

wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours

Buffet 25, Castle Game

Myrella Windspar handles the Castle Tours section. Any player can add a castle to be toured as long as it has at least 50 placed items. If you do decide to add a castle, you can assign it to the following categories:

Note: Certain descriptions are the exact same as in-game to avoid any confusion.

Decorated Castles are well-designed and well-kept beautiful homes.”

Magical Castles are filled with enchanted touches and mysterious details.”

Crazy Castles are unconventional homes filled with the unexpected.”

Maze Castles contain playable mazes which clever Wizards can solve.”

Seasonal Castles are just that, seasonal! Feel free to change up your decorations as the year changes. 

Collection Castles are decorated with collections of items that have a common theme.”

Dorm Castles are where your brilliant dorm rooms can be showcased!

Gauntlet Castles are any castle that contains a gauntlet. It is important to note that if even a single gauntlet is present in a home, it will automatically be placed in this category. 

If you find a home you love and would like to revisit it later, you can choose to favorite this castle by pressing a Favorite Button (heart-shaped icon) above Myrella’s icon while touring the castle. 

wizard101 Castle Tours

Angelica Windspar runs the Recipe Shop within the headquarters. She sells furniture and decorative items, as well as a brand new castle! In order to craft these recipes, you must have achieved Castle Inspector. This badge is unlocked after rating 1000 castles using Castle Tours. Don’t let this seem daunting, though! If you simply view 10 homes a day, you could have the badge in ~3 months! In the grand scheme of things .. having access to a bank wherever you are in your castle could be worth the effort. 

The castle sold is called the Castle Tours Apartment, and can be accessed in the empty house across from the Fairegrounds in The Commons. The apartment is an open-floor plan double level with a spacious backyard. This house is perfect for the aspiring gardener!

wizard101 Castle Tours

Bottom Level in the Castle Tours Apartment

wizard101 Castle Tours

Top Level in the Castle Tours Apartment

wizard101 Castle Tours

Backyard of the Castle Tours Apartment

Angelica Windspar’s Recipies

Babbage Basset
Bank Box
Bank Chest
Bank Lockbox
Bank Strongbox
Bank Trunk
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
Bank Vault
Castle Tours Apartment
Invisible Bridge
Long Invisible Floor
Medium Invisible Floor
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
Large Invisible Wall
Medium Invisible Wall
Small Invisible Stairs
Large Invisible Stairs
World Gate
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours
wizard101 Castle Tours

Castle Tours Awaits You

wizard101 Castle Tours

Top Rated Magical Sultan’s Palace Castle by Madeline Sun

If your house is the cat’s meow, definitely make a visit to these feline sisters. Let us know your ratings on our twitter! @wizard101_folio

Stay Safe & Happy Questing,

Megan Fireheart

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