Athena Battle Sight Crafting Guide

Now before you go in pursuit of adding Athena Battle Sight to your spell deck, An Introduction to Crafting Spells

Wizard101 Myth Spells

Crafting is one of the most important activities in the game currently, especially with Wizards being able to craft spells through it and with the introduction of Dragoon Gear. To craft spells, you must have completed all the crafting quests up to Zafaria. Keep in mind that you can teleport to all the vendors except for the Zafarian vendor, this means that you have to have completed the Wizard101 Main Storyline up to the quest “To Market, To Market”. This will unlock the crafting quest from Koyate Ghostmane “Drum a Little Drum” which you can complete for the Legendary Artisan badge. This particular guide is for the Athena Battle Sight spell.

Let’s Start:

Athena Battle Sight was a part of the Immortal’s Lore Pack released in August of 2016. The recipe for the spell can be found in Dun Scaith where Vendor Grady will sell it for 12,000 Gold after you have defeated the Indigo Giant residing there.

Athena Battle Sight
This is what you’ll hopefully be seeing soon after this guide

The Recipe

10 Athena Battle Sight Treasure Cards
120 Perfect Amethyst
60 Grendelweed
40 Turquoise
60 Scrap Iron
40 Sunstone
18 Amber

Athena Battle Sight
Image of the reagents required

Where to Find these Reagents??

Athena Battle Sight Treasure Cards:
The Treasure cards are definitely one of the harder parts of the recipe. The Big Three (Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus) drop the treasure cards in Tartarus. While Loremaster drops them in Dragonspyre. The Immortal’s Lore Pack also gives you the treasure card. In my opinion, farming Loremaster or spamming packs is the easier option as you have a slight chance of getting the permanent spell you want along with other spells and nice loot, and also because farming Tartarus is the less productive way. Getting all 10 treasure cards may take a while but don’t lose hope, it will all be worth it in the end.

Athena Battle Sight
A closer look at the required Treasure Card

Perfect Amethyst:
Definitely one of the easiest of the bunch. You can find these in the bazaar at low prices however it is rare to see them in a high amount. As such you can go to Celestia and talk to Archytas who will sell you the Perfect Amethysts for 100 gold each. All in all, it should cost you about 12,000 gold.

Athena Battle Sight

Ghost Fire:
Another easy reagent to acquire. These can also be found at the bazaar but it is better to just buy them off of Archytas in Celestia for 100 Gold each while you’re there for the Perfect Amethysts. In total these should you near 20,000.

Athena Battle Sight

Grendelweed is on the rarer side of the spectrum for these reagents. You can find these in the Bazaar however as all reagents, not all the time. These are also a rare drop from Frost Flowers and in my experience Helgrind Warren in Grizzleheim has a water area which is filled with Frost Flowers that you can use for transmuting the Grendelweed (Recipe given by Avery Templeton in Celestia Base Camp). Just keep changing realms and you should be good. On the other hand, if you’re a PvP enthusiast or just have a lot of tickets lying around you can BUY the Grendelweed from Diego over in Unicorn Way for 175 Arena Tickets.

Athena Battle Sight

Turquoise is quite common but not that much. I’ve found it often in the Bazaar. Keep in mind that it’s quite expensive though so you can expect to spend some gold. If you get unlucky with the Bazaar, silver chests in Azteca’s Zocalo drop Turquoise very often. Bosses like Acampi ReedFist, Admiral Dynt, and Baba Yaga do drop it however I would strongly recommend to just farm the Bazaar.

Athena Battle Sight

Scrap Iron:
Scrap Iron is easily found in Marleybone, just go to the Ironworks, CounterWeights or Big Ben and farm for it there. You can also check the Bazaar from time to time and if you have an Evil Magma Pea farm those also drop Scrap Iron often.

Athena Battle Sight

Sunstone is, in my opinion, the second hardest reagent in this list. For the avid gardeners here this should be a piece of cake as plants like King Parsley and Evil Magma Peas drop these a lot. For those who don’t garden, you can farm the Bazaar or the Silver Chests in the Chronoverge, Mirage. Again for the PvP enthusiasts, Diego sells these for 200 Arena Tickets each. Another way is farming the Aerobots in Empyrea. Or you can just ask a friend.

Athena Battle Sight

The hardest reagent on the list with no doubt. Amber is dropped by multiple bosses, most famous of which are Gladiator Dimachaerus in Mount Olympus, Cronus in Tartarus and The Sand Squid in Atlantea. Brandon Mistborn will you Amber for 5000 Tickets a piece. Plants like King Parsley and Queen Crepe Myrtle are known for dropping Amber sometimes while Ultra King Parsley has a high chance of dropping Amber at Elder Harvest. Your best bet is to just farm Gladiator or Cronus. You may even be able to find a team as I have encountered many people farming Amber in Team-Up at the bosses.

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Athena Battle Sight

One thing to note is that crafting a spell requires patience, especially one requiring such a high amount of Amber as that is unarguably the most tedious reagent unless you’re already stacked. The best way to acquire the treasure cards is to just farm Loremaster or buy packs or trade for them. By farming loremaster and packs, you have a chance of getting the actual Athena Battle Sight spell or any other spell for that matter without having to craft it, while trading for the treasure cards saves you a TON of time (believe me I know, I have 5 characters with crafted spells). For all the reagents that you have to farm the Bazaar for, after refreshing and sorting for the required reagents for a while, you’ll develop muscle memory and it should get easier. Again, Patience is NECESSARY.

Other than that, this guide should cover all your needs to craft Athena. Hope you liked it and found it informative. I would love to see feedback in the comments below.

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~Written By Muneeb Lone



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