Advanced Home Decorating

Since Castle Tours launched, there’s been an extra motivation for wizards to spruce up their homes and put them on display. With the addition of the Advanced Move section, creative possibilities are endless, allowing for more customization than ever! Let’s start Home Decorating

Getting Started

To make use of this feature, once in your castle, select a castle block, pet, or housing item you wish to move. Once you have clicked your object, select the yellow arrow to the right of the Move(K) icon. This will open up the Advanced Move section.

Wizard101 Home Decorating

When you enter into the menu, you have the option to view the window in a relative movement setting (top) or an absolute movement setting (bottom). These settings differ in that one describes basic positioning, whereas the other focuses on the object as it sits in a three-dimensional plane.

Wizard101 Home Decorating

Advanced Move Relative Movement Setting

Wizard101 Home Decorating

Advanced Move Absolute Movement Setting

Regardless of the setting you picked, the sensitivity of the movement (how far the object moves per unit raised/lowered of the bar) will get higher if the sensitivity bar is dropped to the bottom, and lower if kept near the top. When you reach the limit of travel for an object, you can always accept the new position, re-open the Advanced Move menu, and continue your placement of the object from the new position.

Using advanced move on wall-art is just as possible as other housing items–once placed on a proper starting surface. If you wish to use your wall pieces as general decorative items, you will first need to either place it on an existing functional wall, or create your own section. To make your own, simply place a wall section Castle Block from your inventory that fits the size of the item. From here, the process is the same as if you were moving a normal housing item! Below is an example of a painting that was transferred using Advanced Move to create a shrine to the Tartarus dungeon. 

Wizard101 Home Decorating

Using advanced movements allows you to take full advantage of castle blocks, letting you create rooms in areas of your castle(s) that were previously impossible! Below is an example of a small wooden-walled room that was installed in the Royal Playhouse castle.This house can be purchased in the Wizard City Furniture & Castle Shop for 15,000 Gold.  

Wizard101 Home Decorating

In addition to the Castle Blocks that are walls, you can also place roofs wherever you want! Below is an example of a Myth Tower Roof Castle Block being placed on a marble gazebo in the Myth House.

Wizard101 Home Decorating

Further Ideas

Wizard101 Home Decorating

Advanced movements can also help create more immersive effects with your housing items. One example of this is using the tool to move a Fantastic Voyage Expedition Gauntlet into a water source. Originally, this item is a ship-favoring sigil that can be placed on land if enough space is available. With the presence of advanced movements, you are now able to lower this sigil into the water and have the ship where it should be!

In addition, you can manipulate advanced movements to create more appealing scenery. This could involve lowering a statue into the ground to look built-in, clumping foliage to look more natural, or creating balconies/railings to give a more homey look. All of the following examples were created in the Myth House from the Crown Shop. This house can be purchased for 10,000 Crowns or 100,000 Gold. 

Wizard101 Home Decorating

Lowering of an Atlantea Grand Monument and Bunching of PathFinder Plant

Wizard101 Home Decorating

Creation of a Railing Using the Balustrade Castle Block

Advanced movements in housing (home decorating ) has been the catalyst for so many new possibilities of castle fun! Be sure to show us your creations on twitter by tagging @wizard101_folio ! 

Happy Questing!

Megan Fireheart

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