5 Ways To Get Free Spellements

What are Spellements?

Spellements are used for Spellwrighting in the game. It allows you to update your current card to a higher rank, or attain a completely new spell without training for it. This is highly convenient for wizards that may want spells from other schools, but do not want to use their training points behind the spell or use up their rare reagents to craft it. It’s also annoying to constantly be spending gold on these treasure cards.

Where to farm Spellements?

Skeleton Key Bosses

Since the new spring update, KI has released in April 2021, the game has undergone some great changes. Some Spellements can be farmed from New skeleton key boss and before it you were able to farm all skeleton key bosses for Spellements. However, it is not recommended to farm high-level worlds for Rank 1 Spellements. Especially since Gold Keys are a bit difficult to attain, and can be put to better use farming for gear or mounts.

Thankfully to KI’s new update, we have also received some additional key bosses. In our opinion, the best key boss to farm for Spellements is in Grizzleheim. This boss can be found in Savarstaad Pass, next to the waterfall. The name of the sigil is Skeleton Key – King Borr.

Wizard101 Spellements

There are three rooms inside this sigil; a stone, gold, and wooden key door.

Wizard101 Spellements

This dungeon was done during test realm. The recommended one to farm is the wooden key boss.

It is the same boss and minion in every dungeon. However, the wooden key one is the easiest to kill and they all have the same drops. Also, wooden keys are the easiest to obtain. You can get them from farming the Kraken in Wizard City – Triton Ave, and the Jade Oni boss in Mooshu. These are both low-rank bosses and are highly convenient for low-level wizards that do not have access to higher worlds. On the other hand, one must be at least level 20 to access Grizzleheim.

Wizard101 Spellements

Thus far, King Borr has proven to drop some high-level spells such as Ratatoskr Spin, Hammer of Thor, and Grendels Amends. These Spellements can even be transferred to other characters once they haven’t been used as yet.

Wizard101 Spellements

Spellements from Beastmoon Event

Winning matches in the Beastmoon event allows you to gain Spellments. You either get the recipe for crafting the Spellements or receive the Spellements directly. Once this recipe is acquired, you’d then need Moongold dust

Wizard101 Spellements

(acquired from the Beastmoon event), and a few of the idols. This can be acquired from the Beastmoon event rewards tab. This rewards tab also gives you Spellements. These items are also obtainable from farming the Beastmoon seeds.

Wizard101 Spellements

These seeds are bought from Actaeon in The Wizard City Arena. It’s purchased with Lunari which is rewarded from the Beastmoon events and the scroll of fortune. To craft this seed, you need to have the moonstone from that specific school. Doing a couple of runs of the hunt can give you these drops.

Scroll of Fortune

Wizard101 Spellements

The scroll of fortune Spellements is completely limited unless a scroll is purchased. The cost is quite expensive. It’s 15000 crowns for non-members and 7500 crowns for members.

You only receive 30 Spellements as one of the rewards when purchasing the scroll and 6 additional ones free. Even though it may take 35 Spellements to unlock a spell, this is sometimes not enough, as it isn’t guaranteed that you will get the same Spellements from the rewards. It is completely random.


Deluxe Spellement Pack

Wizard101 Spellements

For a limited only, KI has a special offer in game. For only $2 a month, you receive an exclusive deluxe spellement pack every 7 days. This allows wizards to stock up on spellements, and receive new ones as well.

Celestian Spellemental Pack

Wizard101 Spellements

This Spellement pack gives the chance of attaining 4 new celestial-themed spells. However, it is unlocked via Spellements. Meaning, you might have to purchase a couple to have enough Spellements to unlock this spell. Or, you could be lucky and receive multiple of the same Spellements in one pack.




Wizard101 Spellements

Loremaster is a unique boss that can be found in The Atheneum in Dragonspyre. She drops unique spells and can also drop Spellements. However, her drops of Krampus and Reindeer Knight are dropped only during the Christmas/December season.

Non-member wizards can purchase this area for 1200 crowns and still farm her whenever they want and reap the rewards.

The Drains

Wizard101 Spellements

This is an area that can be found in the Golem Court, Wizard City. Wizards unlock this area when they reach level 130. All the bosses in these dungeons drop Spellements that give you a chance to unlock two spells called Daybreaker and Nightbringer.


Wizard101 Spellements

Most bosses in Karamelle drops spellements. However, the Spellements that are dropped in this world are specifically from your own school. These allow you to upgrade your Karamelle spell and make it stronger. I’d recommend farming The Cavity Chamber. It’s the final dungeon/boss in Karamelle, and it drops quite a bit of Spellements. You also have a chance of acquiring Uber gear. So it’s a win-win basically.

To conclude, it would be easier to using training points behind rank 1 spells and farm for the ones that you cannot acquire from the school teachers. This saves both time and resources.

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