Heavenly Palace Bundle Overview

Wizards, the new Mooshu-inspired bundle is here. KingsIsle released on May 26th the new Heavenly Palace bundle, which can be purchased on the Gamestop page digitally. This new bundle includes 6 items for the price of $39 USD. This bundle comes with the Heavenly Palace, a majestic crane mount, tanuki pet, sky sorcerer outfit, sky sorcerer staff, and your choice of 1-month membership or 5000 crowns.

Heavenly Palace House

This house is very unique from other houses Wizard101 has released as it floats in the clouds, and by standing on the edge of this house you are able to see that you are indeed flying above Mooshu. This house has a classic red and black interior and exterior that includes your own PVP arena. As well as having secret passages incorporated throughout the palace.

Heavenly Palace Bundle
Heavenly Palace house

Majestic Crane Mount

This Mooshu-inspired crane mount is a very special mount dedicated to this bundle. As it stands still, it pecks its beak to the ground, and while in motion, the crane flies while occasionally bringing its feet back to the ground to kick for more speed. This mount is typical like any other mount, giving wizards a 40% speed boost.

Heavenly Palace Bundle
Heavenly Palace Bundle
Majestic Crane mount

Tanuki Pet

This pet is also a part of this bundle and a wonderful pet to add to your wizard’s pet tome as it gives a spell. The spell it gives is Hamadryad which heals for 800 health and removes 1 DOT on ALL FRIENDS. The standard pedigree of this pet is 67.

Heavenly Palace Bundle
Tanuki pet

Sky Sorcerer Outfit + Staff

The gear in this bundle comes with pretty average stats. With the max level gear, a wizard is able to get health, power pip chance, some accuracy, universal crit, damage, healing in + out, resistance, as well as a shadow pip boost. The set bonus of this whole bundle (which includes all 6 items received in this bundle) is as it goes…

  • 3+ items gives a boost of +225 health
  • 4+ items gives you a 3% incoming healing boost as well as 3% outgoing healing
  • 5+ items gives you a 5% piercing boost and a 20% stun resist

The max staff in this bundle comes with a maycast Guiding Armor spell which gives the caster a 35% outgoing healing boost as well as a shield that can absorb 500 damage.

Heavenly Palace Bundle
Female Sky Sorcerer Outfit + Staff

Thanks for reading our guide about the new Heavenly Palace bundle. Let us know if you have any questions down in the comments below and if you are planning on buying the bundle or not!

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  1. You guys are awesome I wanted to buy that bundle and I have been looking everywhere to see what’s inside first, thanks for this

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