Lemuria Difficulty, Questline, and Length

Welcome back, wizards! This is the second half of a comprehensive review of everything
there is to know about Lemuria, so be sure to check out the first half if you haven’t already. With that said, let’s get started

Lemuria Difficulty

With some worlds being so easy and some being killer hard, (I’m looking at you, Azteca) most wizards will naturally have the same question about Lemuria: where does it fall on the difficulty scale? It’s no fun if a world is too easy, but a long and hard world is the bane of
everybody’s existence. The answer to this question will, of course, be an opinion, but, seeing as I have finished Lemuria already, I will give my thoughts. In my opinion, Lemuria’s difficulty is
slightly above average.

It is not nearly as difficult nor long as Azteca or even Khrysalis, but it is no walk in the
park either. This is primarily because of the abundance of cheating bosses in Lemuria, which
make it nearly impossible to quest solo in this world. The enemies also have very high damage
and somewhat high health, so a team is highly recommended. Because the world came out
recently, it is recommended that you play it now while most people still have not finished it so
that it will be easiest to find a team.

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It should also be noted that an unusually high proportion of Lemuria foes like to stun you, so consider bringing Conviction in your deck for this world, especially against Myth enemies.
The scarcity of given stun blocks in PvE makes being stun spammed very difficult to get out of if you don’t have Conviction, especially in 4v4 fights where the enemies like to spam Choke,
Blinding Light, Storm Lord, Frost Giant, and more
. This is just a good thing to keep in the back
of your mind as you quest throughout Lemuria.


wizard101 lemuria

To comment on the final fight of Lemuria, there must be spoilers, so skip to the next paragraph if you wish to avoid them. The last fight of Lemuria is against 8 cheating bosses simultaneously, which can be difficult to beat if you don’t know the easy way to win: there’s no serious late cheat. All you really have to do is make sure one member of your team stays alive (like someone with very high resist on their gear) and flee and come back whenever you need infinitely. As far as has been seen, no serious late cheat exists in this fight, so that is an easy way to win. The fight itself is actually quite hard, especially because of the damage cap preventing you from one-shotting the enemies and the 8v4 mechanic allowing your spells to only hit up to 4 out of 8 foes per attack, but the ability to flee and come back infinitely does make it substantially more manageable. Of course, not all drops from these foes are yet known, so feel free to farm and see if you get something rare!

Questline and Length

To speak succinctly, Lemuria is a little longer than the other recently released worlds,
which is a bit of a breath of fresh air considering the wait for it. There is an abundance of quests waiting to be completed, ranging from collect quests to street enemies to bosses to cheating bosses and everything in between. The length of Lemuria might have made it feel like a bit of drag had it not been for the aforementioned beautiful aesthetic as you traverse the landscape of such a diverse and colorful world. It also helps that the world has an interesting story, keeping the player invested and engaged throughout. For this reason, it is not recommended to skip the dialogue on the first playthrough, though that is of course the player’s decision.

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Despite its length, it doesn’t actually feel that long when playing through it because it really does make for an enjoyable experience questing through Lemuria, which can’t fully be
said of some other worlds. Part of what contributes to the length is the aforementioned difficulty in Part 3, but, in my opinion, this is better than a world having long length because of an abundance of low-odds collect quests and asking the player to defeat the same street enemies in 3 or more separate quests. It’s also very nice that wizards receive the new Lemuria spells near the beginning of the world, which allows them to use these new spells against the various foes that come their way. As mentioned in the first half of this guide, some of the new spells are undoubtedly excellent for PvE, giving players powerful tools to destroy powerful foes. To sum up, Lemuria is a bit long, but its strengths turn its length into a positive by prolonging the experience of the world’s many great features.

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Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

Coming in as the 15th main quest world of the Spiral, Lemuria has a lot of competition,
but it honestly delivers a lot that some of the other worlds struggle with a bit. It is long but not
too long; it is difficult but not too difficult; the new spells are (for the most part) strong yet
balanced; the aesthetic is gorgeous; the gear is mostly subpar but contains a few hidden gems
worth searching for. These reasons and more make Lemuria worthy of a playthrough whenever
you have the time. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Telos and begin your adventure!

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