Karamelle Souveniers Pack. What’s Inside?

Karamelle Souveniers Pack

The Karamelle Souveniers Pack is the most recent Karamelle themed pack in the game. It was introduced in January 2021 in the crown shop for a total of 399 crowns and it gives 7 items. You have the chance of acquiring the Gummy Bunny Mount, the cool Licorice Whip wand you may be seeing a lot of wizards with in-game, as well as many other cool Karamelle themed items. Just like the world, it is a delicious pack with the candy items that you can receive.

Karamelle Souveniers Pack Gear

Like other pack gear, the Karamelle Souveniers gear can be used at any level. It is recommended to open these packs on the character you may want to use the gear on unless you just want it just for the stitch. The look is pretty basic, but the pack gives a great wand stitch.

The gear that the pack drops are the Casual Lederhosen Gear, Fancy Lederhosen Gear, Formal Lederhosen Gear, and Licorice Whip Weapons.


Casual Alpine Hat, Fancy Alpine Hat, Formal Alpine Hat


Casual Lederhosen, Fancy Lederhosen, Formal Lederhosen


Casual Bundschuhs, Fancy Bundschuhs, Formal Bundschuhs


Black Licorice Whip, Green Licorice Whip, Red Licorice Whip

The stats on the gear are not decent, but as mentioned above, the wand does make a great stitch. The clothing item, however, has you looking like one of Nana’s workers in the factory. The stitch is great if you prefer that look, otherwise, the outfit isn’t anything special.

Karamelle Souveniers Pack


Karamelle Souveniers Pack

Golden Apple Brudel, Green Apple Brudel, Red Apple Brudel

There are three different Apple Brudel Pets that can be found in the Karamelle Souveniers Pack which is also new and Karamelle themed. Their respective schools are Myth, Life, and Fire. The stats on these pets are nothing special, but they are adorable.


Casual Gummy Bunny, Fancy Gummy Bunny, Formal Gummy Bunny

The Gummy Bunny Mount comes in three different colours and matches the respective Karamelle Gear with the same name. These colours are Red, Green, and Yellow. As the name suggests, the mount is made entirely from gelatin. Try not to eat it when you equip it.

Housing Items

The Karamelle Souveniers Pack is filled with Karamelle themed items to decorate your house with. You can create an entire candy land with these items.

These drops are:

  • Candy Cane Book Stand
  • Cauldron
  • Gobbler King Painting
  • Gummy Bear
  • Karamelle Cavity Combat Theme
  • Karamelle City Combat Theme
  • Karamelle City Theme
  • Karamelle Desk
  • Karamelle Forest Combat Theme
  • Karamelle Forest Theme
  • Karamelle Jingle Theme
  • Karamelle Neglected Com Theme
  • Karamelle Neglected Theme
  • Nana Drum
  • Nana Rug
  • Nana Style Fountain
  • Nana’s Olde Fashioned Poster
  • No Eating Sign
  • Orson Painting
  • Parlor Chair
  • Parlor Table
  • Stack O Licorice
  • The Great Nana

Pet Snacks and Reagents

Like other packs, the Karamelle Souveniers one drops both pet snacks and reagents. These are common snacks and reagents that can be found all across the spiral when farming. They can even be purchased.

Treasure Cards

Karamelle Souverniers Pack Drop all the different schools of TCs that are needed to craft the Karamelle gear. These TCs are only found farming bosses in Karamelle and cannot be acquired from other worlds.


This Karamelle Souverniers Pack drops quite a few seeds, however, none of them are worth keeping. These seeds are:

  • Angora Bunny Ears
  • Blue Huckleberries
  • Cornbread Fruit Bush
  • Dandelion
  • Fiery Boom Shroom
  • Golden Couch Potatoes
  • Laugh-O-Dil
  • Pink Huckleberries
  • Red Couch Potatoes
  • Red Huckleberries
  • Trumpet Vine

While some of them may look cool, especially the Red and Golden Couch Potatoes, they are just going to pick up extra space in your bag. They do not give any worthwhile drops, nor any mega pet snacks. Even though some of them do drop some items such as Amber and Vine, there is a very rare chance you will get this drop. It is easier and less frustrating to farm for it.

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