Dragonspyre Quest Tree ( Summary & Details! )

Questing in higher worlds in wizard101 might be difficult and it takes too much time to finish a world, That’s why we made this Dragonspyre quest tree to help you see your progress, and find where are you at. and at which quest you are, How many quests are left until you finish the world?

Lost your main quest? no worries you can find it again in this Dragonspyre quest tree if you follow the quest tree here, Want to know if your quest has “defeat” or “defeat and collect?” how many bosses do you have to fight? how much exp do you get from each quest? you can find all that here.

In this Dragonspyre quest tree, we are going to mention the main quests only, the quests you have to finish in order to move to the next area or world, we are not going to mention side quests or the running between areas in order to complete a questGo to / enter places or areas quests will be mentioned as “Explore” quests

Wizard101 Dragonspyre Quest tree

1Bad BloodTalk + Explore + Boss + Talk + Explore + Talk Talk to Cyrus Drake / Explore / Defeat Cyrus Drake / Talk to Cyrus Drake / Explore / Talk to Cyrus Drake
2Crystal-MaticExplore + Talk Locate Portal to The Atheneum / Talk to Milos Bookwyrm
3Holger’s CrystalsUse + Talk Use Knowledge Crystal / Talk to Milos Bookwyrm

The Tower Archives

Dragonspyre Quest tree: The Tower Archives
4Stone Tower PilotExplore + Talk Go to The Tower Archives / Talk to Zarathax
5The Crystal TowersDefeat & Collect + Talk Defeat Loathsome Creepers and Collect Tower Key / Talk to Zarathax
6The Towering CrystalExplore + Use + Talk Explore / Use the Yellow Crystal / Talk to Zarathax
7Friend of My FriendTalk + Defeat + Talk + Explore + Talk Talk to Lidia Brightmoon / Defeat 4 Soldiers / Talk to Lidia Brightmoon / Go to her Desk / Talk to Zarathax
8Key to TrustExplore + Use + Talk Explore / Use Orange Crystal / Talk to Zarathax
9Wizard and CrystalBoss + Talk Defeat Petrov Gloomstrider / Talk to Zarathax
10The Last KeyUse + Talk Use the Green Crystal / Talk to Zarathax
11The Dragon’s ClawFind + Talk Find Dragon Claw Key / Talk to Zarathax
12Portal CombatExplore + Boss + Talk Explore / Defeat Zarathax / Talk to Milos Bookwyrm

Plaza of Conquests

Dragonspyre Quest tree: Plaza of Conquests
13WarkeeperTalk Talk to Laszlo Starblade
14General RecommendationTalk Talk to Zanna Fireflower
15Battle OnBoss + Talk Defeat Sysiphan / Talk to Zanna Fireflower
16Blood From a StoneTalk Talk to Laszlo Starblade
17Recommend ThisTalk Talk to Halina Warhawk
18The Art of WarRead + Talk Read History Book / Talk to Halina Warhawk
19Stone SoupTalk Talk to Laszlo Starblade
20Application ProceduresTalk Talk to Mavra Flamewing
21The Best DefenseBoss + Talk x2Defeat Mavra Flamewing / Talk to Mavra Flamewing / Talk to Laszlo Starblade
22No Weaklings AllowedUse + Boss + Talk Use the Summoning Crystal / Defeat the Earth Elemental / Talk to Laszlo Starblade
23Fighting With DishonorTalk Talk to Sandor Spearcaller
24Trapper KeeperBoss + Talk x2Defeat Sandor Spearcaller / Talk to Sandor Spearcaller / Talk to Laszlo Starblade
25Foe of FoesUse + Boss + Talk Use Summoning Crystal / Defeat the Sea Lord / Talk to Laszlo Starblade
26Going PortalTalk Talk to Milos Bookwyrm

The Grand Chasm

Dragonspyre Quest tree: The Grand Chasm
27Don’t Fall InTalk Talk to Belia Windgazer
28The Paper ChasedudeTalk Talk to Edrik Scatterglow
29So Little TimeExplore + Talk Go to Research Notes / Talk to Edrik Scatterglow
30Crystal CrawliesDefeat & Collect + Talk Defeat Crystal Crawlers and Collect Pristine Crystal / Talk to Edrik Scatterglow
31Charged UpTalk Talk to Belia Windgazer
32Just Charge ItUse + Talk x2Use the Crystal Charger / Talk to Belia Windgazer / Talk to Edrik Scatterglow
33The Time Is RightUse + Talk Use the Time Crystal / Talk to Edrik Scatterglow
34Forward… Into History!Find + Talk Find the Vault Keeper Key / Talk to Belia Windgazer
35Back to the BeginningTalk + Repair/Lock + Talk Talk to Vasek Ashweaver / Repair or Lock Multiple locks / Talk to Vasek Ashweaver
36The Vault of FireTalk + Boss Talk to Vasek Ashweaver / Defeat General Firetusk
37Forward… Into History!Explore + Talk Explore / Talk to Belia Windgazer
38One Good DeedExplore + Boss + Collect + Talk Go to Vault 1933 / Defeat Vasek Ashweaver and Collect Portal Stone / Talk to Belia Windgazer
39Stone FreeTalk Talk to Laszlo Starblade
40Attune TownUse + Talk Use Giant Crystal / Talk to Laszlo Starblade

The Drake Hatchery

Dragonspyre Quest tree: The Grand Chasm
41Portal DecayExplore + Talk Explore The Necropolis / Talk to Cyrus Drake
42The Glamorous LifeExplore + Talk Locate the Crystal on the Tomb / Talk to Cyrus Drake
43Control RingExplore + Talk Explore The Necropolis / Talk to the Crystal Guide
44Welcome to the AcademyTalk Talk to Castamir Silverdrake
45Textbook ExampleDefeat & Collect + Talk Defeat Terrorwing Warlocks and Collect 3 Textbooks / Talk to Castamir Silverdrake
46Et Tu, StatueRead x4 + Talk Read: Lesser Drake, Statue Drak, Statue Ancient, Drake Statue / Talk to Castamir Silverdrake
47Enter the Dragon RiderExplore + Talk x2Go to Tomar Skyblade / Talk to Tomar Skyblade / Talk to Castamir Silverdrake
48The DrakesterExplore + Use + Talk Go to Windhammer’s Tower / Use Windhammer’s Crystal Stand / Talk to Kimerith Windhammer
49The Good Old DaysTalk x2Talk to Tomar Skyblade / Talk to Castamir Silverdrake
50Rein It InBoss + Talk Defeat The Collector / Talk to Castamir Silverdrake
51Rein CheckUse + Talk Use Crystal Stand / Talk to Kimerith Windhammer
52Feels So GoodTalk + Explore + Use + Talk Take Kimerith Windhammer’s Crystal / Explore / Use Crystal Stand / Talk to Castamir Silverdrake

The Crucible

Dragonspyre Quest tree: The Crucible
53Passing OutTalk Talk to the Crystal Guide
54Strenous CourseTalk Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
55Back in SessionDefeat & Collect+ Talk Defeat Manascale Sorcerers and Collect 3 Knowledge Crystals / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
56A Brief HistoryUse + Talk Use Crystal Stand / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
57Justice HurtsUse x2 + Boss + Talk Use Crystal Storage / Use Crystal Stand / Defeat Iona Pyrelance / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
58You Call This Easy?Boss + Talk Defeat Orin Grimcaster / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
59Judge NotUse + Boss + Talk Use Crystal stand / Defeat Katia Firewinter / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
60It’s an HonorUse + Boss + Talk Use Crystal Stand / Defeat Valerik Brightsword / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
61Feeling Defensive?Use + Boss + Talk Use Crystal Stand / Defeat Rurik Flamesoul / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
62Pick Up the SpareTalk + Explore + Use + Talk Talk to Belia Windgazer / Locate Empty Crystal / Use Crystal Storage / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
63Obsidian in CrystalExplore + Use + Talk Locate Lord Obsidian’s Tomb / Use Obsidian’s Tomb / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
64The Last LessonUse + Boss + Talk Use Crystal Stand / Defeat Boris Blackrock / Talk to Zanetta Stormbreaker
65Acceptance at LastTalk x2Talk to Irenka Thundercrown / Talk to Milos Bookwyrm

The Labyrinth

Dragonspyre Quest tree: The Labyrinth

w101 dragonspyre quest tree

66Bridge to Over ThereTalk + Boss + Collect + Talk Talk to Dmitri Ironchains / Defeat Silver Sentinel and Collect Bridge Key / Talk to Dmitri Ironchains
67Jail BreakTalk + Use x2 + Boss x3 + Talk Talk to Dmitri Ironchains / Use East Bridge Pedestal / Use Central Bridge Pedestal / Defeat Zora Steelwielder / Defeat Andor Bristleback / Defeat Devora Shadowcrown / Talk to Dmitri Ironchains
68The Den of DeanTalk + Use + Explore + Talk Talk to Dmitri Ironchains / Use North Bridge Pedestal / Locate Dean’s Cell / Talk to Vladimir Darkflame
69Cloak and DangerTalk + Boss + Collect + Talk Talk to Vladimir Darkflame / Defeat Property Master and Collect Cloak / Talk to Vladimir Darkflame
70Staff DirectionTalk + Boss + Collect + Talk Talk to Vladimir Darkflame / Defeat Gallium Paladin and Collect Staff / Talk to Vladimir Darkflame
71The Lesser EvilTalk + Use + Talk + Boss Talk to Vladimir Darkflame / Use the Crystal Storage / Talk to Vladimir Darkflame / Defeat Vladimir Darkflame
72Stay for DetentionTalk + Explore + Talk Talk to Crystal Guide in The Necropolis / Explore Dragonspyre Academy / Talk to Cyrus Drake

Dragonspyre Academy

73Fire ShieldGet + Boss + Talk Get Fire Medallion / Talk to Cyrus Drake
74Win or Go HomeExplore + Talk Explore the Dragonspyre Academy / Talk to Ashley
75Wizard ToursUse x4 + x4 Boss + Talk Use Obsidian Chest x4 / Talk to Ashley

Crystal Grove

Dragonspyre Quest tree: Crystal Grove
76Headless RiderExplore + Explore + Talk Explore / Go to the Miner’s Camp / Talk to Zarek Pickmaster
77Quest for Perfection/Root…Collect x6 + Talk Collect Crystal Sample x6 / Talk to Zarek Pickmaster
78Cutter’s WayTalk Talk to Milaka Jewelbender
79Room to BreatheDefeat + Talk Defeat 4 Spiders / Talk to Milaka Jewelbender
80A Quiet Place to WorkTalk Talk to Milaka Jewelbender
81Sit and SpinDefeat & Collect + Talk Defeat Spiders and Collect 3 Crystal Spinnerets / Talk to Milaka Jewelbender
82Tools of the TradeCollect + Talk Collect 4 Crates / Talk to Milaka Jewelbender
83Table Where?Boss + Collect + Talk Defeat Chronius / Collect Crafter’s Table / Talk to Milaka Jewelbender
84Staff AssemblyTalk x2Talk to Milaka Jewelbender / Talk to Ashley
85Forged in FireUse + Talk Use Fire Forge in the Dragonspyre School of Fire / Talk to Ashley

The Drake Hatchery

86Earn Your WingsTalk Talk to Castamir Silverdrake
87Mother of FireTalk x2Talk to Ancient Matriarch x2
88Don’t Count Your Eggs…Get + Boss + Talk Get Drake Egg / Talk to Ancient Matriarch
89Over EasyExplore + Explore + Talk Go to the Dragon’s Mouth Cave / Go to the Brazier / Talk to the Ancient Matriarch
90Hammer TimeDefeat & Collect + Talk Defeat Gallium Juggernauts and Collect Crystal Hammer / Talk to Ancient Matriarch
91Break an EggBoss + Use + Talk Defeat Viktor Snowcrusher / Use Hatching Nest / Talk to Ancient Matriarch
92Words of WisdomTalk x4Talk to Mother Warwing / Talk to Mother Flamestrike / Talk to Ancient Matriarch / Talk to Castamir Silverdrake

The Forum

Dragonspyre Quest tree: The Forum
93Fly FreeExplore + Talk Explore The Forum / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
94Hit the BooksExplore + Use + Talk Explore / Use Knowledge Crystal / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
95Read the ManualExplore + Use + Talk Explore / Use Knowledge Crystal / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
96Training WingsExplore + Talk Go to the Staging Room / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
97Overdue FeesBoss + Collect + Talk Defeat Kraysys and Collect Knowledge Crystal / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
98Third Time is the CharmExplore + Use + Talk Go to the Staging Room / Use the Crystal Stand / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
99Fuel and FlameDefeat & Collect x4 + Talk Defeat and Collect: Fangtooth Lavaspinners / Hearts / Burning Flamewings / Flame Sacs / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
100Forging the FireUse + Talk Use Forge / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
101Repo MageDefeat & Collect + Talk Defeat Terrorwing Talonmasters and Collect 3 Armor Pieces / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
102Ancient Dragon SecretCollect x3 + Talk Collect 3 Brimstone / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
103He Who Smelt ItUse + Talk Use Fire Forge / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
104Scales of the DragonTalk x2Talk to Father Drake / Talk to Vidor Drakesmith
105Armor for BabyTalk Talk to Ancient Matriarch
106The Last Dragon RiderTalk Talk to Ashley
107The Final CountdownUse + Explore + Boss + Talk Use Young Battledrake / Explore Malistaire’s Lair / Defeat Malistaire Drake / Talk to Merle Ambrose

dragonspyre quest line

This was Dragonspyre quest tree with all the main quests

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