All Lemuria Spells ( With Details )

Lemuria carries with it one new spell per school, Lemuria spells each costing 6 pips and a shadow pip and each being able to be upgraded via Spellements. Just like in Karamelle, these Spellements will be rewarded from questing in Lemuria and will be dropped by many Lemuria bosses. The effect of the Spellements in particular is to change the pip cost of the spell either up or down (and the damage scales with this pip change) by one, leaving the shadow pip cost of 1 untouched. For instance, here is the Spellement tree for my Fire wizard’s new Lemuria spells, Blast Off

To obtain these Lemuria spells, you must complete the Looney Attunes quest from the Lemuria narrative. While questing in Lemuria, you should be able to receive this quest from Hierarch of Purpose early on.

Lemuria spells low-pip branch can be good for PvP, but the high-pip branch is definitely the choice
for PvE. Take your pick based on your preference! You will be able to upgrade to Tier 2
approximately after doing just the main quests of Lemuria, and Tier 3 is only for the hardcore
Spellement farmers. On the topic of the spells themselves, here are some quick summaries of
their utilities:

blast off

Spell: Blast Off

Level: 140
Trained From
: Looney Attunes ( Storyline Quest )

Fire Effect: Deals 955 damage to all enemies after 3 rounds.
Fire Rating: 7/10. Good spell, but takes too long to actually be used in Lemuria, as the enemies do a lot of damage and you could easily die before it goes off.

freeze ray

Spell: Freeze Ray

Level: 140
Trained From: Looney Attunes ( Storyline Quest )

Ice Effect: Deals 765–845 damage to all enemies.
Ice Rating: 9/10. Not all spells need a fancy effect to be useful, and this one proves it, as it is
much stronger than Snowball Barrage for its number of pips. Very useful spell!

dark and stormy

Spells: Dark and Stormy

Level: 140
Trained From:
Looney Attunes ( Storyline Quest )

Storm Effect: Deals 955 damage and 75 healing to all friends plus 225 healing to all friends over 3 rounds.

Storm Rating: 2/10. This spell is just so outclassed by Rusalka’s Wrath, which does way more damage. Storm wizards should not really be healing anyway, and the healing itself is negligible.
Unfortunately, this spell is not the best in Storm’s arsenal.

lord of the jungle

Spell: Lord of the Jungle

Level: 140
Trained From: Looney Attunes
( Storyline Quest )

Life Effect: Deals 720 damage to all enemies and converts user’s absorb to a 50% blade on caster.
Life Rating: 10/10. Move over, Wings of Fate: there’s a new sheriff in town. Life has needed a Spell like this for so, so long, and now it is finally here! Being arguably the best Lemuria spell
out there, this spell combines great damage with a useful synergy ability for the Life school, being able to turn your absorbs into blades. This combo well with spells like Rebirth and Sacred
Charge, allowing for a great combo piece in a school that has been desperately seeking them for a long time.

grim reader

Spell: Grim Reader

Level: 140
Trained From: Looney Attunes
( Storyline Quest )

Death Effect: Deals 890 damage and places 2 -25% weaknesses on the target.
Death Rating: 8/10. Best in PvP, where those weaknesses mean a lot. In PvE, you’ll mostly be looking for high-damage hits, and, though this spell hits decently hard, it deals about the same damage as Winged Sorrow. Still, a very good card all-around.

barbarian saga

Spell: Barrbarian’s Saga

Level: 140
Trained From:
Looney Attunes ( Storyline Quest )

Myth Effect: Deals 975 damage and 305 damage after 3 rounds to target.
Myth Rating: 9/10. Another great spell, this one breaks up the damage but still deals a lot. If you are looking for a good PvE hit, Witch’s Housecall is better, but this one does more damage in total. However, the main reason this spell is so good is that its 4-pip variant does more than Snake Charmer even on just the first hit! This is a seriously good PvP option as a result

old one's end game

Spell: Old One’s EndGame

Level: 140
Trained From:
Looney Attunes ( Storyline Quest )

Balance Effect: Deals 760 damage to all enemies and applies a conversion blade to the user which converts the next outgoing Balance damage to a random school of damage.
Balance Rating: 7/10. This is like the Ice Spell except slightly weaker. The prism itself is a unique mechanic but largely inconsequential outside of very specific scenarios, so the damage is
the only important part, and it’s a good option for balance. Nested Fury is still preferred, though, so this spell isn’t the absolute best unless it can be upgraded with Spellements. and that’s all of Lemuria spells.

And that’s all for this article! Be sure to check out the other Guides, where we
will explore the world’s questline, length, and difficulty.

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