Winter Moon Spell Crafting Guide

Tired of countless runs of Loremaster? Is she just not dropping the spell you need? Well, you’re in luck! Almost every spell dropped by her can be crafted. Today, we are going to deep dive into one of these fine spells – Winter Moon.

Winter Moon

As you can see, Winter Moon is a phenomenal ice spell. However, it has more uses in PvP than PvE. A five pip hit and stun combo can cost your opponent the entire match if used at the correct time. Who doesn’t want to win a PvP match?

As previously mentioned, the spell can be dropped from Loremaster herself, but if you’re of level it is recommended that you craft it. I have crafted it before with little to no trouble.

The Recipe

Winter Moon

Up above, a screenshot of Winter Moon’s crafting recipe can be found. This recipe is found in Avalon’s “The Wyrd,” inside the sigil called “Dun Scaith.” Sadly, in order to actually craft the spell you have to reach the appropriate crafting level, “Legendary Artisan.” Once you have the sigil and crafting level unlocked, you will be met with a boss. IN ORDER TO GET THE RECIPE, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DEFEAT THIS BOSS. I REPEAT, YOU DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT THE BOSS. Instead, you only have to hug the left side of the room to easily bypass the boss. You will now see a NPC named Grady. He is the NPC that you buy the recipe from. The recipe costs 60,000 gold.

Winter Moon

The Ingredients

Where can I get these reagents?

These reagents are fairly simple to acquire. I have crafted this spell before, and  I don’t remember anything but the Grendelweed that gave me a problem. Despite this, the ingredients for this spell will increasingly become harder to get the lower level your character is.

Winter Moon treasure cards

Winter Moon

Luckily, the treasure cards were not a tricky part for me when crafting this spell. I had already spent many hours farming my good ol’ friend Loremaster in hopes of getting these. However, there are plenty of bosses that drop the treasure card other than Loremaster. These bosses are scattered throughout the worlds Azteca and Darkmoor. These cards can also be dropped by various exalted/archmage/master duel bosses – Krokopatra (Ranks 14 and 8), Meowiarty (Ranks 14 and 12), and Rattlebones (Ranks 14 and 7).

Perfect Amethyst

Winter Moon

This reagent is one of the easiest to acquire, as it can be bought from many venders throughout the spiral. It can be bought for 100 gold from Archytas, Canica Sweet Chile, Doc, Fianna Yellowknife, Noxolo Fasttrack, and Syvar.

Ghost Fire

Winter Moon

Again, this is another reagent that is one of the easiest to get. These can be bought from various vendors from around the spiral for 100 gold. Ghost Fire can be bought from Archytas, Canica Sweet Chile, Doc, Fianna Yellowknife, Noxolo Fasttrack, Ophelia Moonreach, Yuji Hamada, and Zoltan Nightstone.


Winter Moon

Now, Grendelweed can be quite a tricky reagent to get as it is a rare harvest from Frost Flowers. However, there is a vendor in Celestia (Avery Templeton) that sells the Transmute Grendelweed spell for 400 gold. This spell will transmute 15 Frost Flower for 1 Grendelweed. Even though the need for Frost Flowers is high, they are still a pretty common reagent. They can be found throughout many different words such as Avalon, Azteca, Empyrea, Grizzleheim, Marleybone, Polaris, and Wizard City.


Winter Moon

Turquoise did not give me as much trouble as the Grendelwed, but I can still see how farming for this ingredient may be tricky for some wizards. It is dropped by various different bosses throughout the spiral, However, if you are looking for a change of pace, Turquoise can be found in Silver Chests and Fishing Chests located in the Nomad’s Camp house.

Scrap Iron

Winter Moon

Scrap Iron is quite a common reagent that can be acquired through many ways. The most common way to obtain this ingredient is by collecting the drop from almost every single area in Marleybone.


Winter Moon

Like Grendelweed, Sunstone is a rare harvest. They come from the reagent Sandstone. Don’t fret about the rarity of this reagent though! Again, the Transmute Sunstone spell can be bought from Avery Templeton for 600 gold. With this knowledge, you can now harvest Sandstone reagents from Azteca, Celestia, Khrysalis, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mirage, Zafaria, and Wizard City.


Winter Moon

Last, but certainly not least, is Amber! This useful reagent is well-known throughout the community for its rarity. However, I did not find this reagent to be tricky to collect. I got my load of Amber from mainly farming the Gladiator in Mount Olympus.

As you can probably tell, the process for crafting Lore spells can be quite daunting. However, I do hope this guide will help you in the crafting process! Will you be crafting Winter Moon? Be sure to tell me all about it down in the comments! <3 Check out our Amber Farming Guide!

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