Myth PVP Guide

In This guide we will be focusing on cosmic PVP (LVL 140) for wizard101, In this instance, the focus is on myth PvP specifically.

Myth Wizards specialize in immobilizing their opponents and having somewhat cheating type plays whilst having seemingly high damage. Myth’s most crucial attribute lies in the heart of their Spells rather than just stats.

With that said we will point out the recommended deck and gear set up for myth PVP.

there is no one absolute best myth pvp gear as people can alternate between their gears to suit the strategy that they are most comfortable with using. We will point out the recommended basic universal gear and also include alternate equipment which may be easier to find.

Best Myth PVP Gear

HAT: For hat we recommend using Kan Davasi victor’s hood for a good overall spread of resistance, Pierce, critical, power pips, shadow rating and damage

Wizard101 myth pvp

Kan Davasi Victor’s hood Is dropped By Malistaire the undying in Castle Darkmoor, either by defeating Malistaire or opening the treasure chest using crowns.

ROBE: For Rob, it is recommended to use either Spooky Carnival Suit for high resistance, health, accuracy, and shadow rating, or Dragons mythic armor four triple set bonus.

Wizard101 myth pvp

Spooky carnival suit is obtained from the spooky carnival bundle gift card and Dragoon’s mythic Armour can be obtained either as a drop from Fellspawn, Which is a stone Key boss in the catacombs, or by crafting, by purchasing the recipe from Zasha Ember Forge in the catacombs for 50,000 gold.

BOOTS:  For boots, we recommend Dragon’s mythic boots for high damage, good shadow pip rating, good resistance, and decent critical and health.

Wizard101 myth pvp

The Dragoon’s mythic boots can either be obtained from fell spawn (skeleton key boss in the catacombs) In catacombs as a drop, or it can be crafted by using the recipe sold by Zasha Ember Forge in the catacombs for 50,000 gold.

Athame: For athame, we recommend the Dragoon’s Mythic Dagger for high damage and jewel sockets.

Wizard101 myth pvp

Dragoon’s Mythic Dagger can be obtained as a drop from Fellspawn or it can be crafted by buying the recipe from Zasha Ember forge in The Catacombs.

Ring: For ring, we recommend Duelist Daredevil Ring (LVL 100+) for high pierce, damage, and power pip chance.

Wizard101 myth pvp

Duelist Dare-devil ring can be obtained from Brandon Mistborn   in unicorn way for 5,500 arena tickets.

Amulet: This is often the most interchangeable piece. Just find you an amulet with decent resistance and health or one with decent damage, for example:

Wizard101 myth pvp

Wand: We recommend the myth executive wand; ’Executive Pressure Meter’ for high shadow pip, damage, and shadow rating.

Wizard101 myth pvp

The Executive pressure meter is dropped by several mobs in Karamel such as; Heidi, Nana(shadow), The Jellymancer, Tree mugger, Uwe, and Wilhem wonky. It is actionable so if you are lucky, you could find one in the bazaar.

Pet: The aim is to have an even spread between damage and resistance, whilst having a useful spell item that is exclusive to the pet in question.

Wizard101 myth pvp

Spells to use

We will begin with myth-specific, none treasure card spells then on to other types of spells.

Utility Spells

These are spells you will use specifically for getting around opponents’ shields and making an opening for your attacks, they include; Minotaur and Mystic Colossus.

Wizard101 myth pvp

Stalling spells

Use these spells to buy yourself a free turn or two by immobilizing your opponents so they cannot make a move. These spells include Tazzlewurm and Medusa.

Wizard101 myth pvp

Minion killer/ Decent Damage

Snake charmer can either be used to take out an annoying/difficult minion or to just score some decent damage on your opponent.

Wizard101 myth pvp


This spell Is very important against wizards who love stacking blades to increase their damage tremendously, e.g. Death wizards or wizards who spam shields to elongate a battle to run out the timer e.g. Ice wizards. Use this spell to destroy as many blades and shields as possible.

Wizard101 myth pvp

Overtime Damage spells

Use this type of spell to combo your opponent by weakening their defenses first, These spells include; King Artorius Myth and Ballisk.

Wizard101 myth pvp

High Damage Spells

Use these spells to inflict tremendous damage onto your opponents, whenever you get a nice open hit. These spells include; Witch’s House Call (Yaga)

Wizard101 myth pvp


This is one of myth school’s prized spells. This spell has the potential to decide whether you lose or not if your opponent plays a powerful spell such as Dragon etc.

Crucial Myth Treasure Cards That make a huge difference

These spells are important for powering up damage whilst inflicting damage on your opponents at the same time. They include; Rat Illusionist and Yellow Troll.

Wizard101 myth pvp

Myth Bubble

Very important spell, of course, you should always try to win the bubble war, as the person with this spell up has a huge advantage in terms of damage.

Wizard101 myth pvp

Other important spells you should have in your deck.

Extraordinary for pierce enchanting, Blades and shapern blade enchants, shields, stun blocks, and shadow shrike.


Try to carry dispels for elemental schools as they are likely to hit very hard. Therefore, whenever they go into shrike, you could use a dispel to avoid getting hit.

Here is a recommended strategy to be effective in the current myth PVP meta

Main Deck for myth pvp

  • Run a dispel for each elemental school as they hit hard
  • 5 Stunblocks because you have to pull these early on in the match
  • 2 ages enchant, 1 spirit blade
  • 6 extraordinary pierce enchants for opponents’ resist
  • 1 mystic colossus 
  • 1 minotaur            
  • 1 medusa if in case of opponent don’t stun block
  • 2 king Artorius for overtime combo
  • 2 Witch’s House Call (Yaga)
  • 2 shift spells
  • 6 myth blades
  • 1 myth Scion
  • 1 snake charmer
  • 3 shrikes because you need to pull one at the right time
Example deck

SideBoard for myth PVP

  • 1 Cloak
  • 2 wand hits
  • 1 sharpen blade

Treasure cards deck for myth PVP

  • 5 tower shields
  • 6 time of legends (myth bubble)
  • 2 Earthquakes
  • 2 myth blades
  • 4 rat illusionists
  • 1 yellow troll
  • 1 shatter
  • One myth oni
  • 3 spirit shields
  • 3 elemental shields
  • 3 weaknesses

This was Cosmic myth PVP Guide

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