Fire PVP Guide

In this instance, we will be discussing Fire PVP specifically (1v1). In order to be good at PVP, you require the best gear possible for the situation.

there is no one absolute best gear as people can alternate between their gears to suit the strategy that they are most comfortable with using.

we will point out the recommended basic universal gear and also include alternate equipment which may be easier to find.

 So basically, the most versatile recommended strategy for PVP fire is to go the high damage high pierce route since it is also good against people with high critical block and resistance. One also needs the right spells if they are going to be effective in any PVP match.     

We will Layout the Recommend Gear and spells needed for fire wizards to be successful in PvP below:

Best Fire pvp Gear

HAT:  Dragoon’s Fiery Helm. This is basically the most powerful hat for fire at the moment in terms of damage, shadow pips accuracy and pierce and also decent critical. It contributes to the dragoon’s set bonus.

wizard101 fire pvp

This hat can be dropped by Fellspawn, a skeleton key boss in the catacombs area. It can also be obtained by crafting. The recipe can be bought in catacombs from Zasha Ember Forge for 50,000 gold. (belongs to Dragoon’s set)

ROBE: Robe of Malistaire’s ire (Malistaire’s fire robe), a Very good robe for Damage, accuracy, power pips, resistance, and shadow rating.

malistair fire robe
malistair fire robe

This robe is dropped by Malistaire the Undying, final boss of Graveyard dungeon in Castle Darkmoor.

BOOTS: Dragoon’s Fiery boots: also, currently the most powerful boots for max fire, plus it adds to dragoons set bonus

wizard101 fire pvp

These boots can be dropped by Fellspawn a skeleton key boss is Catacombs area, it can also be obtained by crafting, the recipe can be bought in catacombs from Zasha Ember Forge for 50,000 gold.

ATHAME: for athame, it is recommended to use either the dragoon’s fiery dagger for additional set bonus and critical block or the Edge of the shadow web for more power pips. Use pierce or critical Jewels for circle jewels and accuracy or pip chance for triangle jewels. The tear is straight forward.

wizard101 fire pvp

Dragoons Fiery Dagger can be dropped by Fellspawn, a skeleton key boss in the catacombs area. it can also be crafted. The recipe is sold by Zasha Ember Forge. 

Edge of the Shadow web is dropped by Morganthe (death) in the shadow Palace.

RING: It’s recommended that you use the duellist daredevil ring for extra pierce if not the Dragoon’s Fiery ring for extra damage and critical. You can add defense opal.

wizard101 fire pvp

 Duelist’s Daredevil Ring can be bought by Brandon Mistborn in unicorn way for 5,500 arena tickets.

Dragoon’s Fiery Ring can be dropped by Fellspawn, the skeleton Key boss in the catacombs or can be crafted. The recipe can be bought from Zasha Ember Forge in catacombs for 50,000 gold.

DECK: either use Duelists devil Maycare deck for extra copies of none school spells or Fiery Paradox dex for some extra HP. Adding pip chance opal to the deck is a wise choice.

wizard101 fire pvp

Duelist’s  devil Maycare deck can be bought from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way for 9,000 Arena tickets

Fiery Paradox Deck is dropped from Arachna Magna Magnus inside elemental groove dungeon at Husk in Empyrea.

WAND: A variety of different wands can be used but for this build, we recommend using Celestian Xenon Wand for decent damage, pierce and some good may cast spells.

wizard101 fire pvp

PET:  it is recommended to have decent damage and resistance on your pet but you should make sure that your pet has ‘may cast “Furnace”’ talent as this will give you a slight advantage over the opponent. Also, pierce jewel.

Example of a good pet:

wizard101 fire pvp

Which spells to use?

Of course, if you are using fire, the best thing to do is to take advantage of the fire school’s unique spells. We will categorize these spells in the order of main use.

We will begin with spells unique to the fire school and categorize them in order of use.

 First: overtime spells

wizard101 fire pvp

It is recommended that you have some fire elves in your deck because they are very useful for breaking shields and cost low pips so this gives you enough time to build up while the opponent has problems shielding. also, you can add some link spells for heal or two dragon spells in just to give opponents a harder time since it is a stronger version of fire elf.

Secondly: we have De-buff spells

It is very important that you take advantage of the de-buff spells that the fire school provides because they are very good.

wizard101 fire pvp

You are going need Fire Efreet which does decent damage while placing a weakness on the opponent. this can prevent opponents from dealing with great damage to you. You also can use King Artorius (fire) which also does decent damage while stunning opponents. this can be used to leave the opponent wide open for a strong follow-up attack. You can try to stall opponents while breaking their shields by using Krampus spell.

THIRDLY:  We have absolute damage spells (high damage)

wizard101 fire pvp

These are the finishing spells, vital for closing out matches. I placed these spells last because they should be used last in the build-ups with the other spells being setups for using these finishing spells. The shadow pips allow you to use these spells when in need because of the low pip cost. Usually, by the ending of the match, you should have acquired a couple of shadow pips.  These spells include Fire From above and Scorching Simitars.

Global spells: it is very important that you, not only have your fire global spell active but also that you keep your opponents from gaining control of the field with their global spells.

wizard101 fire pvp

With that said, you should pack a decent amount of Wyld fire spells in your deck.

Blades:  Blades are important for fire and any damage boost you receive will be effective. It is recommended that you pack a few blades preferably zero pip blades.

Spells from other schools

Enchants: It is recommended that you carry many enchants like the Epic spell so spells do more damage since you have to do as much damage as possible.

Shadow spells: Next you will need Shadow shrike in order to pierce defences as some wizards will make it their priority to have a high defence (resistance) and will also spam shields. for example, ice school wizards pride themselves on defence. Shrike will help you overcome this obstacle.

 Like every other school, it is recommended that you pack shields in order to withstand attacks from opponents as they will be most likely be trying to attack you.

for shields, it is recommended that you use lots of tower shields as you may not know what opponent you are facing.                                                                                  

it is also important that you place set shields in the deck because they could be slightly more effective than tower shields if used against the right opponents.

Reshuffle:  have one or two Reshuffle spells in the deck just in case you have to discard lots of spells during a match.

Dispels: Sometimes the only way to win, is to disrupt your opponent’s well thought out strategy, you should have some dispels (preferable treasure card dispels) on deck whenever the tough situation arises.

this was fire pvp guide for max level wizards

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