Fishing Party!

Come fishing with Wizard101 Folio and Wiz101 Warriors!

Are you an avid fisher in Wizard101? If so, now’s the chance to show off your catching skills!

Fish one of the following fish in the party house we will be hosting the event at ( Samantha StormBringer’s Briny Deep Retreat )

Black Catfish


Fall Foliage Fish

Fish one of the fish above for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

Mystic Fishing Bundle ( 1 Winner ) – Smallest fish


Fog staff wand code ( 3 winners ) – Black Catfish


Umbra blade wand code ( 3 winners ) – Humunukapua


Amaranthine staff wand code ( 3 winners ) – Fall Foliage Fish


  • Calab (tutTcul****@gmail.com)
  • Grace ( maa55****@Gmail.com)
  • Talon Death ( alonss*****@gmail.com)

2.5K crowns code ( 3 winners )


Primeval hoard pack ( 10 winners )


  • Hemmiwa***@gmail.com
  • montavia****@gmail.com
  • bluestarmad***@gmail.com
  • Klaid***@gmail.com
  • jeremycarri***@gmail.com
  • Tgmilli***@gmail.com
  • theabdelbo***@gmail.com
  • giuliettal***@gmail.com
  • trinceil**@gmail.com
  • respectwi***@gmail.com

How to Enter

  • To enter, fish one of the fish above and take a screenshot of your fish after being fished and another screenshot showing selling your fish to lucky Hookline in the commons.
  • Your Screenshots must contain your fish.
  • Your screenshot must be in the fishing party with the wizards fishing around you.
  • Send your entry to [email protected]

When: Friday, September 10 at 6 pm Central Time (Dallas Texas).

Where: The Commons, Unicorn Realm for a group photo.

Teleport to Samantha StormBringer’s Briny Deep Retreat for housing games before the fishing events.
Don’t forget to have your highest energy gear equipped!

Good luck and have fun!



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