RarityRare Harvest
Can be TransmutedYes
Can be sold at BazaarYes
Can be bought from Crowns ShopYes

Transmute Diamond

Crafting Rank Required:Apprentice Crafter
Can be Transmuted using:
15 Ore
Transmute Diamond from:Avery Templeton (200 Gold)
Carcinos (200 Gold)

Felicia Worthington (200 Gold)
Kimba Kalla (200 Gold)
Station required for transmuting:Card Crafting Station
Cooldown Time: 5 Seconds
Recipe cost ( You buy the recipe one-time )200 Gold

Best Places to Farm for Diamond

Dragonspyre (Rare Harvest from Ore):Dragonspyre Academy
Plaza of Conquests
The Atheneum

The Basilica
The Great Spyre
Krokotopia(Rare Harvest from Ore):Colossus Boulevard
Cyclops Lane
Firecat Alley

Gardening Sources for Diamond

Gardening Sources:

Burning Snap Dragon
Deadly Helephant Ears

Fickle Pickle
Fortune Cookie Tree
Frozen Fly Trap
King Parsley

The Giving Tree
Ultra Helephant Ears
Ultra Ninja Fig
Ultra Snap Dragon
Ultra Trumpet Vine

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