Golden Pearl

Golden Pearl

RarityRare Harvest
Can be TransmutedYes
Can be sold at BazaarYes
Can be bought from Crowns ShopYes

Transmute Golden Pearl

Crafting Rank Required:Apprentice Crafter
Can be Transmuted using:
15 Pearl
Transmute Golden Pearl from:Avery Templeton (600 Gold)
Carcinos (600 Gold)
Kimba Kalla (600 Gold)
Shane MacGobhann (600 Gold)
Station required for transmuting:Card Crafting Station
Cooldown Time: 0 Seconds
Recipe cost ( You buy the recipe one-time )600 Gold

Best Places to Farm for Golden Pearl

Celestia (Rare Harvest from Pearl):Stormriven Hall
The Grotto
The Portico
Polaris (Rare Harvest from Pearl):Kataba IceBlock
Walruskberg Harbor

Gardening Sources for Golden Pearl

Gardening Sources:
Deadly Helephant Ears
Evil Magma Peas

Fickle Pickle
Maelstrom Snap Dragon
Silver Trumpet Vine
The Giving Tree

Ultra Alligator Pear Tree
Ultra Fly Trap
Ultra Tiger Lily

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