Malorn Ashthorn

DESCRIPTION: The Death school’s professor at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts is Malorn Ashthorn. he offers Death Spells for training for all wizards and Quests for Death school wizards to obtain their unique Death school spells.

Gives Quests:

  • Make An Impression
  • Sweet Revenge
  • The Buried Truth

Trainable Spells From Arthur Wethersfield

Spell: Dark Sprite

  • Level: 1

wizard101 death spells : ghoul

Spell: Ghoul

  • Level: 5

wizard101 death spells :Dream_Shield

Spell: Dream Shield

  • Level: 8

wizard101 death spells : banshee

Spell: Banshee

  • Level: 10

wizard101 death school spells vampire

Spell: Vampire

  • Level: 16

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