Arthur Wethersfield

DESCRIPTION: The Balance school’s professor at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts is Arthur Wethersfield. he offers Balance spells for training for all wizards and Quests for Balance school wizards to obtain their unique Balance school spells and pets.

Gives Quests:

  • Introduction to Balance
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  • Everything Being Equal
  • Talking to Trees
  • Playing with Fire
  • Adding the Frosting
  • Take It by Storm
  • Bugging Out!
  • Right As Rain
  • Cool as Ice
  • Wicked Deadly
  • Semi-Charmed Life
  • A Wizard in Artorius’s Court
  • Fire Fly

Trainable Spells From Arthur Wethersfield

Spell: Scarab

  • Level: 1

Spell: Scorpion

  • Level: 5

Spell: Weakness

  • Level: 8

Spell: Locust Swarm

  • Level: 10

Spell: Sandstorm

  • Level: 16

Spell: Elemental Golem

  • Level: 20

Spell: Gearhead Destroyer

  • Level: 20

Spell: Balance of Power

  • Level: 22

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